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June, 2007

Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food - Jersey Shadow Review: Beacon Hill Tavern & Restaurant in Summit, NJ and Forte Pizzeria in Caldwell, NJ


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NJ Restaurant Reviews

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Beacon Hill Tavern & Restaurant - Summit, New Jersey, is a fairly wealthy community, so imagine my surprise to find a nice relatively inexpensive pub right in the center of town.  Beacon Hill is a great little place for a quiet burger or full dinner.  Even when this eatery is crowded, it's still quiet.  I've actually been there a few times for the best croutons I've ever tasted in New Jersey. 
With a prime location and easy on-the-street parking, I'm sure anyone familiar with the area would feel refreshed with their prices and relaxed setting.  Don't get me wrong, it's not cheap but it is very fair for this neighborhood rife with high priced eateries which probably serve most peoples egos more than their stomachs and pocketbooks. 
Beacon Hill has a pretty good tasting Chicken Murphy with large portions and served with a small, tasty house salad.  As mentioned earlier the croutons are the best I've ever tasted in New Jersey.  Good burgers and pub food round out the nice menu.

Patrons of this restaurant are treated to a warm friendly atmosphere where families are welcome and the single diner is made to feel comfortable as well.   Beacon Hill is simply a dependable, consistent neighborhood pleaser. - Jersey Shadow -
Beacon Hill Tavern & Restaurant
16 Beechwood Avenue
Summit, NJ 07901
Phone: 908-277-0096


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Forte Pizzeria - Wanting  Italian food for dinner in some casual place that I had not previously visited, I decided to venture into an area in New Jersey where I thought I would have a better than average chance of a good experience.  Forte over on Bloomfield Ave in Caldwell caught my eye as just such a place ,and I arrived with elevated expectations just from the address alone.
Forte's is a casual, comfortable, albeit a little loud, multifaceted eatery with impeccable friendly service.  It's a place to order a pizza to go, or sit down for a full meal.  Don't be put off by the fact that this place is a pizzeria as well, you won't find any paper napkins on the restaurant side.  You will find authentic North Jersey Italian fare at exceptional prices.  Some good complimentary Italian bread with some cold gravy set the stage for a nice meal.  For diehard lovers of this type of cuisine the menu is loaded with all the local staples including Broccoli Rabe and Escarole.
I went with the Veal Anthony as my taste buds gravitate toward dishes packed with flavor.  The plentiful veal arrived in a nice tasting sauce with artichokes and sun dried tomatoes.  I dug in cutting off my first bite of veal and oh no it was tough?  How can this be?  It just didn't fit for a place like this, so I retreated to the artichoke and sun dried tomato sauce which was delicious.

As my loyal readers know I always root for a place to be good and to deliver the goods ,and I continued on with my veal by sampling the other pieces and as I hoped, they were tender and delicious.  Talk about a close call!  Okay, I got a dish that wasn't perfect but most of it was and I'll take that any day of the week.  My dinner guest seemed to have a yearning for veal as well and ordered Veal Francaise.  Judging by the fact that the dish was spotlessly clean at the end of the meal, I would say that that was one satisfied customer.  The prices were perfect and I'm looking forward to returning very soon to explore their menu and enjoy a nice relaxing evening on Bloomfield Avenue in the heart of Essex County. - Jersey Shadow - 

Forte Pizzeria
182 Bloomfield Avenue
Caldwell, NJ 07006
Phone: 973-403-9411

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