1-1-15 Princeton, NJ - 13 Year Anniversary of AddisonsDisease.Net

Dear Members,

Happy New Year!  AddisonsDisease.Net was born 13 years ago today!  We look
forward toward entering this new year with boundless faith and optimism
for continued and improving wellness with addison's for all of our

Happy Anniversary to all of our wonderful members who we believe are among
the finest people in the world.  There simply isn't another more
compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable or caring group of people
anywhere ready willing and able to directly and effectively help support
someone with addison's disease the moment they reach out.

AddisonsDisease.Net received visits from 144 countries in 2014 and we look
forward toward another wonderful year in 2015.  Our wonderful members come
from all walks of life and from all over the world to unite here in caring
for one another.  Our direct online support resource first pioneered here
13 years ago at the dawn of the internet health networking age continues
to help save lives and improve wellness with this rare and often
misunderstood adrenal disease.

We wish our members all over the world the very best of health, happiness,
peace and joy in 2015.


Support Team
Wellness Through Communication
Celebrating 13 Years!

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7-16-09 Princeton, NJ - AddisonsDisease.Net Open letter on improving Healthcare in the United States Of America.

De Politicize Healthcare and Heal America

It's time once and for all to de politicize healthcare in the United States and establish a system for protecting patients who need emergency care and hospitalization based on efficiency, the free market and honoring simple, easy to understand contractual insurance obligations. 
Making private ER / Hospital insurance available to consumers from any company in the USA approved to do business in any given state will open the floodgates to a much more efficient and stress free experience for patients, hospitals and doctors.  Insurance companies providing such care would bear the total cost burden less any contracted deductible if a patient is admitted which would be paid directly to the hospital by the patient.  That deductible is the only fee the patient is responsible for and every other cost for anything pursuant to either an ER visit, ambulance ride to the hospital and complete hospital stay is taken care of by the insurance company and the hospital. 
Once the hospital gets paid from an insurer then any fees to any in house concessions (like radiology), all physicians, pharmacy and every other cost pursuant to a patient's care is settled and the bill is 100% paid.  The patient receives a paid invoice in the mail for his or her records.  This is hospital care at it's most efficient for all parties involved.  Hospitals will be able to run much more efficiently and profitably as collections from the insured would vanish as the bills are totally paid.  
This option is just that optional although with coverage like this all would enroll to protect themselves and their families.  Participants cannot be denied coverage but must wait to file a claim if not switching from another carrier for one year.  Excluding applicants due to pre existing conditions would be illegal nationwide.  This is not group insurance but private individual coverage available to all at the same cost.  Employers can reimburse their employees if they so choose but it's not mandatory.  This is insurance people have with them for a lifetime if they choose because it's their own policy.
Now for the rest of healthcare it's time to unleash and reward good old fashioned tried and proven effective capitalism on care for Americans outside the hospital setting.  The future for this part of healthcare is ever improving options for individuals to tailor solutions right for them and their families.  This solution may include doctor coverage insurance with discounts for taking care of one's body.  It might include direct member participation in a medical group with capabilities across many specialties.  It might include a drug plan to reduce or eliminate cost of buying medicine.  It might include a big walk in blood testing center with heavy discounts for paying cash.  It may include the option for being able to buy previously expensive diagnostic tests like outpatient MRI's at a fraction of their former cost with increased competition.
The big takeaway here is to de politicize healthcare while providing superior coverage for people against the peril of hospitalization and in the process unleashing American capitalism on the rest of healthcare which will improve care, lower cost, foster innovation, increase options and efficiency.  It will also reduce stress on doctors and above all put the patients first so they can be well.  A healthy America with non government private solutions is not only the best way to go it's the healthiest way to go. 
Jerry Butler
Founder Of AddisonsDisease.Net

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5-10-08 Addisonsdisease.Net reports record subscriber growth.  Membership continues to surge in this thriving international support and information community.  Members continue to achieve profound victories in improved wellness through meaningful member to member support.  Not only have members received quality support from real Addisonian's (people with the disease from just diagnosed to living with it for decades) since our founding in 2002 but our membership retention rate is 96%.  Our mission is lifetime bonds for lifetime wellness and we couldn't be more pleased with our growth and the support our members receive and provide to one another.  New members connect immediately to the largest knowledge base of firsthand patient experience in the world.  Learn more about this rare, once terminal but today treatable disease at We are pleased to support AddisonsDisease.Net and we are delighted and pleased that is has helped so many find answers, comfort, improved wellness and quality meaningful relationships. - Teleplexus, Inc. Home Of -  

1-31-08 Teleplexus, Inc. TELEPLEXUS® is pleased to announce the availability of our original support and awareness T-Shirts.  Purchasing one of these shirts is a great way to spread awareness on Addison's Disease and in your part of the world.  To order a shirt please visit

June 19, 2007 - Service Information Publication

The AddisonsDisease.Net Difference:
We are the place to come to for free meaningful lifetime support.  Our members achieve victories in improved wellness and understanding of Addison's Disease through daily interaction with real people who live with this rare endocrine disorder.  Our members always put each other first and have such wonderful words regarding this amazing family of such very special people:
"I have been a member for several months now and wanted to thank everyone for their advice and help. Like many members I may not reply to the e-mail very often, but I do read them every time. The information I have gained through this group has improved my life tremendously. From the little things like taking your meds before you get up to the big things like dealing with a crisis this group has made a huge impact on my life. Thank you to everyone who takes time out of their busy schedules to answer questions and give advice. Your contribution is appreciated and makes a difference."
AddisonsDisease.Net was founded by someone with Idiopathic Primary Addison's Disease - Complete Adrenal Insufficiency as a place of unsurpassed meaningful support.  Our founder has from day one and continues to have a daily presence in the community.  AddisonsDisease.Net was created and thrives as a free service to our members from around the world and they always come first.  
We are here to do our part to help our members improve their lives by connecting them to the deepest knowledge base of patient experience and understanding on adrenal insufficiency - Addison's Disease anywhere in the world.  Patients, caregivers, doctors, nurses, media outlets, hospitals, healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies and the general public are invited and encouraged to spread the word about this growing family called simply AddisonsDisease.Net.
Way you can help?
Putting a link from your healthcare website to ours instantly makes your site more valued as you connect someone in need to a resource able to help that person who has Addison's, thinks they might have it or cares for someone who does.  Once they reach us our members will take it from there and you will have made a real difference in someone's life.
We've seen the recent media frenzy linking Paula Abdul to Addison's Disease and the sudden but fleeting awareness it has brought to this once terminal disease.  The AddisonsDisease.Net difference is that we are always here to support our members who have it or who care for someone that does.  Our members cross all cultural, economic and every other imaginable boundary to come together as one family who grows in wellness and size each day.
We hope all who have taken the time to read this will take a moment to do their small part.  We promise that it will come back to you many times over.  learn more
Wishing everyone the very best of health.

The Support Team
A growing caring community

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April 19, 2006

Dear Addison's Disease.Net Members & Visitors:
We are pleased to report that the support community continues to grow to record levels.  We are excited that this past month was among our busiest months ever here at  More people are reaching this wonderful addison's support community from all walks of life and from all over the world.  We continue to be delighted with our growth and the support members extend to one another.  We believe that the members of are among the most caring, supportive and upbeat people in the world.  Many members continue to make a profoundly positive and optimistic impact in our growing international family.

We believe deeply that intensive support is needed for many who live daily with the challenges that Addison's Disease presents to those who have it and for those who care for someone that does.  Our members know what it's like to live firsthand with the disease and they provide unsurpassed support to those with adrenal insufficiency, adrenal suppression and Addison's Disease.  One of our wonderful members recently wrote: "So I can identify with you completely.  It is made worse by the fact that people in general can't see what the big deal is, we don't look ill."  The members of know "what the big deal is" and they offer needed support to all members in need with grace, optimism and compassion.

As many members know firsthand, your community, called simply, focuses on Addison's Disease, the people who have it, the people who care for someone that does and even newcomers who suspect they have it.  Our members always come first here at  People from all walks of life and from all over the world reach out in time of need and immediately connect here to the deepest knowledge base of patient experience and understanding on Addison's Disease anywhere in the world.  The community has a body of experience from pre-diagnosis to living with the disease for decades.  Our members have direct firsthand experience with Primary Addison's, Secondary Addison's, Addison's as a result of surgical removal of the adrenal glands and other adrenal disorders.  Newcomers immediately connect to very helpful members who understand and members who care.
We are very proud of our founding legacy of bringing people together here at free of charge.  We have never charged a member to be a part of because our founder believes that no person should ever be turned away in time of need.  Everyone deserves access to real insight and understanding into Addison's Disease from those who live it everyday.  Many members continue to be a part of and experience profound victories in wellness and we couldn't be more pleased with the care, concern and selfless support members provide to one another on a daily basis.
To learn more about click here or point your Internet device to We wish everyone reading this message the very best of health.

Support Team

A growing caring community
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November 21, 2005

Dear Members & Visitors:

We encourage members to tell those close to them who are interested in Addison's Disease about and the profound victories in improved wellness that many members have experienced here in this very special community. 
Members of can be proud that awareness is spreading and should never be discouraged.  Member efforts are working from those who so selflessly give back to their fellow members by spreading the word.  Our founder expects awareness of Addison's Disease to continue to grow as grows and becomes more known throughout the world.  Our community continues to grow the right way from the ground up where the patient and or caregiver always comes first.
We love hearing when members tell their healthcare providers about and about their experiences when they wear their shirts.  Members who would like a shirt are encouraged to check one out at
Spreading awareness on Addison's Disease starts with each member and always know that you are making a difference when you tell even just one person about your family at We are very excited that turns 5 years old on the first day of 2006 and we are as optimistic as ever about the best possible future for all our wonderful members.
As always, wishing everyone the very best of health.
Support Team

A growing caring community
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October 13, 2005

Dear Members & Visitors:

The world's support group on Addison's Disease now has easy access to "the world's most widely used medical textbook" through

We are pleased to announce that the website has been updated with new information from The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy.  This Merck
, Inc.
publication is "The world's most widely used medical textbook."  Information on (Addison's Disease) adrenal hypofunction, adrenal hyperfunction, nonfunctional adrenal masses and pherochromocytoma can now be found on

We care deeply for our members and take great pride in our legacy born at our founding of providing our members with the means to get unsurpassed free support they need 24 hours a day anywhere in the world.  The world's support group on Addison's Disease now has access on to adrenal information from the "The world's most widely used medical textbook."

We believe that the members of are among the most compassionate and caring people anywhere in the world.  Members experience profound victories in wellness as they reach out to one another via the deepest knowledge base of patient experience and understanding on Addison's Disease anywhere in the world.

We are delighted to announce the update of with this information and, as always, we wish everyone the very best of health.


The Support Team
A growing caring community

Open Letter: November 15, 2004

Dear Members & Visitors:

Many have seen the commercial which referenced "Adrenalitis" in a television ad used to market a truck and inquired as to if has a position on the ad.  It is the position of that the exploitation of any disease/condition either real or imagined in the manner which was portrayed is both destructive and insensitive.  The members of know first hand the nature of Addison's Disease as they either live with it or care for someone who does.

It is also the position of that this commercial is a clear example of the ignorance regarding adrenal dysfunction and unawareness which surrounds Addison's Disease.  Many people simply do not know that the disease exists.  Addison's Disease has affected all of us in many ways as we collectively cope with living with the disease and the unawarenss and ingnorance surrounding the disease.  The commercial while insulting to many who cope with Addison's Disease also fosters misconceptions regarding disease.

The ad in question is focused on selling a product at the expense of those afflicted with adrenal dysfunction.  We are focused here on support and spreading awareness on Addison's Disease around the world.  Many members of have participated a great deal to support their fellow members and to spread awareness on the disease in their part of the world.

Anyone who has become aware of Addison's Disease as a result of the commercial is encouraged to visit to learn more about the disease. 


Jerry Butler
Diagnosis: Primary Addison's Disease - Complete Adrenal Insufficiency


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