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NJ Food Guide - April, 2009

Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food Reviews By The Jersey Shadow: Falls View Grill in Clifton, NJ and Lombardi's in Fairfield, NJ.  The Great Falls In Paterson, NJ - Now a US National Park - More on the falls from Jersey Spin


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Falls View Grill - Texas Weiner: New Jersey Legend? How does a Texas weiner become a New Jersey legend anyway?  This place sure stumped me at first with a lot of questions.  Okay the once legendary Red Chimney on route 3 has long passed and is now Falls View Grill which has the curbside appeal of some giant franchise... yikes!  Franchises are off limits for anything I'd ever be interested in reviewing except of course if they are Born In Jersey as this place was at the Great Falls in Paterson.

The freakiness of recent congressional events regarding the Great Falls  making it a National Park despite the Park Service not wanting this distinction is just part of life in New Jersey where politics are king,  but more importantly, so is diversity and innovation.  So how is a Texas weiner innovation?  Well forget the name let's just call it a hot dog variant made here since 1949.




I walked into the Red Chimney... I mean Falls View Grill and was surprised to see that other than some sprucing up and a gigantic menu behind the counter, the place looked pretty much the same.  The dining area was clean and comfortable and otherwise pleasant, except they had a radio and unmuted TV going at the same time which just amounted to nothing but noise.
Okay, this self professed New Jersey legend wants to be famous for a Texas weiner so I ordered one "All The Way" which was deep fried and topped with spicy mustard, chopped onions and a secret chili sauce.  The dog was good and the dressing tasty, and it came with excellent fries and a drink for under 6 dollars which does represent value and consideration for the customer.  Northern New Jersey is a mecca for hot dogs of the Italian kind, the push- cart kind and even the deep-fried kind, but who knew the Texas kind had such a rich legacy in New Jersey, dating back about 60 years to the historic Great Falls.
Well I guess it's safe to assume that although where the Texas weiner was born may well be decided by what it's called, its perfection, mastery and preservation may well be all New Jersey, thanks to Falls View Grill and this visionary group who wishes to expand beyond New Jersey.  They may well get their wish, as their menu is expansive beyond hot dogs to include burgers, ribs and chicken to name a few items, and they even have a dollar menu with many selections close to a buck. - Jersey Shadow -
Falls View Grill
900 State Rt 3
Clifton, NJ 07012
Phone: 973-473-3388

More on The Great Falls from Jersey Spin

The Great Falls in Paterson, New Jersey, is an example of the diverse natural beauty found here in Jersey.  The mighty Passaic river often maligned for its uselessness and frequently a brunt of New Jersey jokes, spills over a cliff more than 75 feet high to create one of the largest waterfalls by volume east of the Mississippi, second only to Niagara.  Paterson also known as the "silk city" produced textiles for nearly 200 years on a large site now owned by the city.

New Jersey is the land of firsts and the Samuel Colt company set up shop in a building on a site by the Falls to create the company's first production revolvers called simply: the "Colt Paterson."  The whole area around the Falls is poised to either be part of an amazing future full of historic significance and vitality or simply waste away in urban decay.  Grass roots efforts halted an effort to convert the area around the Colt factory to residential housing which would have compromised a large portion of the site below the Falls.

The Great Falls were part of the most significant power system of its day and the people of "Silk City" and New Jersey deserve to have the opportunity to enjoy a small chunk of yesteryear.  

Exploring the Great Falls is a thought- provoking adventure steeped in history.  We hope to be back at the Great Falls soon and to be able to one day report that mills and factories are preserved and restored forever as one of New Jersey's greatest treasures.

Great Falls - Silk City - Paterson, New Jersey - Now a US National Park








































Lombardi's Bar & Restaurant - I had occasion to try a place in Fairfield called Lombardi's Bar & Restaurant ,and I must say that it was a unique experience.  We had to wait a bit to discover this -- the wait was a little long and they don't take reservations.  The bar area was typically okay and our wait was otherwise uneventful.  At last we were seated in an adjacent room.
With a name like Lombardi, I skipped the pub type dishes and pizza and went with the Chicken Scarpariello with hot vinegar peppers.  Our table began with a traditional antipasta which was plentiful and tasty.  Of note on this dish were the roasted red peppers which were superior and tasted home-made and not from a jar.  Our table enjoyed the dish very much as we waited for our meal.  We were back in wait mode again as it took a long time for our food to arrive, but it was far more pleasurable than waiting for a table in the first place.
Our server kept us in the loop as to the status of our meals, and kept our drinks refilled.  Eventually our meals descended upon us like a cloud burst from the heavens.  I looked down at my chicken dish which was served in a large bowl and it literally looked like it could feed a family.  I thoroughly enjoyed it... the chicken was tender and flavorful and the potatoes were exceptionally good.  Our group ordered a variety of dishes from a veal special to a spectacular pasta dish.  It was quite apparent that all dishes were cooked from scratch not warmed over as is often the case at other restaurants.  This certainly explained the wait time, and was well worth it.
There was a ton of food left on my dish when I was done, and although I never get a doggie bag, I decided to get one.  I was eating the leftovers for three days and it was even tastier reheated.  Everyone left with a doggie bag and pleasant feedback on this place.  For me, this restaurant is a solid choice in this area, with reasonable prices, good food, good service and warm atmosphere.  You may well discover the same if you decide to visit Lombardi's. - Jersey Shadow -
Lombardi's Bar & Restaurant
94 Fairfield Road
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Phone: 973-227-0003

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