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NJ Food Guide - July, 2009

Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food Reviews By The Jersey Shadow: It's Greek To Me  In Livingston, NJ and Summit Thai Cuisine in East Hanover, NJ


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It's Greek To Me - It's Greek To Me is a Born In Jersey dining chain with locations in the Northern part of the State.  I recently checked out their second floor restaurant in Livingston.  The dining atmosphere there was casual with available shaded terrace dining.  After being seated, the busboy quickly arrived with ice cold waters which is a simple inexpensive way to treat a customer right.
The menu is broad with all the usual Greek favorites from inexpensive lunches to meals for larger spenders.  If you like Greek food (and what's not to like) there is something for most any taste and budget.  I like Greek food because it's good for the body, and I've been wanting some Lamb Souvlaki for some time so I went with that.  I was expecting thin slices, but cubes arrived instead which was fine, tasty and perfectly cooked.  The Tzatziki sauce (yogurt, cucumber and garlic dip) tasted homemade and it was delicious as were the pitas.  


My dining guest chose one of the many luncheon specials which included a cup of lemon chicken with orzo soup and a spinach feta omelet served with crunchy fries.  Judging by the number of families as well as businessmen dining on this day, it appears that this is a popular destination.

It's Greek To Me has established a presence in the rather new Livingston Town Center and offers a solid meal at a competitive price.  This place is great for a casual lunch  - Jersey Shadow -

It's Greek To Me
6230 Town Center Way
Livingston, NJ 07039
Phone: 973-992-8999

Jersey Shadow Extra! - Had an awesome early bird special from Bensi in Roseland recently.  Chicken Francaise with Artichoke Hearts - Fresh Garden Salad with Grade A Olives and a scoop of Ice Cream for $9.95.  An exceptional value for this part of New Jersey and the chicken was perfectly cooked and flavorful.  A great find for this economy and the special runs 7 days from 3pm-6pm.  Many places cut the specials off at 5pm.  Bensi is a player and a good choice for me when in the area and in the mood!  - Jersey Shadow -


Summit Thai Cuisine - Summit Thai Cuisine is located in a rather nondescript New Jersey strip mall in East Hanover.  Venturing in one rainy Saturday evening the place was totally empty of diners, but pleasantly comfortable.  The menu was rather large with pictures which always make me nervous unless it's at a diner.  I wasn't having a very good feeling about this place and nothing really jumped out at me on the menu so I went with the basic Thai salad and Beef with Garlic and my guest went with the Shrimp Curry ordered mild.
Shortly after ordering, the door swung open and some take out was picked up as my salad arrived.  I usually don't mind an overdressed salad too much unless it's swimming in dressing and my salad had enough Peanut Dressing for several but thankfully the veggies were fresh.  A few more diners drifted in including a large party and more take out.
My Beef & Garlic wasn't something that blew me away, it wasn't horrible, just okay at best.  It lacked any flavor and spice.  For me, my whole meal was just okay, but my guest had the Shrimp Curry which was ordered not too spicy.  The dish was characterized as delicious with perfectly cooked shrimp and it still had a flavorful zip even though it was ordered "not too spicy."
I didn't experience anything special here, but my guest loved it so Summit Thai may be a place of interest for some further exploration - Jersey Shadow -
Summit Thai Cuisine
320 Route 10 West
East Hanover, NJ 07936
Phone: 973-887-8815

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