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June, 2005

Inside This Edition: Jersey Shadow Review: K & S Italian Specialties in Bridgewater, NJ; Dickie Dee's in Newark, NJ and Shoreguy Beach Guide For 2005

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K & S Italian Specialties - On a recommendation from a member of the Jersey Spin forum "Sak" raved about an "Italian Classic" sub he had over in a strip mall near the Somerville circle.  I found K & S Italian Specialties just where "Sak" said it would be, next to a shoe store.  The name alone made my mouth water as I approached, but then I thought to myself this is not North Jersey and I have been burned before from other sub shops in this area. 

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True to the name K & S was loaded with great cheeses, cured meats and prepared dishes like broccoli rabe and sausage (always a favorite), but where was that "Italian Classic" sub "Sak" was raving about over in the forums?  Not seeing anything like that on a printed menu or up on the wall I decided to test this place out, so I said give me an Italian Sub.  I was curious to see what I would get on my sandwich with just your basic albeit nebulous request.  After a somewhat perplexed look from the person waiting on me (part of the test) he went to work on my sandwich.

I was out-the-door with my sub and not real optimistic about what awaited me and thought to my myself that this was going to be an average sandwich at best, but I was prepared for much worse.  First off, what I ordered was rather non-descript by design and what I got was a very non-descript sub, but the taste was ultra superior and truly a delightful treat.  The KS version of the Italian sub was provolone and proscuittini (hot ham), the usual lettuce and tomato, and it was fresh, plentiful, inexpensive and simply delicious.  It also kept very well so that I could snack on the leftovers the next day.  The next time you are in the Bridgewater area be sure to check out K & S Italian Specialties because they are special and a good find in this part of the state where it can be hard to find a decent sub. - Jersey Shadow -

K & S Italian Specialties
U.S. Highway 202/206
Bridgewater, NJ 08807



Dickie Dee's - People go out of their way to go to Dickie Dee's in North Newark and I went out of my way to stop in because I craved one of their awesome Italian Hot Dog's.  Dickie Dee's has been churning out this classic Northern New Jersey treat for decades and when I showed up in the pouring rain so did everyone else to get theirs.  Located on Bloomfield Avenue in North Newark just south of Bloomfield, this corner neighborhood mainstay continues to feed the locals and guys like me who go out of their way for this Jersey treat born in Essex County.

Dickie Dee's has burgers, sausage and and other lunch favorites but most went for what I went for - the Italian dog's.  The dog's come in two sizes the single and the double both made the same way, just more of a good thing with the double.  Dickie Dee's puts the double together by starting off with half a loaf of fresh pizza bread, then goes in the mustard, then the dogs.  After that, in goes some zesty peppers, onions and then topped off with potatoes and ketchup and salt.  If you care how the food is cooked then Dickie Dee's might not be for you because it's not health food.  Locals know, love and have depended on Dickie Dee's since 1958.  If you aren't from the area I highly recommend that you seek out this place for a taste of North Jersey served daily
-Jersey Shadow-

Dickie Dee's
380 Bloomfield Ave
Newark, NJ 07107

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