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Inside This Edition: Pals Cabin in West Orange, NJ; Jersey Treasure - Circus Drive-In  in Wall, NJ; Movie Review - DAY AFTER TOMORROW; Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ  and Feature - Welcome To Summer 2004 - Shoreguy | June 2004  


June, 2004

Jersey Food - June, 2004

Anyone living in Northern New Jersey can tell you how to find Pals Cabin.  They will probably also tell you about their favorite Pal's dish and perhaps share a find memory.

In existence since the 1930's, Pals began as a roadside stand with memorable hotdogs and hamburgers.  Of course it has grown into a large restaurant, but much remains the same.  If you wish, you can still sit up at the counter, you can still order those great hotdogs and the hamburgers are still first-rate.

Not having been to Pals for a while, our early evening visit provided good food and a trip down memory lane.  Of course, we had to have the famous cream-of-mushroom soup - just as we remembered.  Not feeling like a full dinner, I chose to have Pals cheddar-burger. Oh boy, was it good; it was juicy and you could taste the freshness of the meat.  Another in our group had the "redwood", a very large Reuben - no complaints there.

If you're looking for a more substantial dinner, this is the place, your choice - light supper or full dinner.  Pals Cabin is owned by the Horn family and they have done a fine job of combining the past with the present.  The surroundings are cozy and comfortable, a bit of the old, a bit of the new.  The food is as good as it ever was.  If you haven't been to Pals in a while, it's time to return for a visit.  If you've never been there, by all means-go.

Pals Cabin - West Orange, New Jersey 

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Jersey Treasure - June, 2004

Route 35 in New Jersey has always been the gateway to many beach communities along the Jersey Shore.  Along this historic road traveled by many is another historic place, well-known to many in New Jersey, called simply the Circus Drive-In.  For 50 years this unique drive-in eatery has been serving up burgers and fries and fond Jersey Shore memories.  It is a destination for the young and old looking for a good, inexpensive meal served up at either their car window or in the drive-in's comfortable sit-down area.

The older folks who remember The Circus in days gone by, might remember the car-hops skating up to their car windows on roller skates, but today a nice pair of comfortable shoes gets the friendly help to a car or table quickly.   The roller skates are gone, but the spirit and uniqueness of The Circus remains with a great menu and much to choose from.

It's a delight to eat at The Circus because it's fun as well as delicious.  Many in the old days cruised The Circus after the drive-in movie and although the drive-in movie is long since gone this is one drive-in that's almost certainly here to stay.

Circus Drive-In - Wall, New Jersey

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Jersey Spin Factoid: Jersey Spin & Shoreguy salute Alex Boardman who built the first boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1870.

Shoreguy Beach Guide 2004



THE CIRCUS Drive-In - 50 Years




Things to Do - June, 2004

Jersey Feature - June, 2004

6/4 - 7/25  New Jersey International Film Festival - New Brunswick, NJ - Documentaries and Independent Films to name a couple -
6/16 - 8/25 Sandy Hook Summer Beach Concerts - Highlands, NJ - Live music on the beach every Wednesday evening - Free Admission - Beach Area E - Gateway National Recreation Area - Sandy Hook, New Jersey 732-291-7733
Welcome To Summer 2,004! 

Well... here we are in summer 2,004!  The temps are warm, the boardwalk is crowded and I've already had my first sausage sandwich in Seaside Heights.  I've even cruised over to Martell's Tiki Bar for some cold drinks, great people watching and music.

This year promises to be one memorable summer and I know that I will be down-the-shore all the time this year.  It's so sad to see that THE TRADEWINDS is gone forever, but it will always be fondly remembered.  I had a fun time this year putting together the SHOREGUY BEACH GUIDE to give everyone a sense of what each beach has to offer.  What I like most about the Jersey Shore is the diversity.  What other shoreline in the United States offers so much?  Answer... none that I know of!  

The Jersey Shore has always had it all and I like it all!  We have places like Atlantic City that offer gaming, entertainment and free beaches.  Further north we have quiet family oriented Long Beach Island.  Still further north we have the protected sanctuary of Island Beach State Park perfect for wildlife and the avid fisherman.   Even further north up in Seaside Heights, it's the place for the hip young crowd and families  who like more excitement on their boardwalk.  The list and diversity goes on and on from one end of our coastline to the other end. 

If you live in Jersey or want to visit the Jersey Shore just pick the type of experience you seek, and in every instance you are sure to find it down-the-shore.

The Jersey Shore in New Jersey - A place of fond memories and an excellent place to make some new ones!

Written by Shoreguy

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - June, 2004

Changes are in the ocean breeze along the waterfront in Asbury Park as the urban development project underway takes hold.  Soon this very blighted area could emerge as a very vital and unique "Jersey Shore Venue."  Smack dab in the middle of all the excitement is another type of venue of the music type, called the Stone Pony.

The Stone Pony is without a doubt among the most recognized and well-known music venues in the country.  If you grew up in Jersey in the 70's then you grew up with The Stone Pony.  Some of the most famous bands and musicians in the world got their start playing to the crowd at The Stone Pony.  This classic New Jersey shore bar just off the boardwalk in Asbury Park, New Jersey, hasn't changed much in 30 years.  This year marks their 30th anniversary and they are committed to showcasing new talent from around the State, with a special night set aside for it on Wednesdays called simply, Jersey Style Wednesdays.

The Stone Pony continues to do its part to foster, encourage and promote promising New Jersey talent.  With all the changes in the air around where it's located, the future could be even brighter than the last 30 great years.  Here's looking toward the next 30 years at the "Pony."  The show must go on! 

The Stone Pony - Asbury Park, New Jersey

Movie Review - June, 2004arch, 

The DAY AFTER TOMORROW is great fun and entertaining!  A very farfetched and absurd attempt at trying to create social change.  It's fantasyland yet  thought provoking at the same time.  Could such a dramatic change take place in the earth's climate?  Who knows?  To think it could happen on the scale portrayed because of anything man does short of a nuclear event is retarded which only adds to the films interesting but absurd premise.

The story is really stupid, the characters aren't believable, but by all means go and see it anyway!  Why you ask?  The special effects are amazing and to see New York City under water and Los Angeles ravaged by tornados is awesome summer movie entertainment.  Don't look for any deep message here other than it's time to kick off the summer movie season with a well- acted but poorly conceived and very poorly written ice sculpture on film.


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