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January, 2005

Inside This Edition: Jersey Shadow's Top 10 Things Not To Do While Dining Out; Jersey Shadow Review: Settebello IL Cafe in Morristown, NJ And Review: Calandra's Mediterranean Grill in Fairfield, NJ


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Top 10 Things Not To Do While Dining Out  

1.  Don't stiff the server if the service is good but the food is bad.
2.  Don't ask a customer with a reservation to wait more than 5 minutes for a table.
3.  Don't send a meal back unless it's just plain awful. 
4.  Don't say the food is fine when it's not.  The server should be a professional and offer to right a bad experience.
5.  Don't punish a customer with poor service in the event a meal has to go back.
6.  Don't yell, wave your arms or snap your fingers to summon a server.  It's degrading and you wouldn't feel too good if someone did it to you.
7.  Don't tip less than 15%, if the service is bad just don't go back.
8.  Don't make a reservation then fail to show up or show up late.  Call the restaurant for any changes.
9.  Don't rush a customer by rushing courses.  An entree arriving 30 seconds after a salad is never appealing.
10.  Don't overstay your welcome when your meal is finished.
 - Jersey Shadow -


Settebello Il Cafe - Just off "the green" in Morristown is a second floor cafe that I've been wanting to try called Settebello.  Upon entering, my group was impressed with the cozy atmosphere and immediate greeting.  The restaurant was warm and comfortable and the service friendly and very competent.  The food, however, did not match the service and rose only to the level of "just okay."  It's a little disappointing to have a meal where the service exceeds the the quality of the food and I'd rather be talking about how great it was rather than how great it could have been.  Settebello has an appealing North Jersey location and first-rate wait staff, but it needs a better menu and a better chef.  The food in general is mediocre but a couple of dishes did stand out as being much better than the others such as the pasta primavera with sun-dried tomatoes entree and a mushroom over garlic bread appetizer.

Settebello is a restaurant that if properly fine tuned could easily rise to the very top of pleasant dining experiences in Morris County. - Jersey Shadow -

Settebello Il Cafe
2 Cattano Ave
Morristown, NJ 07960
Main Phone: 973-267-3355

Calandra's Mediterranean Grill - If you are from Northern New New Jersey chances are you have heard of and enjoy Calandra's bakery products.  When I heard they had a restaurant, I just had to check it out for lunch.  It was superior.  It's always a pleasure to enjoy service as good as the food.  After sitting down for lunch the waiter broke out some fresh cheese then covered it in olive oil and spices to dip warm Calandra Italian bread in while waiting for lunch.  Calandra's features their bread (no surprise) which was expectedly fresh but to my delight everything was fresh.  I ordered your basic chicken sandwich but there was nothing basic about what arrived.  Your basic chicken sandwich is seldom memorable but this one was.  Two pieces of Calandra's Paninni bread with a fresh chicken breast, bacon and fresh tomato with basil makes a great lunch.  The portion was large and it was served with some tasty round, fried potato slices.  When and If I use the word superior in any of my reviews you can be sure at the very least that it's worth the time and money to check out.  Calandra's was superior from every aspect and a place that I highly recommend.  As with any restaurant visit, it's your opinion that matters most and if I were a betting man,  I would bet you will just fall in love with Calandra's Mediterranean Grill. - Jersey Shadow -

Calandra's Mediterranean Grill (Located inside the Hampton Inn)
118-124 Route 46 East
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Restaurant  (973) 575-6500



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