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Inside This Edition: Attillio's in Denville, NJ; Jersey Treasure - Aviation Hall Of Fame in Teterboro, NJ; Movie Review - HAROLD & KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE; Leggetts Sand Bar in Manasquan, NJ  and Feature - Fun At The Jersey Shore | August 2004  


August, 2004

Jersey Food - August, 2004

With the stress of today's everyday living, there's nothing quite as enjoyable as going out to dinner - someone else to shop for the food, someone else to prepare it, someone else to serve it, and someone else to clean up.  The trick is to find an eatery that does all of these things well without the customer spending a fortune.  In addition, if you can find  a restaurant with a bit of history while being a bit unique, then you've hit upon something special.

This month's restaurant selection is such a place.  Attilio's Kitchen in Denville will undoubtedly please you.  Its history goes back to the 1800's when it served as a general store catering to boatmen on the Morris Canal.

As you look through the restaurant, you can see many antiques and old family photographs still remain helping to provide a warm, cozy feeling.  The menu is filled with Italian specialties, and our party of four ate well indeed.  Our salads were very fresh and quite generous.  The Chicken Scarpiello was a stand-out with sweet Italian sausage, peppers and herbs in a balsamic vinegar sauce.  Rigatoni Christina was also well-received.  A veal special was served with browned potatoes and tasty vegetables, and yes, it was special.  

One of the fun aspects of the restaurant is the strolling accordion player.  Add to that a woman dressed in a long gown singing Italian operatic favorites and your in for a real treat.

We certainly will return to this restaurant - the food is very good - the dress is casual - the prices are reasonable and it's just plain fun.  Oh, and a good tip - try to arrive early as this is quite a popular spot.

Attilio's Kitchen - Denville, New Jersey 

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Jersey Treasure - August, 2004

Tucked in the back of Teterboro Airport in Teterboro, NJ, is an impressive collection of aviation history preserved for all to see and learn from.  New Jersey is steeped in history, especially in Teterboro and the surrounding areas where Wright Aeronautical manufactured engines that powered US bomber and fighter aircraft in World War II.  Many engines are on display at the Aviation Hall of Fame including photographs from the factories where they were made.

It took specialized training and courage to fly aircraft for the US into combat and there is a special tribute in pictures to some of the flying aces who flew old types of fighter aircraft in times of war.  There are some very well-documented captions below the photographs with the names of their hometowns like East Orange, Montclair, Nutley and Newark to name a few.  Some of the pictures even had the name of the plane flown by the pilot such as the "Jersey Jerk" flown by one fighter pilot ace.

On a broader scale, this amazing Jersey Treasure is home to the only MASH display in the United States.  This Korean era outdoor display has a tent where operations were performed, as well as the same type of helicopter that flew in the wounded.  Also there are various trucks from the era.  Not only is the Aviation Hall Of Fame a must-see for anyone who lives in New Jersey, it's a must-see for anyone who is able to take time out for a bit of exploring while visiting New Jersey.

Aviation Hall Of Fame  - Teterboro, New Jersey

Jersey Spin Factoid: The United States Coast Guard had its beginnings in Ocean County New Jersey as Newell's Life Saving Service.  Newell's Life Saving Service had the first two life-saving stations anywhere along the Atlantic Coast.  Dr. William Newell, a pioneer in water safety also became a governor of New Jersey.

Shoreguy Beach Guide 2004



Things to Do - August, 2004

Jersey Feature - August, 2004

8/7 1.2 Million Dollar Hambletonian - Harness Horse Racing.  In Trotter racing this is the world's richest race.  Meadowlands Racetrack - Rutherford, NJ -
8/12 Baby Parade - Offbeat & Fun - 6th Street And The Boardwalk - Ocean City, NJ 609-525-9300

 6/16- 8/25 Sandy Hook Summer Beach Concerts - Highlands, NJ - Live music on the beach every Wednesday evening - Free Admission - Beach Area E - Gateway National Recreation Area - Sandy Hook, New Jersey 732-291-7733

Fun At The Jersey Shore 

The Jersey Shore has it all and I'm "down the shore" every chance I get.  I love Atlantic City and it's always nice to go to the beach there for some fun in the sun because it's free.  Who said having fun down the shore has to cost a lot.  For a few bucks you can even take a car load over to Island Beach State Park for sunbathing, swimming and barbequing.  What I like about Island Beach and Sandy Hook is that if you bring your own eats you can stay out there all day for some very affordable fun.

If money is of no concern, then there are all types of fun to be had down the shore.  What I like to do is to pick what I'm in the mood for and go to that beach that day.  This way when the day is over, I'm close to where I want to be for evening fun.  Always a favorite of mine is the boardwalk and there are many to choose from.  I'm partial to the boardwalk in Seaside Heights because it's the new Coney Island as far as I'm concerned; just jam packed with excitement.  There are rides for the kids and adults who think they are kids and plenty of games including a rather interesting one of late called "Shoot The Geek."  The Geek (played by a brave soul) dresses in protective wear while boardwalk goers willing to part with a couple of bucks shoot "the geek" with paintballs.  While not the most politically correct game in the world it is fun and pretty funny.  Other excellent boardwalks I love are Belmar, Wildwood and of course Atlantic City.

Wildwood has an enormous boardwalk with more rides than Disneyland.  I'm big on preservation and many of the old-style motels from the doo-wop era of music have been saved.  Sadly some have not, but there has been a movement under way to stop the senseless destruction of these motels and many have been saved.  There is no shortage of fun anywhere along the Jersey Shore and if you have a family in tow, then Wildwood is a great place for fun and memories.

From Sandy Hook all the way down to Cape May there is fun for everyone and if by chance you can't have fun along the most diverse waterfront in America then the shore might not be the place for you.  Judging by the amount of traffic on the Parkway, however, there are a lot of people heading to the Jersey Shore for some unique Jersey fun. Shoreguy - 


Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - August, 2004

Leggetts Sand Bar in Manasquan, New Jersey:

If you live in Monmouth County then chances are that Leggetts Sand Bar is on your list of favorite places to eat, hang out and enjoy some great music.  Leggetts has been a Manasquan mainstay for many years and venue to some memorable Jersey Shore bar bands.   The legacy continues as this Jersey landmark not only offers great bands but also great food.  Even a traditional dark night in the bar business is fun at Leggetts on Monday's with their Micro Menu Night at the Bar.  The specials on traditional bar eats are great including dollar hot dogs and Buffalo Chicken Wings for 15 cents.

Leggets has specials every day of the week and always has something going on for locals and beach goers.  The food is very good and very reasonably priced and the outdoor patio is quite nice and very comfortable.  A Jersey Shorebar is never complete without an interesting fun compliment of Jersey people and if you remember the golden age of the Jersey shorebars then you will feel and be right at home at Leggetts any day or night of the week.

Leggetts Sand Bar - Manasquan, New Jersey

State Motto:  Liberty and Prosperity
State Bird:  Eastern Goldfinch


Movie Review - August, 2004arch, 


HAROLD & KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE should go down in history as probably one of the worst films ever made.  The phrase "missed opportunity" is a line that runs throughout many film reviews these days with so much trash hitting the big screen.  This piece of trash doesn't even rate as a "missed opportunity", it rates as an opportunity not even attempted.  The script borders on incoherent, the jokes are terrible and for a film set in Jersey, there isn't much of Jersey even on the screen.  Sure there is the obligatory toll booth scene on the Parkway and a few signs of some Jersey towns like Princeton, New Brunswick and Cherry Hill, but not much else unless of course you have ever seen a cheetah on the loose in Jersey.

HAROLD & KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE is a good premise for a movie where product placement drives the story, only trouble here is that there is no story to drive.  On the positive side, the acting is pretty good but it doesn't help the movie much.  Late night drives to White Castle are legendary for many here in New Jersey and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of hilarious stories about pilgrimages to White Castle to satisfy "What You Crave."  Moviegoers who love White Castle with all it's legendary charm and uniqueness will be disappointed by the lack of originality in this movie bearing it's name.  The star of the show here is White Castle and this star will undoubtedly live on and be the center of attention for many late-night Jersey drives.  As for this movie it might be better to drive past the movie theater and just go to White Castle.  In all likelihood it will be far more memorable.


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