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February, 2002

Inside This Edition: Nautilus Diner in Madison, NJ; Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ; Movie Review - Slap Shot; The Tradewinds in Sea Bright, NJ; The Cove in Sea Bright, NJ and  a Drive to Atlantic City, NJ

Jersey Food - February, 2002

The NAUTILUS DINER in Madison, NJ, has been an area mainstay for many years and is among the very best in New Jersey.  The moment you walk in you are greeted with warm and caring service.  Regulars and newcomers are treated like family by the staff.  The service is first rate even at peak times which is a test for any food establishment.  The food is consistently very good and there is plenty of it and at reasonable prices.  A favorite dish of mine is their grilled chicken Caesar salad.  I have never gotten up from the table hungry from that dish or disappointed there wasn't enough grilled chicken.  There is much to choose from on the menu as with most Jersey Diners.  The only slight downside to eating at the Nautilus is that parking is tight during peak times.  It is however a minor inconvenience when balancing it against the great meal that awaits once you park.  Many of the locals in the area have added this fine Jersey diner to their list of places frequently visited.

Nautilus Diner - Main Street Madison, New Jersey 


Jersey Treasure - February, 2002

Asbury Park, NJ, is an unusual but true Jersey Treasure.  How can an area so blighted by urban decay and legal gridlock ever be considered a treasure by anyone's standard? The large expanse of ocean-front property in Asbury is steeped in history dating back more than a century.  This treasure battered by the sands of time, neglect and legal wrangling stands poised for a rebirth or total destruction.  Asbury Park is in limbo but on the bright side this treasure did escape the wrecking ball to date including the huge real estate boom of the 1980's.  Standing smack in the middle of all the controversy and colliding differing visions for the ocean-front's future is a treasure in its own right called THE STONE PONY.  A most significant contributor to rock and roll history is "The Pony."  The steadfastness of the of "The Pony" ownership to not move in the face of redevelopment is the very thing that may preserve this Jersey Treasure called Asbury Park.  Redevelopment could ruin the area and destroy the rich history found there or preserve it for future generations.  The treasure needs a facelift no doubt and no question.  Any plans for Asbury's ocean-front redevelopment not sensitive to the historical and visionary significance found in its buildings would ruin this area forever.  The tough times for Asbury Park continue for the ocean-front as its fate hangs in the balance, but it could get a lot better real soon.

Movie Review - February, 2002

Video Rental Pick:

SLAP SHOT - rated R 

Slap Shot, starring Paul Newman, has become a classic look into "professional hockey."  Written by Nancy Dowd, this outrageously funny film has stood the test time since its release in 1977.  The Chiefs are comprised mostly of a group of adults who behave like adolescents.  The Chiefs are easily manipulated by their coach, Reggie Dunlop, who hopes to impress the owner to save the team from disbanding.  Over-the- top violent behavior on the ice started by three goons called the Hanson brothers fills the seats with fans and the screen with excitement.  No match for the tides of big business and the impersonal agenda of the teams owner, the Chiefs go out in style their way.  If you want non-stop laughter, Slap Shot delivers that and more.

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - February, 2002

When choosing which night club or bar to go out to, several factors must be considered.  Are you looking for a social gathering place to meet up with friends or a date?  Do you want to dance?  Is live entertainment what you're after?  What age bracket does most of the crowd fall into?  Must you be dressed or is the place casual?  The list goes on and on.  Some places I have been to are very well guarded by the locals, and you may not feel so comfortable when everyone in the place is growling at you.  A lot of places at the shore have nothing but tourists in them, so the first question you might hear when a conversation is striking up is "where are you from?"  One of my favorite stops in the summer is at THE TRADEWINDS, located on Ocean Avenue in Seabright.  THE TRADEWINDS is a rather large place with dance club and multiple bars inside and a pool, Jacuzzis, volleyball court and multiple bars outside.  Top all of that off with a nice view of the ocean.  It is best in the summer because an all-day excursion is possible by spending the day poolside out in the sun, and the evening rocking with a DJ and a live band.  Big name bands are often on the schedule which could be found on their website at  Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, and Bon Jovi have been known to play there several times throughout the year.  In the winter the crowd tends to be more local unless someone big is playing there.  When only a DJ is playing, the average age drops into to the 21 to 31 bracket.  Something that deserves mention about THE TRADEWINDS is the sound system.  I rank it as one of the best in the state.  Should you venture out onto the dance floor you will still feel the bass booming you around the next day.  On the downside the service isn't world class, and they rarely talk to you except to take your order then your money.  The bar help does hustle but there just isn't enough help on busy nights.  If the THE TRADEWINDS crowd seems a little too young, you can go across the street to THE COVE.  The crowd tends to be in the 25 to 45 bracket.  THE COVE is much smaller and is a combination restaurant / night club, but they do have live bands all throughout the summer and sometimes in the winter.  There is an outdoor bar with a beautiful view of the Shrewsbury River.  With a fairly large dock boaters often dock and go inside.  The service at THE COVE is very good and something that will impress anyone is their martini straight up; best bargain on the Jersey shore.  Seabright has several other places to stop at as well so it ranks as one of the better places to go in the summer.  With a  good selection of nightlife, Seabright tends to draw people from all over the state.  Wherever you end up, you should never drink and drive.  Next month we will be visiting some other favorites in Monmouth County.  There are so many places to go, it's hard to choose which one will be featured next. 

written by: James "Shoreguy" Carroll - New Jersey native & Jersey Spin contributor


Jersey Driver - February, 2002

Everyone in New Jersey has heard of and probably visited Atlantic City.  Did you know that there is an enjoyable peek into old New Jersey to be had simply by choosing your route to get there?  The Garden State Parkway with all its "New Jersey Charm" will certainly get you there but other than other cars and the infamous toll booths there isn't much to be seen.  A good radio station does provide entertainment though on the Parkway and the size of the road  will get you to "AC" quickly (usually) during non-peak times but personally I want adventure.  Along route 206 South of Bordentown, New Jersey really opens up with farmland and provides for a relaxing driving adventure.  Anyone from North Jersey will appreciate the open spaces and relaxation of cruising down to "AC" this way.  Hanging a left at route 30 East could make you feel like you are driving in the deep south in places with its roadside glimpses into the past of old New Jersey.  Describing in much more detail what you will see as you drive along Rt. 206 and Rt. 30 would spoil the adventure as you discover this part of New Jersey for yourself if you so choose.  I will say that the unmistakable view of the tall buildings in Atlantic City will let you know that your journey into old and rural New Jersey is about to end as you approach.  Once in Atlantic City you can continue south along the coast for some interesting views of old architecture in Ventnor or some new high-dollar houses in Longport where this Jersey Drive ends.

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