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8 Questions For AddisonsDisease.Net: Where Members Form Lifetime Bonds For Lifetime Wellness

PRINCETON, N.J., Jun. 9, 2009 - -
1. What is AddisonsDisease.Net?
  • AddisonsDisease.Net is the largest and most effective support resource in the world for those living with Addison's Disease and their caregivers.
2. Who Founded AddisonsDisease.Net and why does it matter?
  • AddisonsDisease.Net was founded by someone who nearly died from undiagnosed Addison's Disease and was ultimately diagnosed with Primary Addison's Disease - Complete Adrenal Insufficiency.  Our founder has experienced the uncertainty of continued survival through such events and symptoms including hypovolemic shock, adrenal crisis, collapses at home pre-diagnosis, uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea, hypotension, dizziness, intolerance to cold, muscle pain and aches, darkening of the skin, mouth sores and intense salt cravings to name some.
  • It matters because AddisonsDisease.Net is for those who have the disease and for those who care for a person who does.  Nobody knows what it's like to live with Addison's Disease more than those who live with the disease and our founder has been a member since day one maintaining a daily presence in the community.
  • Our founder, bedridden, was clinically diagnosed by a physician while at the Medical Center at Princeton, New Jersey with an ACTH Stimulation test.  During this time our founder couldn't even sit up without getting profoundly nauseated and dizzy. 
  • Following diagnosis our founder was given life saving corticosteroids and was not only able to sit up, but also get out of bed within 2 hours with his IV machine on wheels to use the restroom.
3. Why was AddisonsDisease.Net founded?
  • AddisonsDisease.Net was founded to connect those who live with Addison's Disease and those who care for someone with the disease to one another.  Through member interaction, which we call learning through sharing, members live better lives with Addison's Disease by being able to communicate with one another.  This communication helps patients and caregivers to better understand what a person with Addison's Disease goes through and how to best manage the disease.
  • AddisonsDisease.Net was founded for our members and they always come first; in fact, being a member is free and has been so since the day of our founding 1/1/02.  
4. Can caregivers become members of AddisonsDisease.Net?
  • Caregivers play a vital role in patient health and may freely join the community.  AddisonsDisease.Net has many caregivers from all over the world; in fact, many take the time out of their busy schedules to let their fellow members know what AddisonsDisease.Net means to them.  Here now in one of our caregivers own words as shared with the members of AddisonsDisease.Net. 
  • An AddisonsDisease.Net Caregiver:  "I have been reading all your posts on this website because my wife was diagnosed with primary Addisons in August.
    First, I want to say "thank you" to everyone. I have learned so much about this disease and how to help her learn about medication management, diet and exercise.  I don't know what it feels like to have this disease and in the beginning, for me, it was rough.  Then I subscribed to this website and started receiving e-mails and it helped me tremendously.  I still don't know how it feels to have this disease but I am better prepared when my wife tells me she is tired or doesn't feel well and needs rest.  It's not easy (as some of you have expressed in the past when your spouses have left because he/she could not handle living with you and the disease).  That is the beauty of this website for me.  As the person in my marriage that does not have Addisons, I turn to this website to gain information and get that BURST of encouragement for myself so I can help my wife and not add to her stress by being stressed myself." - An AddisonsDisease.Net Member
5. Will my wellness improve if I join AddisonsDisease.Net?
  • Many of our members experience profound improvements in their wellness as they interact with their fellow members.  Many have formed powerful and meaningful bonds with their fellow members.  Living with Addison's Disease demands constant attention to a patients well-being and the members of AddisonsDisease.Net are right there for one another side by side in their journey together.
6. Where are members of AddisonsDisease.Net located?
  • AddisonsDisease.Net has members throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and from such places as Sweden, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Australia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Hungry, Iraq, Ethiopia, Italy, South Africa, Lithuania, Croatia, Ireland, Israel and many more Countries around the world.
7.  I'm a newspaper, television, web reporter or other media outlet so why should I write a story about a rare endocrine disease?
  • While Addison's Disease is rare everyone should care about adrenal health, in fact our members must take good care of themselves to keep their bodies in balance.  As a media outlet you should care about your fellow man and talking about AddisonsDisease.Net with your audience as it may well lead to a person who is not well to seek out the possibility that undiagnosed Addison's Disease may be the reason why.  Also, when you connect someone with AddisonsDisease.Net you may play a vital role in that persons return to wellness as they get the support they need.  Writing about AddisonsDisease.Net will come back to you many times over and your audience will be most thankful that they were able to reach us in their time of need through your efforts.
8.  Why does someone need AddisonsDisease.Net in addition to a doctor?
  • AddisonsDisease.Net is the perfect companion to qualified medical care.  The diagnosis and treatment of Addison's Disease is only to be done by a qualified, licensed physician; however, the members of AddisonsDisease.Net are there to help.  AddisonsDisease.Net has members just diagnosed to living with the disease for many decades.  Our more veteran members can offer solid firsthand experience that a patient or caregiver can take to his or her doctor. 
  • When active members ask for support they get years of experience from their fellow members. Doctor's are busy people and can benefit greatly from the vast amounts of patient and caregiver experience that the members of AddisonsDisease.Net have. 

Fellow members regularly share with one another how AddisonsDisease.Net has effectively changed their lives:

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About Addison's Disease

Addison's Disease occurs when a person’s adrenal glands do not produce enough of the hormone cortisol and, in some cases, the hormone aldosterone. For this reason, the disease is sometimes called chronic adrenal insufficiency, or hypocortisolism. The discovery and treatment of the disease has also been characterized by some as one of medicine’s greatest achievements in that a patient who has the disease and is hospitalized near-death can make a meaningful recovery if diagnosed and treated in time.

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