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December, 2002

Inside This Edition: Great Wazu in East Hanover, NJ; Mall at Short Hills in Short Hills, NJ; Movie Review - MR. MOM; The Restaurant in Hackensack, NJ and a Holiday Jersey Drive 

Jersey Food - December, 2002

Great Wazu in East Hanover, New Jersey offers up the best subs and service in Morris County.  New Jersey is known for great food and it takes a lot to make it into the pages of Jersey Spin.  So how did they do it?  There is nothing better for lunch sometimes than a Jersey sub.  Finding one made correctly is not that easy, and if you do, you will in all probability have to wait far too long to get it.  You will never have to wait at the Great Wazu for a delicious sub because it's run by serious professionals.  Everyone working the counter has a specific job, and during peak times, the line moves like a well-oiled machine.  Close attention to detail goes into every freshly made sub and it's actually a treat to go there and get one to take with you.  The staff puts the customer first and they back it up every time I eat there with warm, friendly service and a first-rate sub.

Great Wazu - East Hanover, New Jersey 

Jersey Treasure - December, 2002

The Mall at Short Hills offers Jersey natives and visitors a world-class shopping experience.  This Jersey treasure is located in one of the prettiest and busiest areas of New Jersey.  The Christmas season is the most exciting time to visit this upscale mall complete with all the big anchor stores from Nordstroms and Bloomingdales to Neiman Marcus.  In between these retailing giants are wonderful specialty shops with spacious and very comfortable surroundings.  It's especially nice to walk the mall this time of year and even nicer to be able to have a fine sit down meal far exceeding anything you will ever encounter at a regular mall.   Parking anywhere in New Jersey during the holidays can be quite a challenge, so getting to the Mall at Short Hills early is a good idea. However, there is valet parking for the lazy or the faint of heart. From window shopping to people watching, this Jersey Treasure offers it all and will enrich your life with a very memorable Jersey experience.

Mall at Short Hills - Short Hills, New Jersey 

Movie Review - December, 2002

Video Rental Pick:

MR. MOM - Rated PG - Get out the popcorn and the whole family for this one!  It's always nice to sit down to a classic family film from the eighties; 1983 to be exact.  Michael Keaton portrays Jack Butler in his most compelling comedic performance.  Jack gets the axe from his job and loses a bet with his wife Carolyn as to who can find work first.  Carolyn, brilliantly portrayed by Terri Garr, gets a job at an ad agency where the boss is after more than her mind.  Trust takes center stage as Jack and Carolyn venture into new territory as househusband and working mom.  Jack takes over the house and runs it "the Jack Butler way" complete with exploding water hoses and a vacuum cleaner with a mind of its own.  Jack and Carolyn have their love tested, their patience tested and their sanity tested in this classic.  In the end, their love and trust set a bright example of how important family is and what's truly important in life.  During the holiday season it might be nice to check this one out with your loved ones.  It's a rare pleasure to get a wholesome, sensible message to go with your laughs.  

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - December, 2002  

Elegance and class abound at The Restaurant in Hackensack, NJ!  On a cold, rainy night late in November, a friend of mine who is a divorced father, suggested that we check out The Restaurant.  It's always a relief to not have to worry about parking the car, so it was a special treat this night to drive right up to the front door, especially in the rain.  Although crowded, the bar was welcoming with a warm fire going and a comfortable ambience.  We were there on a Thursday and I'm told it really gets packed on Fridays.  On this particular night, we were treated to an interesting mix of mostly over 30 singles.  The music was good and suited this upscale crowd.  The drinks were a little pricey, but that didn't seem to be a problem for the crowd this place attracts.  The service was quick and friendly and contributed to the wonderfully vibrant social atmosphere.  There were even some tasty breadsticks on the bar to nibble on for a snack.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves either listening to the music, dancing, or in pleasant conversation.  There is plenty of opportunity to meet new people and make new friends at The Restaurant. 

The Restaurant - Hackensack, New Jersey 


Jersey Driver - December, 2002

Holiday Jersey Drive - It's always nice to experience the first snow here in Jersey as we all did recently.  Even better still is taking a nice holiday Jersey Drive to check out all the sites this time of year.  With all that goes on during the holiday season, it's nice to try and work in a Jersey Drive between trips to the Mall and the nursery.  Detouring out of the way to get your tree or to look at the Christmas decorations people adorn their houses with offers some truly memorable times.  Getting off the holiday stress express is always possible if one can manage to sneak a trip in.  The Jersey Shore offers a soothing destination for the heart and soul.  It could be 10 degrees outside, but looking out at the clear, blue sea somehow makes the all the stress disappear.  Of course if it's 10 degrees outside you may want to admire the sea from your car!  After a restful trip out to the beach and a pleasant dinner in one of the numerous nearby restaurants, it's back to reality and the joys of the holiday season.  But don't forget to remember that lucky day you took a break from it all when you're back knee-deep in traffic and anxiety.  Just think about that great drive you had and all won't seem so stressed this holiday season.

Holiday Jersey Drive  - NJ

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