Jersey Spin - December, 2010

NJ Food Reviews - Ricci's in East Hanover, NJ And Honey Browns in Summit, NJ



Ricci's Restaurant - I recently saw a coupon for buy one get one free entree's at Ricci's in East Hanover, NJ, and decided to give it a try; plus, the entree's were only $9.95. Could this be a find, even without the special buy one get one?

Entering Ricci's is a little bizarre... pretty much a square box with tables close together... zero ambiance, but with prices that low it might not matter. Still it wasn't very comfortable. I went with the Chicken Murphy - a traditional New Jersey classic. The entree came with a salad starter and pasta. My guest went with the Chicken Francaise also with salad and pasta.

The salads arrived in two small wooden bowls... no surprise at those prices but the greens were shockingly way beyond fresh and belonged in the garbage. It's strange why any place would serve a salad that looked so awful and obviously bad. Uh... Oh... I wanted to get up and leave. When something like this happens, it usually means the place is on its last legs and moments from closing.

I was ruing my decision to come here much less subjecting a guest to my adventure. The Chicken Murphy arrived with hot peppers and guess what... it was good! Not quite the way I like it, because I like mine with potatoes but the peppers were HOT, whole and very tasty. The chicken was good and nice and tender. I also liked having been given the option of on or off the bone. The Chicken Francaise was also remarked to be very tasty and satisfying. The pasta was fair with bland gravy.

The place needs work to be competitive, but it can be. Jamming customers with crummy salads won't do much for anyone's appetite or opinion of a place, so there is major room for improvement there. Fix the gravy and the dining room and Ricci's does stand a fighting chance for survival, but it's going to be tough. Sometimes half the battle is accepting constructive criticism. Are they up to the challenge? They can start by using the $9.95 they saved from me not redeeming my coupon to buy some fresh greens and focus on the customer. - Jersey Shadow -

Ricci's Restaurant
360 Route 10
East Hanover, NJ 07936
Phone: 973-515-0074

Credit Cards Accepted


Honey Browns - On a cool late fall day I decided to check out Honey Browns on a suggestion from a friend.  As it turns out the old group from Mamma Tucci's (Since Reinvented As Bona Vita Osteria) has been busy creating a new place to dine in Summit.

The place is reminiscent of the original Mamma Tucci in Madison with a small cozy bistro type feel.  The menu is interesting and the prices are outstanding for this part of New Jersey.  The service, as expected, was superior like it has always been at any of their other restaurants past and present.

I went with the special Broccoli soup which was outstanding and the Meat Loaf sandwich with homemade sweet potato chips perfect for a cool day. Actually, it's pretty clear that all of the food is made on premises from it's high quality.  My guest had an interesting breakfast - poached eggs with bacon and cheddar cheese over a southern biscuit, served with home fries that were outstanding and superior in flavor.

What was nice at this establishment were breakfast offerings as well as lunch up until 3:30 when they close to get ready for dinner.  The whole check, with tip, came to $32 for 2, and this tasty meal left me full for hours.  I enjoyed this place very much and I plan on returning for dinner. - Jersey Shadow -

Honey Browns
7 Union Place
Summit, NJ 07901
Phone: 908-277-1414

Credit Cards Accepted



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