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April, 2002

Inside This Edition: Marco Polo Restaurant in Summit, NJ; Club Abyss in Sayerville, NJ; Movie Review - ANIMAL HOUSE; Tony's Hot Dog Truck, Newark, NJ; Drive along northern New Jersey's waterfront

Jersey Food - April, 2002

Marco Polo Restaurant & Tavern in Summit, NJ, offers a most relaxing and casual dining experience.  Marco Polo Restaurant offers fine Italian cuisine and I do mean fine.  Diners can choose to dine upstairs for a more formal atmosphere or downstairs for slightly less formal.  Both levels have exceptional fully staffed bars and superior wait staff.  Accommodations are also exceptional for parties with plenty of space.  In my opinion the best garlic bread in Jersey is on the menu.  Also quite good before digging into your entree is a nice cold anti pasta.  This dish has been slightly changed from the traditional version and I personally prefer the traditional complete with roasted peppers and assorted meats.  If you prefer traditional, they will make it to your taste and are delighted to do so, a mark of excellence for any restaurant.  On a recent visit I had my favorite, veal picatta and it was delicious as always.  Others in the group also raved about the chicken murphy and lasagna.  One thing you can always count on at Marco Polo is warm friendly service and consistently good food at reasonable prices.  A member of our group remarked how comfortable the seats were which might not sound like much but sit in an uncomfortable one.  You won't find an uncomfortable seat at MARCO POLO as they have paid great attention to detail to create a consistently great Jersey dining experience.  

Marco Polo Restaurant & Tavern - 527 Morris Avenue, Summit, New Jersey 

Jersey Treasure - April, 2002

Tony's Hot Dogs in Newark, NJ, stands tall as it serves the best push cart style hot dogs in all of New Jersey.  There is an old saying in Newark that you can take the kid out of Newark but you can't take the Newark out of the kid.  Many former Newark residents can't even stay out of Newark with a place like Tony's parked on the edge of one of Jerseys most beautiful parks.  At the Park avenue entrance to Branch Brook Park, loyal customers stand in often long lines to get their fill.  Tony is truly famous in these parts and it is quite common for folks to go out of their way to have a couple of dogs from Tony's.  The hot onions are the best I've ever tasted and the dogs are always hot and fresh.  No dirty water dogs at Tony's as he takes pride in what he makes for his customers.  A perfect lunchtime getaway for city workers is Tony's especially in the summer.  Tony is second to none for push cart style hot dogs.  You can never eat just one at Tony's and for that matter anytime you want a great dog you will look for an excuse to go out of your way to get one at Tony's.

Tony's Hot Dog Truck - Park Avenue at Branch Brook Park, Newark, New Jersey 

Movie Review - April, 2002

Video Rental Pick:


Don't expect any major enlightenment from ANIMAL HOUSE other than the futile attempt of the socially misfit to prolong their adolescence.  You can expect to laugh like crazy at this one no matter how many times you see it.  No other movie of this type has ever captured so well the diverging reasons some go to college.  Even the literature professor isn't above the ridicule as he pays his bills while writing his novel which he admits is a piece of crap.  Freshman priorities are misplaced for the incoming as they pledge allegiance to the frat, namely Delta Tau Chi instead of their studies.  Pre-med or Pre-law, it makes no difference as these clowns struggle to stay in school and out of jail.  When life throws these guys a curve they just party harder.  When things get really hot for the Delta boys they take the party on-the-road in search of good times and hot chicks.  Their collective problems haven't gone away when they return to face expulsion from college but they take it all in stride and go down in true Delta style.  The Homecoming parade is their final stand and the war isn't over until they say it's over.  No Delta ever cracked open a book in ANIMAL HOUSE but they may have learned a thing or two about life as their futures will surely choose them rather than the other way around.  ANIMAL HOUSE remains the best movie of it's kind to this day and has never been surpassed despite numerous feeble attempts to do so.  You will always laugh when watching this one and laughing is a good thing.

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - April, 2002    

Club Abyss  in Sayreville, on Rt. 35 North, has proven it can attract quite an audience throughout the winter months as evidenced by the line of people waiting to get in, and the filled to capacity parking lots.  So what is the big draw?   Well, let’s start with the sound system.  Any club that wants to rate as a top contender must have a primo sound system and Club Abyss does not disappoint anyone.  Chances are, you will still be feeling the bass move you around well into the next day.  This place has the sound you need if you want to dance all night long.  It isn’t very often that I find myself getting totally immersed in the music at a club, but the quality of the sound, the shear volume, and the energy of the crowd can get me there in a hurry at Abyss.  A steady mix of top notch DJ’s, play cutting edge mixes to keep the crowd entertained.  On occasion, Abyss has live performers.  The calendar of events can be found on their website at:

The lighting system with plenty of effects also contributes to creating a serious club environment.  Get on the dance floor with some heart pounding music, throw in some neon lights, strobe lights, and all kinds of other lighting systems, and it adds up to creating a sense of detachment from the real world. 

The crowd at Abyss is a young crowd.  Not the place to go if you are 50 something.  We’re talking mostly 20’s, some 30’s, and a few (I should say very few) 40’s.  A lot of singles head to Abyss for a night out.  Girls and guys tend to come in small groups, increasing your chances of hooking up if that’s what you are looking for.  I can’t imagine anyone single leaving without at least a phone number. 

Unlike a lot of the shore clubs that draw an incredible crowd between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Club Abyss has a steady following year round.  Have a great night out and let me know what you think.

Club Abyss - Rt. 35 North, Sayerville, New Jersey 

written by: James "Shoreguy" Carroll - New Jersey native & Jersey Spin contributor

Jersey Driver - April, 2002

Weehawken, Hoboken and Jersey City share some of the most historic and scenic waterfront property along the Jersey coastline.  This is a Jersey Drive that is always changing as the waterfront develops.  First stop, Liberty State Park in Jersey City.  The park offers stunning views of  Lower Manhattan as well as ferry service to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty plus a beautiful marina, perfect for a summer afternoon adventure.  Venturing a little north is a newly redeveloped Jersey City waterfront complete with new high rise residential and corporate real estate.  The revitalization continues with new building and even a light rail New Jersey Transit line.  Continuing on into Hoboken along Washington Street there is always a good place to stop for a bite to eat and more great views of Manhattan from their waterfront park.  Climbing the hill on past the Lincoln Tunnel further north is Weehawken, a most unique place along the Jersey waterfront.  Set on top of hundreds of feet of bedrock, this community offers a very stunning view of Manhattan and on a clear day you can see for miles.  Looking over the railing of the steep cliff the continued revitalization of this long neglected waterfront continues with new marinas and commercial and residential construction.  Looking over you can also get a birds eyes view of Port Imperial which provides ferry service to Manhattan and very quickly where this Jersey Drive ends.

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