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New! "The wonderful care I receive here continues to give me so much confidence; to accept
AD and to move forward, to stronger me, with more and more 'well' days."

New! Happy Anniversary AddisonsDisease.Net 13 Years! read more

New! Member Spotlight Elly 2015 - Her Experience with Addison's and AddisonsDisease.Net

"thank you for all you do , and sharing all the knowledge, and helping out so
many of us.  You are a hero to me, I admire your strength, courage, faith, & hope." read more from members
 "The <name of site redacted> site is the same and all they do is discuss the weather and that's not
supportive so I am supportive to them but don't receive back this is the only site
you feel the love from and can give love back (thank you)" read more from our members

Addison's Disease Support & Health Insurance Reform Pioneer

Addison's disease support "For so many people to come together to listen, feel, and
really care about one another is an amazing gift, there is always someone on
this site that provides exactly what another needs at the time they need it
the most." - in member's words
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New:  Hospitalsure At A Glance! view pdf or view jpg


Hospitalsure stops Obamacare right in the State Insurance Authority before it infects its people and population!

Hospitalsure works at the State level to protect individuals and businesses from Obamacare. 

Ask your Governor or State representative to adopt Hospitalsure in your State to protect you from Obamacare.

Hospitalsure: Respecting the Constitution - Serving the Individual

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