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March, 2003

Inside This Edition: Main Streets Cafe in Madison, NJ; Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton, NJ; Movie Review - URBAN COWBOY; Joey's in Clifton, NJ and Feature - Winter in Jersey

Jersey Food - March, 2003

Main Streets Cafe in Madison, New Jersey offers a great place to meet, in fact, it use to be called The Meeting Place.  The spacious bar in Main Streets is very comfortable with plenty of seating.  The bar area can be a little loud for those who don't hear so well but otherwise it's very comfortable!  The restaurant portion is quiet with nice sized tables in a comfortable setting.  Recently I was seated with my party near a window beside quaint Main Street in Madison.  When checking out the menu the hot pastrami sandwiches caught my eye and my guest's eye.  The sandwiches did not disappoint and were quite good with generous portions.  Being a self proclaimed hot pastrami expert it's easy to see when the real deal comes to the table and I was happy to see the real deal arrive!  This lunch experience had me wanting to return for dinner.  I returned for dinner a few weeks later and we were greeted with warm and friendly service.  There was a nice mix of business professionals and locals at the bar.  This mix of people is usually a good sign the dinner fare would be good.  On this particular night the food was very good and the service excellent.  Standouts on the menu are the Vegetable Quesadilla appetizer and the Tuna Sashimi which were superior.  For a business lunch to a quiet and affordable dinner Main Street is a great place to meet in this part of New Jersey. 

Main Streets Cafe - Madison, New Jersey 

Jersey Treasure - March, 2003

The Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton, New Jersey, is a Jersey treasure with national appeal.  Buying records, either singles, or the LP type, was a ritual for many of us growing up in a generation before the onslaught of tapes and now CD's.  Record albums as they were so aptly called, offered a collection of songs on vinyl.  The release of these types of recordings was usually marked with great fanfare.  Even the covers for these collectable gems offered as much artistry as the actual recording many times.  Many of us remember saving up enough money to buy a single 45 recording and dreaming of buying the longer LP complete with card board album cover.  With the age of the disposable eighties came the age of disposable media ala audio recording tape.  Audio tapes either in the form of the 8 tracks or cassette offered little in the way of archival quality or longevity.  In the case of cassettes the tape would stretch distorting the sound and the 8 tracks would simply break over time.  Many of us remember having the tape players actually eat our precious recordings on more than one occassion.  Audio tape became the recorded media choice for many as it was portable and could also be played in America's beloved automobile.  With the advent of CD's vinyl was destined for extinction, or was it?

While you can't buy new vinyl recordings any longer there is a place for record collectors right here in New Jersey to purchase and trade these precious gems at The Record Exchange in Princeton, New Jersey.  This Jersey Treasure offers old recordings for sale from their large and ever changing archive.  Vinyl lovers from the seasoned Collector to the basic music lover have a tremendous resource here in New Jersey to shop and trade.  Jersey has so many treasures and it's nice to see the Princeton Record Exchange call New Jersey home.

Princeton Record Exchange - Princeton, New Jersey 

Movie Review - March, 2003

Video Rental Pick:

URBAN COWBOY - Rated PG  The onset of adulthood complete with marriage, job and responsibility is a critical time in any persons life.  Throw in two young adults that have immature characters in Houston Texas and you have an eighties classic called URBAN COWBOY.  Sissy and Bud are instantly attracted to one another but stray away early on.  Sissy wants a real cowboy and gets a real criminal and Bud wants a real lady and gets someone really spoiled.  Bud works on the blue collar side of the tracks but plays for a short time on the white collar side with his spoiled rich chick.  Sissy discovers the dark side of rushing into a relationship with her "urban cowboy."  Love wins out in the end (as it usually does) as these two get a dose of life experience which allows their characters to mature as ego is replaced by love.  Set in and around the world renown Gilley's in Texas, URBAN COWBOY offers an enjoyable look into the early eighties in Texas and much more.

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - March, 2003  

It's a pleasure to be able to feature Joey's in Clifton, New Jersey again in the Clubs and Nightlife section of Jersey Spin.  How can a club make it into these pages more than once you may ask?  Among the things our staff looks for is consistency and vision.  Joey's displays incredible vision in their approach to New Jersey nightlife with their close attention to the uniqueness of their product and consistency of their service.  Joey's also recognizes their customers needs and has delivered every time we have visited the club.  Here is what we had to say about Joey's when we featured it last:

January, 2002 - New Jersey's "nightlife" springs to life at JOEY'S in Clifton, New Jersey.  There is nothing like a true New Jersey nightclub experience and if that's what you seek then Joey's is the place to be.  Elegance and excellence make Joey's an enjoyable choice for a night out.  On a recent visit to Joey's on a Saturday night I found an interesting mix of young and old properly attired  club goers enjoying this most interesting place.  The uniqueness of this club cannot be overstated and reminds me of a long since gone New Jersey nightclub legend called the Meadowbrook.  For those of you that have been to the Meadowbrook (don't try and find it cause it's gone) you will see that although different from Joey's in many ways it shares many of the same great qualities which make a club superior.  The sound system at Joey's is excellent and the music was superior the night of my visit.  While the music on the dance floor is loud (which I loved) there are quiet places in the club to talk which is always a great feature.  The service at the club is superior as is the mix of people.  Joey's is a unique, elegant and most enjoyable Jersey Club. 

Partygoers often choose to venture out to a club they have never been to only to be disappointed when they show up.   If it's not the crowd or lack thereof at an unknown place or poor music running through a lousy sound system it's the fact that you wasted part of the night going there in the first place.  There is always a party at Joey's and a good one at that. 

Joey's - Clifton , New Jersey 

Jersey Feature - March, 2003

Winter in Jersey

There is nothing like a good rough winter to bring back memories of past winters in Jersey from the old days.  It has felt like perpetual spring here in Jersey the past few winters with the warm temperatures.  Fleets of snow removal equipment were at the ready the past few seasons without much to do.  This winter seemed almost strange with all the snow and cold temps but it's quite reminiscent of years past.  The snow amounts this year are on the high side but this was a classic Jersey winter of old with a few surprises.  Removing snow in New Jersey has never been much of a problem as the State is so well equipped.  

People actually use to shovel their driveways in Jersey.  Shoveling driveways in Jersey seems to be a disappearing activity here with the ease and convenience of the local landscaper turned winter snow removal artist.  I can remember fondly shoveling snow which use to take hours.  It's the kind of activity you are glad you did and would like to do if it wasn't so stressful.  I must say that I can't remember the neighbors having their driveways plowed in the old days.  I do remember years ago the sounds of the shovels as the whole block began shoveling after a snow storm at the same time.  It almost felt like a holiday after a storm to participate in the ritual of snow shoveling.  I also remember the guy on the block with a new thing called a snow blower which was a real crowd pleaser.

This winter has been rather strange at times and I can't ever remember zero visibility being recorded on the New Jersey Turnpike but that's exactly what happened one day this winter.  The New Jersey Turnpike was closed for fog one February day for 3 hours stranding and detouring thousands of motorists.  It's nice to see after so many warm winters the ponds frozen once again for ice hockey and figure skating and the hills of South Mountain Reservation covered in snow for sleigh riding.  All this snow, ice and cool temps get me thinking of the way Jersey winters use to be and should be.  In a densely populated and fast paced place like New Jersey, ice and snow spell inconvenience and delays but it's worth it at least from my perspective to be able to enjoy New Jersey as it always was in the winter.  While the days of closing off your local street to sleigh riding are surely over their are plenty of other hills and new memories to make this winter in New Jersey a memorable one.  It's nice to see old man winter back in Jersey but taking a pothole here over 5 miles an hour in your car could prove to be hard on it.  Next time you cruise over a pothole or dig out your car remember the old winters in Jersey and the fact that this one will soon be over as we head into spring!

Winter in Jersey  written by Jerry Butler

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