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Jersey Spin - April, 2008

Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food - Jersey Shadow Review: Sonny's On The Avenue in Verona, NJ and The Montville Inn in Montville, NJ - 


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Sonny's On The Avenue - Sonny's On The Avenue, that would be Bloomfield Avenue in Verona, is in what I like to call the Northern New Jersey food belt.  Okay, a farm is nowhere to be seen in these parts, but this land is fertile in another way by being home to some great restaurants featuring New Jersey cuisine.  Passing "Sonny's" many times, I decided that today was the day to finally stop in for dinner.
The restaurant is rather small but comfortable, and on this night there was one other table in use when I arrived with a guest.  The menu was loaded with handwritten specials but I gravitated to the main portion where I found an interesting chicken and artichoke dish and escarole salad for a total of $29.00 which I did find a bit on the high side.  Some very fresh, tasty bread and marinated olive salad made the wait for my dinner enjoyable.




The salad was delicious, extremely fresh, cold and absolutely bursting with flavor.  My chicken was flavorful and came with some wild rice, asparagus and even a lemon wedge which I eagerly used.  My guest had the chicken parmesan which was remarked to be very good, moist and tender.  The portion was substantial and was also accompanied by wild rice, a hot cherry pepper, and fork-tender asparagus.  A small group arrived as we were midway through our meal.

All in all it was a very pleasurable experience albeit a little expensive.  As to why there were so few diners this particular evening ... who knows.  I can tell you it's not because of the food and there is even an outdoor patio section for the warmer weather.  If you decide to include "Sonny's" in your dinnertime plans, you'll have an excellent chance of having an enjoyable and satisfying meal. - Jersey Shadow -
Sonny's On The Avenue
624 Bloomfield Avenue
Verona, NJ 07044
Phone: 973-239-1919














The Montville Inn - Wanting to do some exploring, I decided to venture up Route 202 for some dining adventure.  The twists and turns of this often picturesque road gave way to an old refurbished Inn called simply The Montville Inn.  The beautiful building, complete with large facade wrapped porch was inviting, so I ventured in with my guest.
The dining room was very nicely decorated,  inviting and comfortable.  The menu was uptown with chic-sounding dishes and expensive prices to match.  And so I perused the very nice menu but was taken in by one of the specials of the day which was a sliced steak rib-eye salad.  My guest was taken in by the other special of the day which was a prawn vegetable risotto.
My coke arrived in a mason jar and I waited for my $16.95 dollar steak salad.  At $16.95 they have set the bar very high with such a high price.  My salad arrived and was not only good but quite outstanding and wholly deserving of the $16.95 price.  This was no ordinary salad but a true gourmet delight, rich, flavorful and in a word... awesome.  Some very notable inclusions in this perfectly made dish were large pieces of freshly cooked bacon, crumbled blue cheese, fresh mixed greens and of course the star of the show, a generous portion of perfectly cooked sliced rib-eye steak.  It would be simply impossible for this dish to have been any better as there is nothing better than perfect.
My guest's risotto dish was a show-stopper as well.  It consisted of braised vegetables mixed in with an outstandingly flavorful risotto which was cooked to perfection.  The dish was topped with a head-on jumbo prawn, again perfectly flavored and cooked.  There was not a morsel left on either of our plates.
The Montville Inn really delivered a first-rate meal and enjoyable experience and I would be delighted to return again someday. - Jersey Shadow -
The Montville Inn
167 Route 202
Montville, NJ 07045
Phone: 973-541-1234



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