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February, 2006

Inside This Edition: Jersey Shadow Review: Formia Ristorante in Bloomfield, NJ And Garlic Rose in Madison, NJ 

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Formia Ristorante - Formia Ristorante in Bloomfield offers a classic Essex County, New Jersey, dining experience.  The staff at Formia's goes way out of their way to deliver some first rate service with exceptional Italian food.  I went with the veal special, a  breaded, perfectly seasoned and garnished veal dish with mixed field greens.  The meal was outstanding and absolutely delicious with a unique and pleasant, but not overpowering, flavor.  My guest raved about the Veal Amore ordered off the menu - especially the tenderness of the veal which made both dishes simply outstanding.

It's always delightful to dine at a local neighborhood restaurant and it's always a nice  touch when you are served some nice refreshing Pelligrino water to accompany your meal.  Throw in some complementary Bruschetta and fresh Italian bread, baked locally I'll bet, and it makes for one very memorable meal - found only at the best of New Jersey restaurants. 


The prices at Formia's are very good, the service is superior, and the experience will leave anyone who appreciates a wonderful North Jersey Italian meal making plans to return before they eat one of their delicious desserts. - Jersey Shadow -

Formia Ristorante

418 Broad St
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Main Phone:  973-748-8080



Garlic Rose - If it's garlic you seek, then it is garlic you shall find at the Garlic Rose in Madison, NJ.  On a recent winter day, I decided to take in a lunch at this most unique place.  I had heard through the grape-vine that the odor and taste of garlic was by some accounts overpowering, but I found that not to be so, but rather delightful.  The dining room was pleasant and the food for the most part very good although my entree didn't knock my socks off.  The artichoke hearts appetizer was, however, very good.  The hearts were sautéed with capers & red peppers in a roasted garlic lemon sauce and it was quite good.
Since my entree wasn't all that wonderful and my guest was raving about the Panini Chicken Sandwich, I decided that I needed a taste, and it was spectacular.  It was a simple sandwich of a broiled chicken breast, dusted  with jerk seasoning, topped with their special Garlic Rose bread dip, Swiss cheese, and bacon.  All of that is pressed in Panini bread with lettuce and tomato and honey Dijon mayonnaise.
Garlic Rose is a very unique place and one worth checking out.  I have high hopes my next lunch there will be better than just okay, because I'll be ordering the Panini Chicken Sandwich. - Jersey Shadow -
Garlic Rose
41 Main St
Madison, NJ 07940
Main Phone: 973-822-1178

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