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"My quality of life has changed (improved), so much since joining this wonderful group of people!"
"I very much appreciate you remembering me & caring enough to check-in with me &
every one in our AD group. It's tremendous that you've brought us all together. God
Bless you for you using your talents & gifts:)"
Support for your addison's disease is very important.  For over fifteen
years the members of AddisonsDisease.Net have been supporting one another
with the kind of support pioneered by our founder that translates into
improved wellness with this rare but treatable adrenal disease.  Just
because Addison's is treatable it doesn't mean that someone will
automatically be fine just by taking a few pills.  It does mean though
that with proper management of the disease it is highly likely that you or
your loved one will regain improved wellness and vitality with proper support.

AddisonsDisease.Net is the most effective addison's disease support resource for patients, families and caregivers in the world.

AddisonsDisease.Net was developed to offer those who have and are affected by Addison's Disease with information about the disease including treatment and unsurpassed direct addison's disease support. The discovery and treatment of this rare endocrine disorder has been characterized by some as one of modern medicines greatest achievements.  This community was developed from a patients perspective to offer information and meaningful support.  Members can communicate with other members from all over the world about the disease and share their experiences with Addison's in a members only area of the website.  Members can expect to be a part of a growing community with added benefits as the community grows.  The experiences of the patient with primary addison's disease / complete adrenal insufficiency, who developed this support resource, can be found in the members only area of the website.  Members achieve profound victories in wellness as they get the Addison's Disease Support they need.  To learn more about membership click here.

Learning Through Sharing: What is learning through sharing?  Simply put learning through sharing is the ability for members to grow in health by coming together here at  Members from all over the world have found a warm loving community here each with a unique story, set of circumstances and knowledge. 

A word about our name: We are called because our focus here is on the disease and on not any particular personality or geographical locale.  If anyone in the world has or is affected by Addison's Disease they have a loving supportive and growing international community to turn to called

What others are saying about us: "I have only been talking with everyone on here about a week and it really has helped me soooo much already." - "I feel I have learned more about Addison's over the past few days thanks to this site" - "I have all the support I need and so much more!" - "The best resource in the world" - "I have learned more here from those in one day than all my days since diagnosis" - "Thanks to this site my wellness has improved more than I could ever hope for" - "I was a new member once hungry for support and info, now I'm able to help others"

More member thoughts and experiences about us: "The bonds that we members are able to form are a blessing and such a gift and play a large part in feeling that we are not alone." - "It is heartening to hear not only about how you all handle Addisons, but how enriched your lives are beyond Addisons." - "When I first joined the group I was first just looking for information about Addison's.  Not only did I find more information from this group than from any other source, but I got the added bonus of getting to know so many wonderful people." - "If it wasn't for my friends in this group, I don't know how I would have made it through some of those tough times." - "It is a great place to come when we are having trouble adjusting to meds or are feeling out of balance because the support is so generous and we know we aren't alone." - "It is a lonely road sometimes having Addison's. When I was first diagnosed, I felt so alone. The turning point for me was when I found this support group." - "I can say that thanks to this group I am finally living a near normal life." - "Isn't it great that your support reaches to all corners of the globe!" - " I have this web site. (My life line!)" -  I do feel a little relief after all these years of feeling by myself, even though I knew  Addisons is rare, others have it, just to be able to hear & chat with them, is such a wonderful feeling, I am so grateful for this website" - "I don't feel afraid anymore, and I don't feel diminished.  You and others who have shared your experiences with Addison's have helped me get to this point." - "I'm so impressed with this group.  I truly believe that everyone here has helped much more than doctors can.  Granted, no one can write scripts for meds but the love and understanding that is shared here goes much further." - "It's been nice talking too other people who have it as most of my life I've had no interaction with anyone, and unless you have it no one can really relate." - "This group has been really good for me.  I think that knowing more about Addison's is helping me to take care of myself." - "It's been nice talking too other people who have it as most of my life I've had no interaction with anyone,and unless you have it no one can  really relate." -  "It certainly feels good to get such warm and caring responses." - "Thanks for caring and for listening." - "Thank you all for the support a few weeks ago about my concerns about my son. What a blessing to have your support and encouragement!" - "Being a part of this group has been invaluable to my mental and physical health." - "Overall this group is VERY educated..." - "I've learned more here than from anywhere else.  I've also tried things that my doctor never told me and they've worked!  This group is a godsend." - To learn more about membership click here.

Even more member thoughts and experiences - "I have learned so much in a very short time on this web site and I am very thankful to you all." - "I am also learning a lot from this website and enjoy sharing everyone's information." -  "You all have been such a great help and it is so nice to be able to express & share my concerns with you all." - "I want to thank all of you for providing me with so much insight into Addison's disease and what it *really* entails..." - "Thanks for all of your support and info.!" - "I am indeed glad that I found this website!" - "Your discussions have been so educational to me already." - "It is so good to hear about other peoples experiences with AD. It gives me lots of hope for a active future." - "Thank you for your encouagement and support....I love the fact that I have found you all." - " have found a wealth of information, empathy and support in this web site. It has been an enormous help to me!" - "I have read some of your profiles and can relate to it all!" - "I have  had Addison's Dis for over 25 years and I like you have had no one to talk to about it until I joined this group." - "...having this connection is great because you can vent all your frustrations and someone will email you back and say yeah I feel the same way." - "You will certainly get a lot of information here on Addisons.  More than you'll probably ever want to know :)" - "I am truly so excited to have people with whom I can share this weird life of mine   no one has ever understood my symptoms before. It is overwhelming to read about all of gives me such credibility, even with myself!" - "Glad you came upon this group.  They have been lots of help AND support to me." - "I'm back on line again now. Thank goodness. I can't make it without you guys!!!!!" - "I am so happy to find people that can relate to me and understand what I am going through.  Many people in my life do not understand what I go through everyday..." - "Thank you so much for your support and sharing of knowledge." - "You will find plenty of support here." - "There is no better place to learn about living and coping with Addisons." - "The most comprehensive Addison's Support group anywhere" - "I've found a home here with people that truly understand what it's like to have Addison's Disease"  - "Now that I've gotten the support I need I can help other members and that means so much to me" - "You will find that we have a wonderful group of supportive people on this site.  People who have been diagnosed for 30 years and also, as recently as last month.  We all learn from each other and it's really nice being able to relate to other people with the same rare medical condition." - "Yes, I agree with you this site is very informative." - "I'm new to this site and so far have found it absolutley amazing.  I think you are all inspirational." - "It is so comforting to be able to talk to people who truly understand what' this AD is all about." - "This group has meant so much to us.  Wonderful people, support and info. Wish you the best of luck." - "Welcome! I just joined on the 18th and have learned so much already. I think that you will love it here!" - To learn more about membership click here.



Still more member thoughts and experiences - "and always know how much you are appreciated for who you are...not just what you do for all of us here." - "I am so grateful for finding this wonderful support group and feel such empathy for those that are struggling." - "Welcome!  You have found a good place to be.  The people in this group are life savers.  They really help each other get through many rough days." - "Well first off...welcome to the group!  Hi, me name is... and i've been a member of this group for almost 2 years now and you will find every type of person here you could imagine...and they are all great." - "...the Teleplexus network works hard to keep us all connected." - "You have come to the right place for help and support.  This group is wonderful." - "Glad that this group gives you the support you deserve." - "Your posts and your contributions to this group inspire me!" - "I appreciate everyone in this group so much. Thanks for all the love and support!" - "Hopefully, things will get better or at the very least with our support you will be better able to cope." - "This group is amazing, definitely a valued system of support.  I owe my quality of life to the members of this group and that is not one bit of an exaggeration.  Their kindness, support, and information has done me a world of good.  This community is incredible.  I look forward to checking my e mail each day!" - "I have come to realize are part and parcel of Addison's disease after joining this group.  Thank goodness we can let our hair down, for the most  part, without feeling judged.  The rest of the world doesn't have a clue but people in this group do." - "I magically discovered the site as I was suffering through a very difficult period with constant crisis and complications. Thank you for creating this site." - "I learned more in the first 2 months with this group than I had in the last year with my parade of DR. Thanks Jerry and thanks Group." - "I would like to thank you for your awareness of the need for our site. I have learned so much in the past several weeks and trust that I have been helpful." - To learn more about membership click here.

Members reaching out...  Members reaching back... In their own words...  "I was so scared last night when I reached out to the group. And I have been overwhelmed by the support everyone has shown. Thats what we are all here for - to help each other, and learn from each other." - "It is great that we learn about our conditions from such knowledgeable people....  I just wish that the doctors would spend some time researching our conditions.  Maybe I will suggest that the endo that I have now been assigned to should read the mails on this site.  Maybe then he would understand the condition better." - "...welcome to the best support group around for a disease!  Here you will get the closeness of a family and the information to help save your life if you need it...and enough advise to fill a football arena...all of it good!" - "We have people of all kinds and you will get much love and support within the confines of this group...and the freedom to rant and rave about your disease  if you so WELCOME to our little corner of the world...take your shoes off and sit've found a home!" - "The people on this site are quite knowledgeable!" - "Welcome to the group. You will find that they are a great, caring bunch of people."I have been reading the emails and they have really encouraged me." - "There are quite a few other moms in the group as well & I'm sure they'll introduce themselves soon." - "Many here share similar stories of misdiagnosis." - "Welcome to the group and I'm so glad...made it through! We have all pretty much been through that misdiagnosis and I guess we're the lucky ones. This is a great group. I've learned so much." - "Everyone is so sweet and supportive.  Just airing my feelings helps somewhat." - "This group has given me tremendous insight into what people with Ad have to deal with, questions to ask his Drs. and helping him to live as normally as possible." - "There are some other mothers here that will be a great source of info and support for you both.  My husband is AD and this place has been vital to us both with his physicall health and both of our mental health.  The support is great." - "But some days when I'm not doing so well, he'll ask what this group says about this or that and we're communicating. I think that's important." - "welcome to the group. You will find much love and support here. My prayers to you and your son" - "welcome, to a wonderful, caring group. Sorry your son was diagnosed in such a tramatic way. Most of the group were diagnosed during or close to a crisis.  I hope your son continues to do well." - " Welcome to the group you will find a lot of support here." - " Thanks for everything. I can't tell you how much all this great support has helped. I was feeling so alone, but not anymore." - " Welcome to the group.  This is a wonderful place and I am so glad you found it as we feel so lucky to be a part.  We  have learned more about AD here than from anywhere else and the support from the others has been vital..." - "When the doctors don't listen or poo poo what we have to say it's wonderful to be able to turn to the group that "knows" what Addison's really is like and get support." - "I've grown so attached to this group, that when one is having a severe problem or bad day, I worry until I hear differently!" - "Keep plugged into this web site and ask alot of questions before your Dec. 13 appointment.  Knowledge is power..." - "Welcome to the group" - "I am sure you will find the support group helpful in understanding what is going on with your health.  There are many other people who are feeling the same as you and these people can share with you what seems to help them.  Of course, your doctor would be the best source for medical help but the support group has helped me." - "You are bound to be scared, but are lucky to have been given a diagnosis for Addisons and found the web site.  There are several people on this site that have both the lupus and AD and some with a few more things beside." - " will find a many people to help you through this...good luck" - "Theres so much for all of us to learn. We learn from each other. This is a great support group." - "this is a very helpful reading everybody's stories" - "Welcome to the group! This is a great place to find understanding. I was diagnosed in June of this year and can identify with the lonely part. Most people just don't understand it. Those that have the most understanding are the ones that saw me go downhill - who saw what the disease did to me. I hope you find a happy home among the rest of us Addisonian's :o)" - "it is amazing that so many with Addison’s disease are together “in one place.”!!" - "This is why this site is so good for least we all understand...and accept how this disease makes us feel..." - "First I want to say WELCOME to a WONDERFUL group..." - "Welcome to this wonderful, informative, supportive community - you found a great place.  I don't know how I would have made it through those first few months without the support and experience of some of our members." - " Our greatest resource, I believe, is the human one.  Asking questions, sharing, learning, sharing more!  It is with a sense of joy and ‘relief’ that we find even more with this rare condition, with whom to connect." - To learn more about membership click here.

Members learn through sharing... "Thanks to this group I have already learned more in a very short period of time than I had in the previous 11 years." - "What an incredible stoke of wonderful fortune that I found this forum!" - "This is a wonderful, supportive and loving group that will go the extra mile to help you understand and cope with AD plus the other AI diseases that often go with it." - "It's an easy place to get some pretty accurate info from some very friendly people." - "I was hesitant myself to join any kind of support group or any kind of discussion due to the fact I was afraid I would let it drag me down and feel worse than I should. But after finding you guys and reading all of the e-mails I have drawn alot of positive of it." - "Thank goodness that we have this group!!  You guys are all so awesome." - "Glad you are part of this wonderful group!" - "What a wonderful gift this group is!!  Just a day ago I felt lost and confused.  Now I feel hopeful and I feel much less confused and have options!" - "I just wanted to let you know you've come to the right place! I wish you well in your journey toward understanding the disease, learning how to avoid the pitfalls..." - "This web site is really nifty, I'm glad I joined." - "I really like this site." - "Be comforted in the fact that everyone cares about each other here.  Please know that when you need support, you'll get it here." - "I am also happy I found this site." - "Just wanted to let you know that through this wonderful support system I have met up with someone who developed AD/AI that same way as I..." - "This site is good for all kinds of info and suggestions" - "I do appreciate this site and the remarks by so many here." - "I really appreciate all the support I'm getting on this..." - "I am learning so much from this site!!!!" - I am Primary AD, 100% failure of adrenals.  Hang in there..., and take as much info from this website to your Doc. I brought in e-mails so that my endo. might have a better grasp of what I was talking about.  It appears it will be up to those of us with AD, help teach the medical comm. LOL..  Stay postive." - " You will learn more here than from all of your doctors and have support as well." - "I actually think this site is cool, because it seems like a lot of my answers come from here. So, hats off to everyone because I think we are pretty informative on this stuff." - "I have learnt so much on this site and I’m so grateful for all the information that is shared here." - "...having people like you and the others on this site will help me to learn more.  Doctors only tell you but so much." - To learn more about membership click here.


Members achieve victories in wellness... "I just wanted to wish a hearty welcome to all the new people who have joined our family here at, you have found a place you can vent, relax, be with those who understand what you're going through..." - "I really want to thank the group – I am learning so much from reading your correspondence and am gaining a little hope that I can wake this darned pituitary up!!" - "I have been reading everyone messages and have learned more than I have in the last three months with the doctors." - " i am so very grateful to have found this group and thank you all for letting me share and vent." - "it's nice to hear about success stories" - "Thanks for the suggestions.  everyone has been such a big help, Ihave even more questions for my doctors." - "Rely on this wonderful group to help you.  We have some of the kindest, most knowledgeable people in the world on this forum.  As a group, we seem to know more about AI/AD than the doctors because we all live it daily and confer with each other." - "It has been great just reading about everyone going through the same frustrating things I have been.  All I have done is cry about the fact that there are others out there going through the same things but am grateful to have found this website and a group of very intelligent determined people to become educated and find a why to live a healthier life.  Thank you all for your thoughts and the day." - "i am just happy to have found a group of people that have this rare disease." - To learn more about membership click here.

Members supporting one another... "I wanted to let you all know I really am thankful for you all. I love reading all the messages, seeing all the support." - "This is a great group. You will get support from all the members. Feel free to discuss your difficulties and I'm sure you'll find your inbox full of responses!" - "More support and useful information for patients anywhere, I just can't believe that something like this exists" - "Welcome. You've come to the right place for support." -  I have gotten more info and advice at this site than from docs or on-line on Addison's." - Thanks for always being such an inspiration to us all.  I know you are absolutely right about regimental living with plenty of rest and correct dosage adjustments along with a good diet.  I have been trying harder but having no appetite makes the eating part difficult." - I have found this site and all the information invaluable." - "This group has come to play a very important role in my life, and again I want to thank everyone for taking the time to respond to my questions. " - "I have learnt so much on this site and I’m so grateful for all the information that is shared here." - "The past 12 months would have been much more difficult if it had not been for all of you and the knowledge that you willingly share to everyone who participates in In the year since diagnosis I have felt better than I can ever remember. Thank you!" - "...i find this group is very supportive, kind, loving and informative" - "Hi to all the new members. I know you will find great support here! And to all of you having a tough time, know that things will get better." - "Thanks so much for the information.  I truly appreciate all of your help. This is such a strange new life for me and I am not sure how to deal with it just quite yet.  Yours along with everyone else responses is helping me get through this.  Pretty soon I hope to know enough to help someone else." - I read your posts and I can tell that you have found what works for you and you are keeping active too.  I wish you continued success in your health regimen." - "This is a wonderful group....I love each of you and treasure your friendship and support." - "Hi! I'm a new member here on this site, and I'm really learning a lot from the postings. I was diagnosed with Addison's about two years ago, but due to other health issues, I've really just started to learn about AD. I really do have quite a few questions that pop up, and I'm glad that I have a place to seek some information. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and share experiences. Thanks..." - "Hello! Wow! You can't believe how excited I am to be in touch with people who can relate to what what's going on with me!" - "This is a wonderful and supportive've come to the right place." - "this is a wonderful group and everyone will help you." - "I was dx’d in January and I have found this site invaluable.  Just ask any question, and someone will give you an answer." - "Thank you all for such a nice welcome. I've been telling my husband and my mom about things I've learned just from reading member info pages." - "I was diagnosed 1-1/2 years ago also and was never so overjoyed, both to know what I had and to find people who understand." - "To learn more about membership click here.

Members who care... "Thanks again for your message.  I'm really glad to have found this support community." - "I've printed off  your message and I'll take it to the doctor with me both tomorrow and Thursday.  Thanks for your help.  I appreciate it a bunch." - "This support group has already been a great blessing to me.  I'm guessing that there aren't too many in my area (southwest Missouri) who have the disease, and it's sure wonderful to have the support of so many caring people." - "You and all the others on this community have been such a help.  Thanks." - "I'm sure you will find lots of good answers from the wonderful people on this site." - "Thank you all again for being there for myself and everyone else trying to understand this problem we have." - "This website is a wonderful tool for that as well as the understanding and compassionate people here." - "Anyway just hang in there, we're all in this together and we all know what each other is going through." - "I think you've found the best support group that you could possibly want, though.  I've found the people in this group to be very informative, helpful, and caring.  I'm sure that you will, too." - "You have every one in this network supporting you." - "Welcome! I think you will find us supportive and helpful in your new world of Addison's." - "To learn more about membership click here.


Members connecting through compassion, understanding and knowledge... " so happy to have found this site" - "The ability to talk to others about this is the best - they know and understand where you are coming from." - "I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do. Everyone here is pretty knowledgeable. I've gotten more info here than with my own doctors." - "I can talk to people or just read what everyone else is going through and realize that I'm not so alone." - To learn more about membership click here.


Members support one another to bring light, understanding and better wellness to a once terminal illness: "The thing with Addison's, I am finding as I experience it, is that once you are taking your medication, you look and seem just fine to everyone else.  No one understands why in the world you "claim" to be ill.  People marginalize your exhaustion with statements like, "Everyone gets tired at this time of year", or "Everyone is tired, thats just part of life."  While those statements are true, its not the same when your body cannot cope with the stress life piles on it.  Those people have the luxury of bodies that work and can give them that  extra wind I find myself missing something terrible these days." - "Thank you for starting this site. It has been the a wonderful place for all of us. The membership of the Network brings us understanding. help and hope." - "What a joy to have you on our site.  Your words are a wonderful inspiration for everyone." - "Welcome to the group.  I am sure we all thought the same before finding this support group and realised there was quite a few of us out there. You can imagine how isolated I felt, I live in Sydney,Australia and was dx in 1991 was just told I had Profound Adrenal Insufficiency..." - "Thanks for replying to my e-mail.  It's just nice to know that someone else has a similar story.  For the longest time I thought it was just me reacting  to my Addison's this way." - "I believe the whole secret to living successfuly with this disease is to accept what we can and can't do in order to stay healthy and then stick to it." - "Jerry, i have read so many of your loving, kind, supportive, intelligent and non-judgmental, helpful feedback to other's//you have the soul of a saint..and i know you are extremely appreciated..." - "we with Addisons cannot handle stress and illness like the normal population, we need to increase meds and try to avoid stress where possible" - " 23 years old and I was diagonosed with Addison's when i was 10. I never talked to anyone about this until know. Im glad im not the only one withe this." - "Thanks again for such good advice a few years back.  It's the only way I have found to live with this disease without too many problems.  I work with the disease and don't fight it."  - To learn more about membership click here.

Reaching people who understand and able to help - "I'm so grateful I found this group, finally people who understand the feelings that overwhelm you, first when you're diagnosed and then when you tell your family about it, and when you're sitting on the couch at night and your mind starts going and going and you get all those "what if" thoughts." - "I'M so glad I found this site yesterday." - "Thank you Jerry, I read all your emails and have learned alot by your postings." - "Thank you, Jerry.  You are such a guiding light.  I will never take my AD for granted again.  I'm so complicated with 5+ autoimmune diseases that I was taking Addison's lightly, thinking I had it under control and everything else was causing my unwellness." - "Glad you found this site. It has made a world of difference to me. My endos told me nothing other than diagnosis, meds to take and when to go back for another visit.  Have found things out by having problems and finally this wonderful group that lets us know the true facts of how to live with it." - "The emails are really encouraging and there is so much I can learn! I feel better knowing other people have the same or similar cravings-- salty stuff, licorice, and huge amounts of water." - "This site and the people here are amazing." - "Welcome to the group from a member downunder.  You will get plenty of support and encouragement from us all, I have learnt far more from the site than all the years I was dx with AD (secondary) and also working with doctors." - "Welcome to the site and know you are not alone just a rare bird with a rarer illness." - "i am so glad you joined us. this is my addison's family and i couldn't have made it this far without their encouragement and great advice." - "What a great site to be a member all help so much." - "So good to talk to you.  I've had Addisons for 5 years as well, and you'll find this community just amazing." - To learn more about membership click here.

Members getting answers and supporting one another - "I don't know if she inherited it or not, because I never knew my bio father so I have no history at all of that side of the family.  I'm hoping the results will be in sometime today.  I appreciate everyone's support for me and my daughter!  It's still scary to me if she does have Addison's but the more I hear about it and the fact that all of you are living good lives, it gives me hope for my own daughter if this is indeed what she has." - "it is a daily battle but thank god i am better now than i have being in a long time, and this members club has helped me to cope with the disease." - "I am very thankful to all of you, I continue to learn something from this group almost every day." - "it is a daily battle but thank god i am better now than i have being in a long time, and this members club has helped me to cope with the disease." - "I just really wanted to thank each and everyone one who is been reaching out to me in my time of need.  I  wish that I had know about this great group years ago." - "because of you and everyone else here, I will know what to ask." - "There is such an enormous learning curve with this disease and this group provides many answers and solutions." - "Thanks for your encouragement.  You are always so positive...and it's wonderful!" - "I am also fairly new here, but have had Addison's Disease for over 20 years. This is the first time I had a group of AD people to talk to. I just thought I had weird idiosyncrasies and didn't necessarily relate it to my illness." - "I am thoroughly enjoying being part of the group as I've finally found people more like me." - "It was really nice to speak with someone in person with AD..  I told her about the site and how it has been a Godsend for us." - "I've been setting back and learning from all the other members here, the propel as an example. I am so glad to be where there are others like me." - "Love all the info I read on this site." - "We are practically is a small world! Welcome to our Group!! So glad you found us here....nice people who can share their experiences, so visit us often." - "I totally agree, Charlotte.  The information we learn from each other is unlike even the doctors can give -- as long as we have medical personnel monitoring each of our situations.  My internist continues to remind me that they really "don't have a formula for correct dosages" because each case is so different.  But with a little trial and error, and lots of rest and patience, life changes but is livable to a different degree." - "All I know is that everyday is a learning experience, but being a member here helps tremendously! I don't know what I would do without all the help and advise from everyone!" - "To learn more about membership click here.

Members achieving victories in improved wellness through selfless support - "keep up with this site.  It is a goldmine of people who have "been there, done that" so maybe your journey won't be so long.  You are not alone." - "(It's amazing the attachment I have for the people on this site.)  God bless and protect you." - "I don't know if she inherited it or not, because I never knew my bio father so I have no history at all of that side of the family.  I'm hoping the results will be in sometime today.  I appreciate everyone's support for me and my daughter!  It's still scary to me if she does have Addison's but the more I hear about it and the fact that all of you are living good lives, it gives me hope for my own daughter if this is indeed what she has." - "it is a daily battle but thank god i am better now than i have being in a long time, and this members club has helped me to cope with the disease." - "I am very thankful to all of you, I continue to learn something from this group almost every day." - "it is a daily battle but thank god i am better now than i have being in a long time, and this members club has helped me to cope with the disease." - "I just really wanted to thank each and everyone one who is been reaching out to me in my time of need.  I  wish that I had know about this great group years ago." - "because of you and everyone else here, I will know what to ask." - "There is such an enormous learning curve with this disease and this group provides many answers and solutions." - "Thanks for your encouragement.  You are always so positive...and it's wonderful!" - "I am also fairly new here, but have had Addison's Disease for over 20 years. This is the first time I had a group of AD people to talk to. I just thought I had weird idiosyncrasies and didn't necessarily relate it to my illness." - "I am thoroughly enjoying being part of the group as I've finally found people more like me." - "It was really nice to speak with someone in person with AD..  I told her about the site and how it has been a Godsend for us." - "I've been setting back and learning from all the other members here, the propel as an example. I am so glad to be where there are others like me." - "I am so lucky to have found this support group.  All the help and good advice I've gotten from everyone has helped me so very much.  I am truly grateful for all of you and I love that everyone is there for each other." - "I am again so impressed with the loving kindness of the people on this site.  It truly was a blessing that I found all of you." - "What fun to meet all you wonderful people.  and know I am not alone  !!!!!!" - "I was diagnosed in January of this year, and found this site shortly there after.  This group has a multitude of information and experience, and has helped me sooo much.  I know that you will be happy to be part of this group!!!" - "All of you on this site give me a push everytime I read it." - "Thanks for your concern; it’s good to hear from others who truly understand." - "This site has been a God send for me and countless others." - "It is so great that you have faced the beast (Addisons) and tamed it so you can live such a good life. And you have helped others live the best lives they can." - "This site had been a Godsend and I have learned much for all." - "You all are such a gift to me. Thank you for being here." - "I found this great group and have learned so much each day..." - "You will find friends here who understand and will support you." - "This site is the very best with many savvy people here who can give more advice on how to live with adrenal problems than a dozen doctors." - "I thank God everyday for finding you guys." - "The best support resource in the world because I get the help I need when I need it from people who care and people who live with the disease day after day" - " I don't know what I would of done without this site because NO-ONE else understands and I mean no-one it is so frustrating, so Thanks for every post everyone puts on the site because you never know who you are helping :)" - "I was diagnosed 3yr ago, and I'm just now learning more about this disease, because my doctor never explained a lot of things to me. He never followed through with checking any levels that I know of. the ones he did do he didn't explain to me and when i asked questions, i didn't get answers i needed. I'm learning more from people on this site, in the last few months than i have learned from the doc. It is overwhelming and I have to take one thing at a time. I do have memory problems, fatigue, muscle weakness, I crave salt and salty foods, I have gained a lot of weight since being on the steroids. I've been an RN since 1989. and worked ER for several years. Don't get discouraged. I was so discouraged and depressed. this site with all the people on it have been helping me to understand this disease and how to deal with has helped me so much already." - "'s still not fair. When I was first diagnosed, I just sat down on the curb and cried, but since then, I've been grateful to know exactly what I have and although it throws an occasional whammy at me, I sure feel a whole lot better than I did before diagnosis. I'm grateful for the people on this site who have been so very helpful to me in understanding this disease. I wish I had, had something similar when I was 1st diagnosed with diabetes (I was only 4 then though, so it probably would have had to be my Mom who was grateful for such a site). I've worked my whole life to keep my body working as it should and I'm not about to let this stupid disease take me down without a fight." - "As long as we are careful and he manages his symptoms, with our help, he is fine. This site has helped us with all of that and given us the confidence to allow him to live his life the way he wants to." - "Jerry and others here are very kind and will learn a great deal about our disease esp. from Jerry. Jerry helped me a great deal when i first came to the site years ago. I learned how important hydration is in times of wellness..not just during illness, and the importance of following a schedule. Following a schedule in taking meds is good..this way you can see early on if how and when you are taking your meds is working for you, and do you need to adjust." - "I learned about hydration here from Jerry esp. with respect to staying well. No doc mentioned much about it." - "would not be doing this well without the collective minds on this site." - "You can learn a lot from this site and one of the things you will learn is that there are not a lot of well-informed physicians out there where it comes to this disease!" - "I am so grateful for this forum because it gives us all a place to share information that may help us with our own problems and also it gives us caring support." - "When I was first diagnosed, I was in a panic as I didn't even know what to ask the doctor. (I started with a different one than I currently have). The folks on this site gave me the questions that I would never have known to ask, then I followed what the endo recommended, adjusting things little by little until I had it right. I am well and healthy now and grateful for everyone on this site who helped me when I needed them." - "HI Jerry, You have helped so many people with your frequent messages, I know you have personally helped me many times, so I'll take this opportunity to say thank you - I've used this site for about 6 months and gained more
knowledge than any MD has given me and I have 13 MD's in my family (in-laws) and only one of them even has ever had an Addison's patient, so they are not helpful." - "simply the best addison's disease support resource in the world and." - "I like how they have been around a very long time" - "This Addison's Disease support group has helped me learn more about addison's disease than any doctor ever did." - "So, to everyone who has ever given any advice or opinion since we arrived on this site, Thank You! You have and do make a difference in people's life. When times are tough, remember that." - "One good thing though, the endocrinologist said that if I have any information at all to let her know as she believes that I am more knowledgeable than her on Addison's due to coming to this site." - "The best addison's support forum in the world" - "There is no better place for addison's disease support in the world than to get well," - "It is because of this group that I understand what to do and how to take care of ____.  I couldn't have gotten through these past "almost 7" years with you and the support of the group." - "we are all in the same boat and it helps me to know that there are people who understand!" - "I love this site and our wonderful members! Everyone is so supportive and jump right in to help others. Thanks to All and God bless!" - "Jerry is our rock on this site. I respect him and what he does beyond words!" - "Our" wellness with AD means a lot to Jerry." -
"I have learned so much about addisons from this web site. So much more than I have learned from any doctor." - "I am feeling much better and I truly believe it is mostly because of all the positive reinforcement from you and this wonderful website!  We are all truly blessed to have you in our lives." - "The Addison's support here is the very best in the world... I feel so much better and understand addison's because of the support I receive here" - "It is amazing how fast we learn from this wonderful site!" - "God bless you Jerry for all the time care and help you give to everyone on this site.  You have made living with Addison's so much easier for so many people." - "Well done on your interview!  You have done a great job putting the word out there not only with the website, but the publicity as well. As a fairly new "inductee" to Addison's, your website has indeed brought me a wealth of information on the disease. And as you said- I've even educated physicians as well as friends and family members by directing them to it. A great big THANK YOU for that!!" - "I don't know how you are able to respond and give such good advice to everyone.  I give credit where credit is due and you are really up there!!!!  I have had AD for lets see now 32 years this Fall and you were able to give me very good advice.  Thank you again..." - "So much of my progress is directly related to my involvement with this site and all of you who have helped me more than any of you will ever know." - "I can always count on this site for the best advice and I always feel better after receiving and/or just reading other emails." "I've learned a lot through addison' For instance when diagnosed nobody told me if I was primary or secondary. You guys helped me distinguish knowledge and understanding between the two." - "I get very emotional writing to you because I am overwhelmed by your  wisdom and compassion for others simply by the force of a lifelong connection you share forever." - "You have all given me, just his wife on the sidelines watching and listening to him, an incredible amount of strength and even more faith than you will all ever know!" - "Your words really helped me." - " You are SUPER cool! Rock star cool!" - " offers nurturing and enduring support my family has depended on for years" - "they are the oldest and the best because their support leads to sustained wellness."- "This is the best and most correctly informative site out there." - "I'm so glad that there's a place where I can go to where other people have the same disease and understand what we're going through. My sister had Addisons and her and I would talk to each other about what we were feeling, but she passed away 7 yrs ago and I miss her everyday. I have a great husband but he doesn't really understand what I'm going through. I'm so glad that I have found this site and now I don't feel so all alone anymore. Thank you so much Jerry! I was wondering also, I love bananas but I read they have potassium in them and that too much potassium is not good for Addisons  so how many bananas can I eat a week?"- "It's so nice to talk to someone else who has this disease.  I'm definitely learning from reading other people stories too.  It's so comforting to be able to ask questions that others might have advice about.  I'm so thankful for this site.  I really hate this disease but I'm glad there's other people who I can talk to who will understand what I feel.  Thank you so much Having people to talk to helps me a lot. God bless you and this site. You make Addisons easier to work with." - "I love that you have been around a long time and that the site was started by someone who actually has the purest form of the disease." -  "You have helped me sooooo much jerry" - "It's wonderful to be able to connect with everyone" - "I would like to welcome you to the group!! These are people who not only take care of themselves but, have room to open up their heart and knowledge to others." - "I'm so grateful I'm learning now. What you've done by putting us all in contact with each other is amazing!" - "It is a fantastic place for support and encouragement As well as a learning site.  It's so helpful to know others that has the same struggle that you experience." - "The support here is tremendous and the very best in the world plus it's the only site founded by someone who actually has the disease and who talks to and supports all of us." - "I also suffered with depression, until I accepted that I had Addisons Disease, and I had to make the best of it. But, as time went on, and I joined Addisons Disease.Net, my life with AD improved so much." - "You have found a great family here on our website. Their are so many of us who  have Addison's and we all are effected in many different ways. Some time maybe someone on here can give a little advice on one thing that can help us so much. The love you will feel is great. No one can understand what you are going through until they are going through it themselves. Their are good days and bad days but we will always be here for you." - "Yesterday was the most incredible experience of my life! Being blessed by Pope Frances Xavier! I asked for our Addison's community to be blessed, too." - "Boy can I relate to you! I was not reassured when my doctor admitted that I knew more about Addison's Disease than he did! I have had Addison's for almost 13 years now and I feel like I am on a never ending roller coaster ride. That is why this website is a Godsend!! We have all been there and can feel your frustration. I have learned from this wonderful family here that you must be your toughest advocate. Never be afraid to ask your doctor questions and don't leave until you are satisfied with the answers." - "I am so glad that you are a big part of our Addisons Family. This is the best place that you can be right now!" - "I wouldn't know what I would have done without his encouragement and knowledge." - "Thank you all for all youre doing here. I would have probably not made it this far without all of you." - "You have done so very much for this group - probably have even saved lives by setting up this forum for all of us to talk, so thank you for all you do" - "you have done a lot for all of us" - "Jerry you are respected and loved by so many here." - "You are always there for us and I am so very grateful to have this community. Thank you so very much for all of your guidance. You have been a guardian in every step of my journey since diagnosis." - "Thanks for all you do"

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