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January, 2004

Inside This Edition: Terrazza Ristorante & Bar in Nutley, NJ; The Morris Museum in Morris Township, New Jersey; Movie Review - MEN SEEKING WOMEN; The Mixx at The Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ and Feature - Focus On Morris County

Jersey Food - January, 2004

Terrazza Ristorante & Bar in Nutley, New Jersey, is North Jersey Italian cuisine at its finest.  There is no mistaking the town center of Nutley which has become known to many familiar with the area as an Essex County survivor with a very promising future.  Terrazza is part of that promising future with some of the best dishes North Jersey has to offer.  Terrazza is a very comfortable place with warm, friendly service.  The bar area was especially inviting the  night we were there as it hosted a small holiday dinner party.  It's always nice to see something to snack on up at the bar, and olives are always a generous and tasty choice.  The small holiday party retired from the bar area to a beautifully set table complete with family style salads.

Over at my table it was the Veal Lampariello that caught my eye on this occassion, and I just had to try it.  Don't bother looking for it any place except Terrazza because it's a house specialty.  The dish is superior and Greg's (the chef's) special sauce is delicious.  A guest of mine raved about the quality of the food and the portions which were more than generous.  Terrazza has high quality olive oil on the tables which should be a requirement in all good restaurants.  This attention to detail among many makes Terrazza more than a place for good food; it makes it a very good place to relax, unwind and simply enjoy.

Terrazza Ristorante & Bar - Nutley, New Jersey 

Jersey Treasure - January, 2004

The Morris Museum in Morris Township, New Jersey has been elevating cultural consciousness in this part of New Jersey for over 90 years.  The museum has many permanent collections with one on geology and paleontology which the museum boasts as being regarded as the best in New Jersey.  The museum also states that all of the minerals found in New Jersey are represented in their collection with fossils and dinosaur tracks specific to this region.

It's not all rocks and fossils at the museum with over 48,000 items in their permanent collection of fine and decorative art as well as anthropology and even toys.  Many educational programs are available for children and adults and the Morris Museum even has their own theatre which hosts concerts among many other things.

The mark of any good museum is their attention to and ability to attract high quality traveling exhibitions, and there is a terrific one opening at the museum this January 20th created by the George Eastman House and called "The Rise of a Landmark: Lewis Hine and the Empire State Building."  The collection consists of 50 black and white photographs from the early 1930's on the building and the workers who built it.

It's always nice to feature a place which treasures New Jersey history.  In their own special way, the Morris Museum has done so with their complete collection of Jersey minerals for all to enjoy and learn about.  It's even nicer to have a place in New Jersey committed to elevating the cultural awareness of this region on an ongoing basis by enhancing the quality of life in this part of New Jersey. 

Upcoming Exhibition: The Rise of a Landmark: Lewis Hine and the Empire State Building January 20 - March 14, 2004

Morris Museum - Morris Township, New Jersey 

Movie Review - January, 2004

Video Rental Pick:

MEN SEEKING WOMEN - Not Rated - 1997 - Any movie buff picking up a title that has no rating at the video store in any place other than the "adult section"  will raise an eyebrow when deciding weather to buy or check out such a title.  Okay, okay so it was "straight to video" for Will Ferrell's 1997 portrayal of a lovable, dimwitted photographer looking for love.  The structure for this "straight to the bottom of the heap" adventure is lame at best.  But wait, isn't lame good?  Well... not really, but when the lameness crosses the line into some hysterical bits, it's worth watching.  There are a few new twists here and there that when treated with Ferrell brilliance produces some really good laughs.  MEN SEEKING WOMEN is really about men seeking themselves and if the filmmakers sought out some refinements in the script, it could have been a genre contender.  It's always nice to find a title never seen or heard of that can produce some good laughs, and there are some good laughs here.  It's up to the renter or buyer if it's worth sitting through the rest.  For me it definitely was!


Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - January, 2004

Shoreguy has just checked in with a new spot he has found called The Mixx in Atlantic City.  He came in off the boardwalk and headed over to The Borgata which is where this hot new club is located.  Shoreguy is always on the hunt for the best and he sure found quite an interesting spot right in the hotel/casino itself!  Shoreguy is New Jersey, and he isn't easily impressed having experienced the best of Jersey nightlife for over 25 years.  He reported to us that in a word that this place is "awesome!"  Here is what else he had to say about The Mixx.  

Night life in New Jersey has never been better.  Recently, I had the pleasure of checking out a new and exciting night club/restaurant called simply The Mixx which opened in Atlantic City’s premiere casino, The Borgata.  While the food I have eaten there was outstanding, it is the nightclub that impressed me most.  To start with, a fully digital 60,000 watt sound-system plays through more speakers then you can count.  The sound seems to emanate from everywhere with plenty of power, but not so much that it becomes irritating.  The dance floor is large by today’s standards, and it is surrounded by a bar and tables for seating.  Upstairs is a bar and lounge chairs, where you can get comfortable.  So what makes “The Mixx” so unique?  The professional dancers spotlighted on a mezzanine are interesting not only because of their cutting-edge dancing, but they change outfits every so often,  and come down to dance with the crowd.  There are private rooms that overlook the dance floor which can be reserved for a mere $2,000 a night.  There is a bottle menu that is very comprehensive with a selection of the finest liquors, wines, and champagne available.  Most important to me is the crowd.  A lot of energy and very upscale.  Dress to impress if you are looking to be taken seriously and let in the door.  

Live performances occur regularly so be sure to check out their calendar of events.  I happened to catch Bruce Willis and his band playing.  The place really heats up around midnight with quite a long line waiting to get in, so I would suggest getting there before then.  The age groups varied from early 20’s to mid 50’s so it really is a place anyone can go to.  When I left at around 4am the night I was there, I couldn’t remember the last time I enjoyed a night club so much.  If you're in Atlantic City be sure to check out The Mixx. 

The Mixx (At The Borgata) - Atlantic City, New Jersey 

Jersey Feature - January, 2004

Focus On Morris County 

Morris County, New Jersey, is a place of noteworthy State and National history, suburban comfort, beauty and economic vitality.  Superior and very affordable secondary education is also available from the local community college.  Over 50 companies represented in the Fortune 500 have a major presence in Morris County.  Many of these companies have their corporate headquarters located there as well.  It's no surprise that this stunning collection of companies, from insurance to high tech, has enabled Morris County, New Jersey, to be recognized as the wealthiest county in New Jersey and number two nationwide.  Many wonder how did this happen?  Much of the County's success and the success of New Jersey as a whole can be attributed to one trait...  vision!  New Jersey's own Woodrow Wilson, former governor of New Jersey and US President, encouraged companies to make New Jersey the home base for their businesses.  In modern day lingo the phrase is "corporate headquarters."  Companies sought out Morris County to conduct large crucial parts of their businesses.  Many international behemoths such as Honeywell International located right in the heart of Morris County call New Jersey their corporate headquarters today. 

The import of Woodrow Wilson's vision created enormous wealth for the County making it a desirable place to live and enjoy.  During the last many years a whole distinct suburban culture evolved in Morris County.  It is home to many nationally recognized historical sights including Washington's Headquarters, Jockey Hollow and historic Morristown where the telegraph was perfected.  Morristown is the County Seat and home base for Morris County with a beautiful town square complete with shops and area businesses.  

Today, Morris County is comprised of 39 municipalities covering rolling hills, valleys and some of New Jersey's most scenic countryside.  The County is home to excellent train service to New York City and notable Universities including Drew and FDU.  State highway numbers 10 and 46 service much of the area as does Interstate highway numbers 10, 280 and 287.  Time spent in Morris County whether residing in, working in or visiting, in all likelihood, will be a pleasant experience.

Focus On Morris County 

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