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March, 2002

Inside This Edition: The Tick Tock Diner in Clifton, NJ; Bar Anticipation in Belmar, NJ; Movie Review - FULL METAL JACKET; Thomas Edison National Historic Site in West Orange, NJ and Drive along the Delaware river, NJ

Jersey Food - March, 2002

The Tick Tock Diner in Clifton, NJ, offers just about everything a person from New Jersey would expect from a first rate diner and more.  Conveniently located on route 3 it makes for an excellent dining choice when in this area.  The food is first rate and of high quality plus it comes to the table fast.  During peak times the staff is right on top of everything and will have you seated as quickly as possible.  On a recent trip to this Jersey landmark I had a turkey club and it was delicious.  Preparing a turkey club seems like a simple dish to make properly but I have been disappointed on many an occasion but never at the Tick Tock.  The turkey in my club was fresh and homemade and came with plenty of mayo.  An interesting thing they do at the Tic Tock is they bring the mayo to the table in plastic packets.  While not the most user friendly invention in the world, the little packets do ensure that you will get just the right amount on your dish  because you put it on yourself.  Another in my party had a BLT and buffalo chicken wings both of which disappeared quickly to a rave review.  I had one of the wings and it was delicious.  Both the menu selections and choice to have lunch at the Tick Tock proved to be a memorable Jersey experience. 

Tick Tock Diner - Route 3 Clifton, New Jersey 

Jersey Treasure - March, 2002

Edison's Laboratory located in West Orange, NJ, is one of his greatest inventions and one of New Jerseys greatest treasures.  Remarkably preserved for visitors to see are his labs which the Bell and Westinghouse labs were modeled after.  Edison boasted that he could build anything in his lab and much of it remains for visitors to see including the library where he spent most of his time.  Now covered by a protective plastic his desktop remains undisturbed since his death.  Visitors can see just how it looked the day he passed, cigars and all.  Edison punched the time clock each and every day logging far more hours than his workers leading by example.  Visitors can see the time clock before they enter his beautifully crafted library complete with 10,000 books. Edison offered insight to his workers as he walked through his labs daily just as visitors can.  The movie camera came out of his lab as did the world's first movie studio giving birth to the industry of movie making.  A 1954 replica of the original movie studio called the Black Maria stands near where the original did.  The fluoroscope, rubber for his friend Firestone and improvements in both the phonograph and the storage battery evolved from the West Orange laboratory.  This landmark is a must visit for anyone interested in this extraordinary walk through history.  

Edison National Historic Site - Main Street and Lakeside Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey - 

Movie Review - March, 2002

Video Rental Pick:


The depths of the human mind are explored and captured in this stunning drama by one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, Stanley Kubrick.  Recruits arrive at Parris Island, South Carolina to be pushed to the limits of physical and emotional endurance, ready or not.  Individuals decide to join the Marine Corps for many personal reasons and every recruit has one.   The Corps mission is crystal clear and if a recruit's personal reason for joining is a personal mental defect in disguise the Marines will bring that right on into the light.  This masterpiece of cinema captures boys with the right metal being transformed into first rate soldiers.  Weeding out "the few and the proud" from the weak and feeble in training does involve some human casualties as weak minds crumble unable to cope under the unforgiving weight of a demanding drill instructor.  These hardened recruits become Marines, well most, and are deployed into Vietnam in the second half of this classic ready for action.  The battle field footage and dialog is gritty and zeros in perfectly on the futility and darkness of the Vietnam conflict.  This film is a must see for anyone interested in a cinematic portrayal of extremes.  No sugar coating here as Kubrick lays it all out there in his take it or leave style.  I'll take it...  

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - March, 2002

It’s the middle of the winter.  Night club action in New Jersey just isn’t the same without the summer heat, is it?  Well, maybe it is.  That is, if you go to the right places.  For Central Jersey, Bar Anticipation in Belmar has kept the 19th  Olympic flame alive for a lot of young partygoers.  A very common theme for shore clubs is: during the winter, the crowd is local, and after Memorial Day, it is strictly Benny’s (non-locals) who dominate the scene.  From the time I could remember going to Bar-A (late 70’s), local bands were the attraction, and that still holds true today.  If a band is good enough to get a weekly spot on the schedule, locals can get intimately familiar and have a night they know will be marked by the particular band that has their attention.  The crowd at Bar-A in the winter consists mostly of people from Belmar, Spring Lake, Neptune, and Wall Township.  Casual clothes like Dockers, Chinos, and anything cut-off is the norm. After Memorial Day, you better get your better clothes on because the importance of looking your best can never be underestimated especially if you meet someone.  After Memorial Day, the crowd at Bar-A swells to around 3 thousand people on a good week night, 4 thousand on a real good Saturday night, with 80 bartenders and a hundred or so bouncers to keep things in line.  There is a steady barrage of contests like wet bikini contests, and activities throughout the summer to keep the crowd involved.  I particularly like beach volleyball. Get late into the night, and that’s when the magic happens.  It is truly amazing what a good Jersey club is like when the bell hits the 12 o’clock mark and Bar-A is one of the best.  Men and women magically loosen up and relax enjoying the great atmosphere, people and music at Bar-A.  I like to dream, and on more the one occasion, Bar-A has fulfilled the dream leaving memories that last, and are worth talking about today.  Only close friends have heard my stories, but to all the newbie’s, your future memories are made from places like Bar-A.  Have a great night at the Jersey shore and you will have a memory that will never burn out.  I will be filling you in with more info next month on where to go in New Jersey.  

written by: James "Shoreguy" Carroll - New Jersey native & Jersey Spin contributor

Jersey Driver - March, 2002

Along the mighty Delaware river stretches a long beautiful road called route 29. Heading north out of Trenton is a most historic and peaceful span of Jersey blacktop.  The peaceful colors of afternoon light looked beautiful on the river and the trees just as it must have for centuries.  Sometimes the best drives are in total silence and this was one of them as I looked out over the river.  The road twisted and turned as it hung close to the river in spots.  Before I knew it I was at Washington's Crossing and like the name says it was the very spot where our first president led his men across the river.  Beautiful orange light lit up the river and the whole park as I cruised past.  Part of a bike path cuts through, a subject for a future article perhaps.  Today's mission was just a nice peaceful ride to see new things and relax.  A rolling hill, a beautiful tree there and preserved pieces of American history abounded this particular day all in beautiful orange sunlight.  This particular drive was especially relaxing as day to day concerns magically disappeared as the sun sank ever deeper.  I arrived in historic Lambertville, NJ and hung a left at Bridge Street and parked alongside the river.  After enjoying the last little bit of afternoon light, I headed into one of my favorite restaurants, the soon-to-be featured Lambertville Station, where this Jersey Drive ends.

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