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Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food Reviews By The Jersey Shadow: Queen Margherita in Nutley, NJ and Reservoir Tavern in Parsippany, NJ 


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Queen Margherita - Nothing delights me more than to be the bearer of some very good news, okay, awesome news!  As my loyal readers know I am always brutally honest yet fair when I describe my dining experiences.  Here is some wonderful news for all you who live in or would travel to Nutley for a meal and it's two words Queen Margherita.
This old school trattoria is set in an otherwise nondescript, somewhat urban, setting along a busy Washington Avenue.  It was just too hot to sit outside (many were out there anyway) this day, but lucky for me, there was one table just opening up inside.  I showed up on a Monday for lunch and the place was crowded with an energy and vibrancy befitting the best eateries.



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There wasn't a sad face anywhere to be seen and the vibe was a comfortable and relaxed.  The menu was pretty big, but not overwhelming, complete with a lunch special page.  I checked out the lunch specials and was delighted beyond belief to find offerings that were simple, rustic and priced with a considerate competitiveness.  Why was this place so crowded on a weekday, Monday?  As it turns out this place was crowded for many reasons, especially the food.

The lunch entree and soup or salad special was for me at an astounding $8.95.  The price of any meal can only be described as astounding if the food is good, and today it was.  Lunch Entrees included fish and veal but it was the homemade sausage that caught my eye.  I put my faith in this place all the way by ordering something homemade, and after a delicious house salad it was time to see what this place was made of.
Two perfectly portioned links of sausage arrived atop a bed of pasta.  It was delicious and the sausage had a mild yet very fresh flavor to it, and was perfectly cooked over pasta which was covered in a pleasant red sauce.  My dining partner ordered the Shrimp Scampi and found it to be equally as satisfying.
The whole lunch experience there was an astounding value.  A terrific meal in a relaxed setting with customer friendly pricing is what Jersey lunchtime dining should be about and here at Queen Margerita the customer is King. - Jersey Shadow -
Queen Margherita
246 Washington Ave
Nutley, NJ 07110
Phone: 973-662-0007

















Reservoir Tavern - For over 70 years this budget-friendly New Jersey classic tavern has been serving up some relaxed fun with rustic Italian fare.  Is the place any good after all these years?  I decided it was worth a venture on a Saturday night to put this place to the test.  The place was jammed on this warm summer evening.  Was it worth the wait?
Due to the polite nature of one in our party we seemed to get a corner table out of the way without much of a wait despite a full bar and vestibule waiting area.  The menu was awesome with great prices and maximum options.  There was even a little note from a guy named "Nick" explaining that due to present food prices the check at the end of the meal might not match the prices on the menu and that every attempt to keep prices down despite rising prices would be taken.  Okay, I'm from New Jersey and this sounded like the old Hoboken hustle, but something made me feel like it was nothing more than genuine concern for the customer and the viability of their business.  Time would tell me if my assessment was correct.  Also, I for one appreciate control on meal prices rather than helping to pay for new menus.  Our party was in their hands.
First up was a stuffed artichoke for me which was delicious and Arugula Salad for others... all awesome.  My entree, Chicken Arugula was, and I'm not exaggerating, awesome.  Very thin chicken scallopine breaded and cooked with fresh Arugula Salad was tender, tasty and very well complemented with the perfectly dressed salad.
The drinks were good, no skimpy ones here with full bar service.  The lasagna served in it's own baking dish, the baked ziti served in its own baking dish as well, and short ribs, where the meat fell off the bone were all superior and befitting of being called rustic New Jersey Italian fare.  After all these years the Reservoir Tavern still delivers an experience wholly worth the wait and the money. - Jersey Shadow -
Reservoir Tavern
90 Parsippany Blvd. US Route 202
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Phone: 973-334-5708


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