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June, 2002

Inside This Edition: Poor Herbie's in Madison, NJ; The Jersey Shore; Movie Review - A NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY; Katmandu in Trenton, NJ and Drive at The Delaware Water Gap along the Delaware river in NJ

Jersey Food - June, 2002

Poor Herbie's in Madison, NJ offers a relaxed atmosphere with warm and friendly service.  Their hamburgers are extremely good, especially with blue cheese and represent a good value in North Jersey.  It takes something special for any eatery to be featured here and Poor Herbie's surely can't be overlooked.  From a delicious prime rib dinner to simple pub fare Poor Herbie's is frequented by regulars in this upscale NJ community hungry for great food in a relaxed setting.  Consistency is the name of the game here as the food arrived quickly and cooked to order on a recent visit.  I have never been rushed at Poor Herbie's which is a pet peeve of mine and I'm sure it is for many diners who want to relax.  It's nice to be able to have a nice neighborhood type place to go and eat.  What makes Poor Herbie's extra special and worth the trip is that even if you are from out of town and decide to stop by you will be welcomed like you're from the neighborhood. 

Poor Herbie's - 13 Waverly Place, Madison, New Jersey 

Jersey Treasure - June, 2002

The Jersey Shore is distinguished as one of the nations most unique and recognized places in the United States.  The most amazing feature of our shoreline is that our shore communities are as diverse as our population.  Basically, if you love the shore there is a spot you can find that suits your needs perfectly.  That feature alone makes the shore an awesome Jersey Treasure but the great features don't stop there.  Once you find the community where you want to put up your umbrella and spread out your beach blanket, just think of an activity or type of food you desire and it's probably very close by.  Many thousands of Jersey families have made the Jersey shore their home for their summer vacations.  Every family has their own game plan for the ways they like to use this treasured resource.  Many like to park it in a quiet shore town close to a boardwalk in another town for more activity at night.   Some like to cruise all the way down to the end of Long Beach Island and stay there only venturing out for groceries.  Other families like to go to Atlantic City while others opt for quiet alcohol-free relaxation and fun in Ocean City.  Whatever the game plan is for single, couple or family, if you can't find it at the Jersey Shore it does no exist.  Speaking of finding a great beach spot for your next Jersey Shore visit you might want to check out the Beach Guide. 

The Jersey Shore - New Jersey 

Movie Review - June, 2002

Video Rental Pick:


This very funny Saturday Night Live skit on overdrive will lift your spirits and leave you hungry for more.  Two clueless clowns played by Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan transform themselves into the Butabi brothers.  The Butabi brothers dream of opening their own a-nightclub but can't even get into an a-nightclub.  Armed with confidence born out of stupidity and from leading sheltered lives these two lovable boobs focus in on their quest to gain entry into an a-nightclub called The Roxbury.  Their stupidity gets them into The Roxbury and their inability to grasp reality puts them on the fast track toward success. An evil assistant to their big business contact tries to derail their efforts toward success but destiny is on the side of the Butabi's. The soundtrack is awesome and the dancing will leave you rolling on the floor in laughter as will some of the more subtle humor.  This film certainly isn't for everyone as no film is but if lighthearted fun is what you're after then this is a good one to check out.  A NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY is a very infectious comedy and respectable production worth the expense and trip to the video store.  

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - June, 2002   

Katmandu in Trenton, New Jersey is one of the best clubs in all of Central New Jersey. This very distinctive industrial building turned nightclub is perfectly located on the waterfront. Part of a massive urban renewal project along the Delaware river in Trenton, New Jersey, Katmandu provides a great place to go after an event at the Sovereign Bank Arena or a night out at the ballpark. The Katmandu neighborhood is one of New Jersey's greatest success stories in urban renewal. Club goers will find plenty of good music backed by a great sound system and a large dance floor. Katmandu ranks right up there with the best clubs of New Jersey by playing host to some of the areas hottest radio stations and disc jockeys. The club is very spacious with high ceilings and exceptionally ample bar space. There also is a very nice outdoor deck and stage for warm weather entertainment and socializing. The deck is awesome in the summer months often with cool waterfront breezes. Katmandu is also a restaurant and a very good one offering dining inside and outside in the summer months. The hot chicken wings are very good as are all the entrees that I've tasted. Katmandu is perfect for many occasions, a quiet meal or a great club experience and should be a definite stop when in the area. An interesting mix of young and old enjoy Katmandu's crowd and warm and friendly service. There is something always awesome going on at Katmandu and club and restaurant goers can check their website for the latest schedule of events and schedules. Want a memorable meal or night out? Head to Katmandu and take it all in.  

Katmandu - Trenton, New Jersey

Jersey Driver - June, 2002

A nice springtime drive is a cruise out to The Delaware Water Gap which offers one of the prettiest stretches of road this side of Pennsylvania.  Cruising on route 80 can be cool or a total nightmare but worth the trouble to get to the riverside road along the Delaware at the gap.  Getting off at the last exit before crossing over the river, drivers will be stopped at a traffic light for more than 2 minutes.  The light is that long because when it turns green you will begin driving along a very pretty riverside single lane road.  Eventually the road will become two lanes and continue to offer very pretty views.  There are places to hike, picnic, fish and even launch a boat or canoe in the National Recreation Area.  Be sure to bring a camera if you like to photograph pretty scenery and old restored villages.  Millbrook Village is a good place to stop along the way to take some pictures and see an old fashioned restored village.  Whatever your pleasure, single or couple or family will enjoy this drive immensely.  What's really nice is that you can plan a pleasant picnic or hike into this Jersey Drive.  As with all Jersey Drives this one needs to be experienced to be appreciated.  

Delaware Water Gap - Route 80 - NJ

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