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January, 2002

Inside This Edition: Jimmy Buff's Hotdogs; Trenton Titans; Joey's Nightclub In Clifton, NJ; Sandy Hook - The Jersey Shore & Movie Review - The Apartment

Jersey Food - January, 2002

Ask anyone who grew up in Vailsburg, New Jersey if they ever hear of Jimmy Buff's and they will look at you like you are from Mars.  Everyone from this part of New Jersey has heard of the world famous Jimmy Buff's; home of the double Italian hotdog with everything on it.  Jimmy Buff's is hardly world famous but it's certainly a neighborhood favorite and king of the mountain to loyal customers who salivate at the very mention of his name.  Established in 1932 this tried and true recipe of an Italian hotdog has stood the test of time.  On a recent visit I treated myself to a "double" cooked to perfection with potatoes and onions in oil soaked Italian pizza bread with mustard on the bottom and ketchup on the top.  Actually, everything is cooked in oil together, hey it "ain't" health food but rather comfort food at it's finest.    

Jimmy Buff's Restaurant - 4 Elmwood Avenue Irvington, N.J. (on the corner of Springfield Avenue) 

Jersey Treasure - January, 2002

Born of incredible vision and determination the Sovereign Bank Arena emerged from the ruble of one of the most blighted neighborhoods in Trenton, New Jersey.  The Trenton Titans took up residence here two seasons ago as an East Coast Hockey League expansion team and began to create their minor league dynasty.  Okay, I'll admit that "dynasty" might just be an overstatement but not by much as the Titans reached the Kelly Cup Finals in their second year.  I know many have not ever even heard of the Kelly Cup which dwarfs the status of Lord Stanley's Cup but in my opinion the Titans offer the best entertainment value in all of sports.  While it's true that the very utterance of the word "minor" evokes visions of mediocrity but there is nothing mediocre about the Titans.  The Titans are affiliated with two of the NHL's greatest franchises, the Flyers and the Islanders who manage the depth of their franchises by having some of their prospects get valuable puck time with the Titans.  The arena is modern and comfortable and everyone gets a good seat.  The Titans are in the midst of their third season and have become a true New Jersey treasure.

Sovereign Bank Arena - Trenton, New Jersey 


Jersey Movie - January, 2002

Video Rental Pick: THE APARTMENT - This masterpiece of black and white cinema is a must see for anyone who appreciates a first rate story and brilliant direction and cinematography.  The movie is set a stones throw from New Jersey in New York circa 1960.  Perfect for a snowy weekend afternoon, this feel good movie portrays an honest gentleman played my Jack Lemmon navigating murky corporate waters at the insurance company where he works.  Fred Mac Murray portrays a corporate fat cat philanderer eager to keep his ego, his affair with the elevator girl, played by Shirley McLaine and his marriage alive.  The classic showdown between right, wrong and misuse of company power ensues.  The key to what drives men to do what they do in pursuit of the goals they seek is masterfully and cleverly presented in this classic. 

Jersey Club - January, 2002

Northern New Jersey's "nightlife" springs to life at JOEY'S in Clifton, New Jersey.  There is nothing like a true New Jersey nightclub experience and if that's what you seek then Joey's is the place to be.  Elegance and excellence make Joey's an enjoyable choice for a night out.  On a recent visit to Joey's on a Saturday night I found an interesting mix of young and old properly attired  club goers enjoying this most interesting place.  The uniqueness of this club cannot be overstated and reminds me of a long since gone New Jersey nightclub legend called the Meadowbrook.  For those of you that have been to the Meadowbrook (don't try and find it cause it's gone) you will see that although different from Joey's in many ways it shares many of the same great qualities which make a club superior.  The sound system at Joey's is excellent and the music was superior the night of my visit.  While the music on the dance floor is loud (which I loved) there are quiet places in the club to talk which is always a great feature.  The service at the club is superior as is the mix of people.  Joey's is a unique, elegant and most enjoyable Jersey Club. 

Joey's - 955 Allwood Road Clifton, NJ 

Jersey Driver - January, 2002

The typical "Jersey driver" loves the automobile and is always ready for a weekend jaunt.  This month's trip takes us to the Jersey Shore.  It's January you say but I say exactly!  Sandy Hook offers a peaceful winter adventure of sea, sand, nature and few people.  A perfect trip for a single interested in a little weekend peace and reflection or for a family drive with kids.  Historic Fort Hancock, an old military outpost near the park's northern end offers a glimpse into the past and numerous photo opportunities.  Upon entering the park you will see the park's toll booths, an all too familiar sight in New Jersey.  What makes this visit different is the booths are closed and covered in plastic to protect them during the off season.  Interesting architecture abound here from an abandoned military garrison to a lighthouse.  The un mistakable scent of the Jersey Shore and cool winds which carry them is something all New Jerseyan's know and love.  For nature lovers there a paths to enjoy....   There is a museum onsite open weekends 1PM - 5PM.

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