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February, 2005

Inside This Edition: Jersey Shadow Review: Mama Tucci  in Madison, NJ; Jersey Shadow Review: Alfonso's  in Somerville, NJ and a Jersey Spin Factoid



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Jersey Spin Factoid: Calling All Cars - The Bayonne, New Jersey police department was the first police department in the United States to enable their officers to communicate with headquarters from the police car.

Mama Tucci - On a tip from a friend I ventured over to a new restaurant in Madison, New Jersey, called Mama Tucci's.  It didn't look like anything really very special from the outside, but the look of a restaurant facade is often deceiving.  Lunch is one of those meals that sometimes doesn't get much effort from a restaurant that serves dinner as well.  Lunch at Mama Tucci's is without question one of the best in all of North Jersey.  The food and service and even the price represent a wonderful value and most pleasant experience.  Of special note was a radicchio appetizer with prosciutto, goat cheese and capers which was superb. The soup special, creamy sweet potato with apples, was outstanding.  Most everything on the menu had an unusual twist, and judging by the number of eager diners arriving for a mid-week lunch, this small eatery is getting some exciting buzz.  Sitting so close to the door which opened right to the street, I was expecting to be blown away by cold air rushing in, but some heavy draperies and a well-heated, small dining room allowed me to keep my jacket off in total comfort.  It's not often that one can find such a delightful, reasonably priced lunch.  Mama Tucci is a superior place and you won't be disappointed.  If you are, then let me know. - Jersey Shadow -

Mama Tucci
77 Main St
Madison, NJ 07940


Alfonso's - Hungry and searching for a decent place to eat one Sunday night in Somerville, New Jersey, I had occasion to check out Alfonso's with a friend.  It was a freezing cold night and the greeter wanted to sit us near the door which opened right to the street.  After suggesting an open table a little further away from the door we were seated.  Every time the door opened, in came the cold air.  The friend I was dining with is actually close to an expert in heating and cooling and educated me on an inexpensive and clever way to solve this problem.  It's interesting where conversation takes a person once in a while and as interesting as it was, I was more interested in eating and eat we did.

Alfonso's was Italian fare in an open and comfortable surroundings except when the door opened.  The service was lightning fast and actually a little too fast as they broke my rule #9 as seen to the right of my review.  My main course arrived just about 30 seconds after the salad which was good but served on a hot plate which is a pet peeve of mine.  A cold salad should be served on a cold plate.  I abandoned my half eaten salad for the most delicious Veal Verona I have ever had.  The portions were huge and of high quality and maximum flavor.  My buddy had a giant Italian Antipasto, and we were both stuffed.  The prices were very reasonable and besides the couple of things that weren't so positive, I would go back very soon and I plan to.
- Jersey Shadow -

Alfonso's Trattoria
99 W Main St
Somerville, NJ 08876


Top 10 Things Not To Do While Dining Out  

1.  Don't stiff the server if the service is good but the food is bad.
2.  Don't ask a customer with a reservation to wait more than 5 minutes for a table.
3.  Don't send a meal back unless it's just plain awful. 
4.  Don't say the food is fine when it's not.  The server should be a professional and offer to right a bad experience.
5.  Don't punish a customer with poor service in the event a meal has to go back.
6.  Don't yell, wave your arms or snap your fingers to summon a server.  It's degrading and you wouldn't feel too good if someone did it to you.
7.  Don't tip less than 15%, if the service is bad just don't go back.
8.  Don't make a reservation then fail to show up or show up late.  Call the restaurant for any changes.
9.  Don't rush a customer by rushing courses.  An entree arriving 30 seconds after a salad is never appealing.
10.  Don't overstay your welcome when your meal is finished.

 - Jersey Shadow -

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