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July, 2002

Inside This Edition: Lambertville Station in Lambertville, NJ; The Montclair Art Museum in Montclair, NJ; Movie Review - COLORS; Headliner and Hammerheads in Neptune, NJ; Trump Marina in Atlantic City, NJ and Drive at Long Beach Island in New Jersey

Jersey Food - July, 2002

It is quite rare to a find a restaurant that delivers a consistently good signature dish time after time.  Even rarer is the pleasure of knowing the name of a place that makes your favorite dish like no other place in the U.S.  I have eaten rack of lamb all over the country and the Lamb at the Lambertville Station is without a doubt the best in the U.S.  The dish is prepared with a special dijon-rosemary crust, garlic mashed potatoes and always cooked and served with perfection.  On a recent visit, the folks at the Lambertville Station had a difficult challenge of satisfying my expectations because they were so high having eaten there many times.  I was seated at a great table just beside a large picture window in this restored 19th century train station on the banks of the Delaware River.  I immediately felt that I was well on my way toward having my enormous expectations met yet again.  The meal, in a word, was incredible and was such a great Jersey experience.  Lambertville station serves lobster, great steaks, filets and even exotic dishes with ingredients such as alligator and ostrich.  I'm quite sure they will have a great dish for you.  Lambertville Station also offers their "Sunset on the Delaware" menu with special dinners at early bird prices.  When is comes to great Jersey food Lambertville Station can't be beat.  

Lambertville Station -  Lambertville, New Jersey 

Jersey Treasure - July, 2002

The Montclair Art Museum has become a most important cultural institution.  I found it most worthy of being a Jersey Treasure.  Recently restored and expanded; this museum offers a very nice artistic experience this side of the Hudson river.  Captured moments of New Jersey's past can be discovered while looking at the collections here.  You will see pristine views of such recognizable places such as the Jersey Meadowlands and the The Delaware Water Gap.  The collections here offer a unique mix of new and old and also crafts.  CRAFTS IN THE GARDEN STATE is now on display through the 18th of August, 2,002.  The Montclair Art Museum is heavily tied to the community and offers much more than displays of art.  The museum offers after school programs for high school kids and workshops in much of the arts including music.  An auditorium and classroom facilities have been included in a very thoughtful and sensible renovation and building expansion.  This Jersey Treasure offers a very nice afternoon experience.  Those sensitive to cold may wish to bring a sweater along just in case as the museum is air conditioned.  It's always nice to see New Jersey celebrated in interesting new ways and the mix of new and classic art found here will satisfy the most demanding of visitors.

Montclair Art Museum - Montclair, New Jersey 

Movie Review - July, 2002

Video Rental Pick:

COLORS - rated R

The streets of East Los Angeles became a movie set for this Dennis Hopper film.  Opting away from the comfort and control of a Hollywood studio lot,  Hopper, cast and crew meticulously made this film with close attention to detail.  The film even employed the use of real gang members and the names and colors they go by sugarcoating nothing.  I for one do not like sugarcoating on my films and if your tastes are the same as mine then you will love this work.  Hopper laid it all on the line here and delivered one of the most important and realistic films about California gang life ever made.  Robert Duvall plays the old seen-it-all cop who is jaded but still trying to make a difference by being part of and elite gang unit called CRASH.  The old veterans are often stuck with the new guys and Duvall draws Sean Penn as his new partner.  The two immediately clash as Penn delivers a terrific portrayal of an apprentice CRASH officer who is short on wisdom and high on anger.  Penn's character grows enormously as he grows wise through the reality of the unforgiving streets they patrol.  Penn's character graduates in true gangland style at the end as he becomes the teacher and not the taught.  Appearances by Maria Conchita Alonso and Damon Wayons add much color to COLORS as does the ultra realistic setting, car chases and stories.  It's a must see for those that like this type of hard hitting action and reality and well worth the expense of a few bucks at the video store.  Hey, you might even be able to catch it on cable!


Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - July, 2002   

Thinking of heading off to Atlantic City?  There is always plenty to do!  A walk on the boards, a little shopping, maybe hit a few slots, the list goes on and on.  How about food and entertainment?  I stopped in at Trump Marina on a recent excursion and was pleasantly surprised.  Sitting outside by the docks at the marina there were plenty of multi-million dollar boats and no shortage of eye candy.  Tear a page right out of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” and this is it.  The food was reasonably priced and above average in quality plus there was a live band playing with many dancing.  This is a great place for boaters because the marina is very accessible from the ocean.  The dress was very casual and the service was fine.  The trip to the marina was well worth stopping for and especially relaxing.

For evening entertainment, try heading over to the Headliner in Neptune.  The Headliner is actually a double bar setup with the Headliner as the inside club and Hammerheads as the outdoor club.  This is a large facility with multiple tiki bars, a genuine barbeque pit and music outside.  Inside the club are multiple bars including a whiskey/cigar bar, food, and one of the best sound systems at the Jersey shore.  As one of the Jersey shore's premiere nightclubs, it’s a great place to go to with friends after work for the happy hour specials.  Sitting outside in the sun having a few cocktails and meal from the barbeque pit provides for a most unique and quite enjoyable experience.  Let me tell you for late night entertainment I have only been to a few nightclubs where the sound system was loud enough to hurt and this is one of them.  If ear damage concerns you bring earplugs or don’t get too close to the dance floor because the decibel level is well into the very loud range. The dance floor is always full regardless if it’s the DJ playing or a live band.  People tend to mingle from inside to outside and back again.  Many repeat this process several times throughout the evening getting a nice blend of each club.  There is a nice mix of young and old In the early hours of the evening and the age does drop as night rolls in.  The majority late at night are in their twenties.  I was happy to see that fashion is back with ladies and gents wearing upscale outfits and the cruddy look of the nineties was all but gone.   Dress your best, have a ball, and be sure to drink responsibly.   See you next month.

Headliner, Hammerheads and Trump Marina - Jersey Shore, New Jersey 

written by: James "Shoreguy" Carroll - New Jersey native & Jersey Spin contributor

Jersey Driver - July, 2002

The summer is a great time for a drive down at the Jersey Shore.  One very nice place to take an early morning drive is at Long Beach Island.  This particular drive isn't very long but perfect for relaxed picture taking and island exploration.  Starting on the south end of the island is a good place for early morning picture taking down at the bird sanctuary.  Heading north very slowly is relaxing in the early morning hours as many are not out and about.  It's nice to enjoy the shore at this time of the day.  Checking out the oceanfront houses along the way is always cool.  As the sun pushes higher into the sky taking a left turn out toward the bayside of the island will usually produce some very nice scenery to continue picture taking.  Back out on the main road heading north and relaxing for a bit enjoying the views you will eventually approach the middle of the island which is nice and quiet in the early morning hours.  Driving from one end of the island to the other provides a very interesting perspective on the individual towns separately and collectively.  Continuing north into the towns of Harvey Cedars and Loveladies you will see how the "other half" lives unless of course you are the "other half."  Large million dollar plus homes are found here complete with beautiful views of the sea.  Continuing on into Barnegat Light be sure and stop off at the inlet for some great views of the water and boats heading in or out.  The lighthouse will make for more nice picture taking as will the whole surrounding area.  If you have the energy taking a trip to the top is always fun and worth the climb for the views.  The best thing about any Jersey Drive is that even if you take the same drive over and over it will always be slightly different each time which adds to the adventure.  When this Jersey Drive ended for me I headed straight for the beach!  

Long Beach Island  - Jersey Shore - NJ

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