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NJ Food Reviews - Jimmy Buff's in East Hanover, NJ And Nine Thai in Chatham, NJ

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Jimmy Buff's - Could there actually be such a thing as a magic hot dog?  A hot dog that when eaten would take you back to a simpler time? A place where you could take a friend who has never eaten an Italian Hot Dog and they would instantly fall in love with it?  

Ask anyone from Vailsburg, North Newark, Irvington or anywhere in Essex County, New Jersey, if there is a such a hot dog and they will probably say yes, there is at Jimmy Buff's.

Having eaten at Jimmy Buff's for years in Irvington I was introduced to this New Jersey treasure by my Father who grew up on South Orange Avenue in Vailsburg - Newark, NJ in the 1930's, 1940's and early 1950's before he went into the Marines, then onto college.  Through his life he always remembered that magic hot dog special to him and so many.

Over 65 years later, in failing health and having no appetite in his hospital room, our family and his doctors tried desperately to get him to eat.  My brother-in-law stopped at Jimmy Buff's and bought him that magic hot dog.  It was amazing to see him devour it as if being transported back to that earlier time in his life.

His childhood was difficult and rough, but that magic hot dog was something to be enjoyed and savored, and he did with every bite much to the shock of everyone.  We never thought that magic hot dog would bring nourishment to his failing body, but it did.  Yes, I know it's not health food, but it's food and it is magic.

Jimmy Buff's is legendary, and there is one in East Hanover, NJ.  That very special hot dog is still available these days even in Morris County.  I'm quite sure there are many people from Newark, Vailsburg and surrounding areas up here in Morris County delighted that Jimmy Buff's is here.  It's nice to see more people being introduced to the magic of Jimmy Buff's.  Who would have ever imagined that some pizza bread, hot dogs, potatoes, onions, mustard and ketchup prepared their original way could last these many years.

I for one hope the magic continues and it would be quite special to 
see Jimmy Buff's turn 100 years old someday.  It could really happen! 

Written By Jerry Butler -

Jimmy Buff's
354 River Road
East Hanover, NJ 07936
Phone: 973-463-0099


Nine Thai Cuisine - Thai meals always seem to be experiences where I'm efficiently taken care of. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on mood and dining experience desired.

Nine Thai is definitely one of the most efficient restaurants I've ever dined at, but it is too efficient? The place was nice and all the usual Thai dining selections were on the extensive menu. I went with the Chicken Satay (skewered grilled chicken with peanut dipping sauce) to start and Hot Pepper Beef for the main course. The appetizer was plentiful and delicious as was my entree.  My Beef was spicy, but they held back a little which was okay.

My guest ordered the Shrimp Curry, a green curry, said to be a bit more spicy, but ended up being rather mild.
  It was, however, very tasty.

The one thing about overly efficient service is that it can lead a diner to feel too fussed over and many diners don't feel at ease with hovering staff. Having eaten at many Thai restaurants, I knew what I was in for, but perhaps a more laid back but still efficient approach at Nine Thai might help get more people through the door and coming back.

Nine Thai is a solid performer with good food and extremely attentive service. Although, probably not the best selection for a first date; it's a great idea for diners who want an awesome meal without having to wait long for it to arrive after ordering. - Jersey Shadow -

Nine Thai Cuisine
641 Shunpike Road
Chatham, NJ 07928
Phone: 973-377-3636

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