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July, 2006

Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food - Jersey Shadow Review: Calaloo Cafe in Morristown, NJ And La Focaccia in Summit, NJ 


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Calaloo Cafe - Calaloo in Morristown has a nice tropical feel to it complete with real palm trees in a laid-back environment.  In the area for lunch, I decided to check out their Caribbean take on chicken fajitas.  You know the old saying that a person eats with his eyes first?  Well, people do - and taking a look at my lunch it did look good, but it didn't look like it would fill me up, but it did.  There was a lot of flavorful chicken in these two wrapped tortillas covered with a tropical salsa.  Overall it was quite tasty, although I did ask for some sour cream which really enhanced the flavor, and perhaps should have come with the entree.
I like to check a place out for lunch to see what kind of crowd shows up.  This place was busy for a Tuesday and even had some tables pushed together for bigger parties.  The service was extremely pleasant and the food came out fast which makes this place a dependable option for the local business crowd.  The chair I was sitting in was a little uncomfortable but not overly so.  


I'd go back to this unique place again and for this part of New Jersey the prices are very reasonable. You should be in and out at lunchtime refreshed and, if necessary, back to the office on time for the afternoon push. - Jersey Shadow -


Calaloo Cafe
190 South Street 
Morristown, NJ 07960 


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La Focaccia Ristorante  - Well, I must say that my experience at La Focaccia in Summit represented somewhat of a first as the service was overwhelming.  I arrived with a guest at around five, albeit a little early to beat the rush, to a room full of wait staff.  It was a little too much for me, but when this place gets busy I'm sure there are no empty glasses, no empty plates and no table unattended.  This evening there were a couple of tables occupied aside from ours and our meal arrived very fast.  In an empty restaurant you would expect this, but I've had to wait in similar circumstances before.  Now on to the food...
My meal was good but not awe inspiring...  perhaps the chef doesn't have great passion for balsamic chicken, but on the other hand the meat lasagna was raved about by my guest and after I had a taste, I wholeheartedly agreed.  The olive oil on the table for dipping the focaccia bread was extremely good as was the cheesecake dessert.  As the dinner progressed so did the number of filled tables and it was actually getting crowded when we left.  La Focaccia is a good solid neighborhood place, a little pricey but a good option for a couple or group seeking good food in an open although not very private environment.  My only suggestion to make this restaurant more comfortable would be to find a space where the waiters and busboys could be a bit removed from the dining room so that the diner does not feel that someone is hovering.  Of course some may feel that this is a fair trade-off for the quick and efficient service.  Everyone to his or her own preference. - Jersey Shadow -
La Focaccia Ristorante
523 Morris Avenue
Summit, NJ 07901
Phone: 908-277-4006

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