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Inside This Edition: White House Subs in Atlantic City, NJ; Jersey Treasure - Madison Car Wash and Detail Center  in Madison, NJ; Movie Review - THE STATION AGENT; Unique Clubs At The Jersey Shore  and Feature - The Jersey Shore - 127 Miles Of Perfection | July 2004  


July, 2004 

Jersey Food - July, 2004

Walk into White House Subs in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and step back in time to a taste of old New Jersey.  Opened in 1946 in the heart of Atlantic City, White House Subs has and remains an area mainstay in this famous city of continuous change.  Legend has it that it was here that the submarine sandwich was born.  The line for these mouth-watering subs is worth the wait regardless of its length, and it can get pretty long. 

The shop is very deep but not overly wide with a few stools for lone eat-in diners and booths along one wall for groups of more than one.  The rest of the space is where the large staff works their magic using only the freshest ingredients.  What makes this place work so well aside from all the great food, and it is great, is watching the staff in action.  Every staff member from helper to master sandwich maker has a tremendous work ethic, and it comes in handy here with the amount of business they do on any given day.

After ordering a simple ham and cheese sub with everything on it from my stool up at the counter, I was impressed with the goodness of a well-made sub in a well-run place.  Any trip to Atlantic City won't ever be complete anymore without a trip to Whitehouse Subs.   

White House Subs - Atlantic City, New Jersey 

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Jersey Treasure - July, 2004

People from New Jersey sure do love their automobiles and the Madison Car Wash And Detail Center loves to take care of them.  Summertime means a lot of outdoor time, and what better treat is there for the person on the go than a good professionally washed car.  Finding the right place to take good care of your car isn't always so easy.  Some don't like to trust their cars to the car wash but one visit to the Madison Car Wash And Detail Center and you just might be a customer for life. 

There are a lot of Jersey Treasures yet to be discovered in the State and it's a pleasure to feature this one.  What makes the Madison Car Wash And Detail Center a Jersey Treasure is the consistent high quality of service they deliver.  Drive your car in for a wash on a Saturday and you will see cars lined up waiting.   You will also see that the line moves fast, a mark of a well-run establishment.  Quality is never compromised as the staff pays close attention to detail as cars pass through.  

Once through the automated portion of the service, car wipers go over each car very carefully to complete the wash and to ensure quality service.  Many car washes don't offer this kind of detail but it's one of the very things that makes it a true Jersey Treasure.

There is nothing basic about the service The Madison Car Wash And Detail Center delivers but if you need more than a wash, they offer a detailing service as well, just like their name says.

Madison Car Wash And Detail Center - Madison, New Jersey

Jersey Spin Factoid: Jersey traffic led to the creation of roadway  innovations such as the jug handle and traffic circle.  That concrete divider down the middle of the highway was invented here and is called the "Jersey Barrier."  It has since become the  national standard.  

Shoreguy Beach Guide 2004



Things to Do - July, 2004

Jersey Feature - July, 2004

6/4 - 7/25  New Jersey International Film Festival - New Brunswick, NJ - Documentaries and Independent Films to name a couple -
7/21 - 7/25 Monmouth County Fair - Antique Auto Show - Garden Contest - Amusements - East Freehold Park - Freehold, New Jersey 732-842-4000

 6/16- 8/25 Sandy Hook Summer Beach Concerts - Highlands, NJ - Live music on the beach every Wednesday evening - Free Admission - Beach Area E - Gateway National Recreation Area - Sandy Hook, New Jersey 732-291-7733

The Jersey Shore - 127 miles of perfection

Ask anyone about the Jersey Shore and there is a very good chance that they not only like it but love it.  The Jersey Shore is 127 miles of perfection as it stretches from Sandy Hook all the way to Cape May.  It is without question the most diverse collection of distinct communities anywhere in the United States.  It is also home to some of the most vital fishing ground on the Eastern Seaboard, notably in the Barnegat Bay for Sea Scallops.  Hook a Jersey Bluefish out on a party boat and you are in for a treat.  They are the toughest fighting fish for their size and many find them to be a favored dish.

Jersey Shore vacationers are also a tough bunch as they usually demand a very distinctive experience tailored to their specific needs.  This year the new hotel tax is sure to meet with good old fashioned Jersey criticism, but the higher than usual summer home vacancy rate for shore rentals may prove to be a beneficial alternative to staying at a motel.

Vacationers and day trippers to Sandy Hook can enjoy expansive ocean views and recreation in a park setting, while just to the south in Sea Bright, residents and renters are close to the beach and the bay.  Traveling south in Long Branch there are some high-rise oceanfront residences just before Deal where the old money and high-dollar dwellings line the beach and main road ending in Allenhurst.

Next up is Asbury Park which after decades of legal wrangling and urban pressures appears to be on the mend.  Asbury Park has one of the largest boardwalks in New Jersey and one of the most unique waterfronts.  Belmar also has a nice long boardwalk and teems with life both on and off the beach.  A favorite place for the young and old with good dining, nice houses off the beach and entertainment.  Old Jersey charm and elegance can still be found in beautiful Spring Lake and Spring Lake Heights with superior dining, interesting old houses and manicured lawns. 

Point Pleasant and Point Pleasant Beach offer good amenities for the family who likes action, good food and boardwalk entertainment.  The boardwalk pavilion is modern, well-staffed and fun to visit.  Just to the South in the towns of Mantaloking and Bay head are some of the most beautiful old style beach houses.  Many of these houses are very large and retain their old weathered shingle siding.  You will need a lot of money to either rent or buy one of these places, but it is quite a desirable location for those with means.  It's quite nice to drive through and just look if you are a few million dollars short.

All of the Jersey Shore is good for people watching but it takes on a whole new meaning on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights.  Home to the MTV Beach house for a couple of seasons, Seaside Heights does attract a rather interesting bunch of people.  Boardwalk eats here include some of the largest slices of pizza anywhere in the State.

Long Beach Island was made for the family who wants to get away and not be bothered by intense activity.  The beaches are big, very clean, the surf is really good and there are some very nice ocean front homes from the high-priced to the " if you have to ask you can't afford it" priced.  What is really nice is that the center of the island has some amusements for kids and shops for adults, but the theme here is rest and relaxation.  On the tip of the island in Holgate, there is a protected wildlife refuge. 

Atlantic City is of course the place for gaming but just to the north the town of Brigantine has emerged as a  pleasant place to get away from downtown AC.  Brigantine is actually a peninsula with some moderately to high-priced homes (by New Jersey standards) with dock space on the bay side and ocean views.  South of AC are the old beach towns of Ventnor and Margate complete with old architecture perfect for investor or for someone who likes AC but wants to live outside of town.

It's no surprise that every town mentioned is unique and very special in its own way, and Wildwood is no different with it's high-rise vacation residences and expansive beaches.  The large boardwalk and compliment of amusements is also attractive to out-of-state residents who make the journey to the Jersey Shore.  At the southern-most point in New Jersey is also an area attractive to out-of-state people called Cape May.  Cape May is rich in history and architecture with preserved Victorian homes great for couples seeking pretty views, quiet and gourmet dining.

The 127 miles of perfection along The Jersey Shore offer fun, relaxation, excitement, beauty, culture and above all else a unique experience along every mile.  


Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - July, 2004

Unique Clubs - The Jersey Shore 

The Jersey Shore offers some great clubs and places to unwind after a day at the beach.  Each place featured here is very unique and and very popular.

The Tradewinds might be gone to make way for multi-million dollar private residences, but there are plenty of great places to check out this summer at the Jersey Shore.  Bamboo is the place for the young and hip off the beach in Seaside Heights while the Surf Club offers a nice mix of young and old over at the beach in Ortley.  The Headliner in Neptune offers a nice indoor and outdoor experience.  The bars are spacious outside with an outdoor grill while inside it's a great club atmosphere.

Martell’s Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant is a favorite place for many to meet up with friends to enjoy some cold refreshments with food and entertainment on the beach.  Martell's is big on atmosphere as they bring in numerous palm trees to set the stage for some great Jersey memories.

Trump Marina in Atlantic City offers some good music and sights in a relaxed friendly setting.  Hanging out at Trump Marina you might forget that there is an actual casino just steps away.  Another unique club is just a short hop away at New Jersey's newest casino.  The Mixx which has been open in Atlantic City’s premiere casino, The Borgata, for about one year offers a fully digital 60,000 watt sound-system, plenty of club goers and A-list parties.  To read more about the clubs featured click here to visit the club page.

Unique Clubs - The Jersey Shore

Movie Review - July, 2004arch, 

The Station Agent 2003 R

Here is a nice character driven film set in New Jersey.  You will have to rent or buy this film as it came out last year, but it will be well worth it.  A dwarf confronts himself as he is forced out of familiar surroundings when his employer dies.  He moves to an inherited train station where he meets a Cuban hot dog vendor who never shuts up and an eccentric female artist forced out of her comfort zone by way of divorce.

Independent films are always a great chance to breathe fresh air into the money driven and money hungry movie industry eager for a hit.  THE STATION AGENT while not a big box office vehicle does hit on all cylinders.  There is nothing better when watching a movie than to see people grow in new ways.  As painful as it is and was for this trio to do-- they did it.  Along the way we are treated to some very scenic views of the New Jersey countryside (yes there are still some left) and some preserved trains of yesteryear. 

This film delivers a powerful message, is beautifully written and thoughtfully directed.  Next time you're looking for more than just entertainment, stop and see THE STATION AGENT.

State Motto:  Liberty and Prosperity
State Bird:  Eastern Goldfinch


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