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Inside This Edition: Lu Lu's Bistro in Livingston, NJ; County Focus - Essex County, New Jersey; Movie Review - The PASSION Of The Christ; Club Sessions - WSOU - South Orange, NJ and Feature - Growing Up Jersey - Vailsburg, New Jersey - An Urban Legacy | March 2004  

March, 2004 

Jersey Food - March, 2004

Lu Lu's Bistro located in a Livingston strip mall, sounded like a cute, out-of-the way small eatery worthy of a look-see somewhere down the line.  We began to hear a bit of "buzz" about how good the food was, so we decided that it was time for a visit.

As a party of five, it is almost impossible for everyone to be pleased with his or her choice of food, but to our surprise, there was not a complaint in the group.  The salads were crisp, fresh and nicely presented.  Of special note was a creamy Butternut Squash Soup served in a comfortably large bowl.  A perfect soup bowl is hard to find.

Two in our group ordered interesting fish specials: Potato Encrusted Orange Roughy with mushrooms and leaks and Fennel Encrusted Red Snapper.  It would be an understatement to say that the group was pleased.  On the beef side of the menu, the Tornadoes Of Filet Mignon in a Merlot Sauce with Roquefort was outstanding. The accompanying creamy mashed potatoes and very fresh vegetables were delicious.  Desserts were every bit as good as the entree's.

It is evident that the owners of Lu Lu's are not new to the restaurant business.  The staff is clearly experienced and works very hard to make the patrons comfortable and appreciated.  The overall atmosphere is serene, warm and inviting.  We truly hope that they will be able to maintain this level of excellence. 

Lu Lu's Bistro - Livingston, New Jersey 

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County Focus - March, 2004

Essex County - Steeped in history with enormous potential for a promising future.

No County in the United States is richer in history or more ethnically diverse than Essex County, New Jersey.  Essex County was the first to create a county park system in the United States.  Much of the parks in the county's renown park system were created by famed New York City Central Park architect, Frederick Olmsted.  Many of the  parks run along the beautiful Passaic River through towns like Nutley on its way to the Great Falls in neighboring Passaic County.  All tolled, Essex County has an astounding 5,700 plus acres in their park system including the very locally well-known South Mountain Reservation complete with zoo, waterfalls and stunning views of New York.

Much of the hit television series, THE SOPRANOS is set in Essex County.  Essex County is very diverse indeed with big city challenges but unlimited opportunity because of it's deep potential.  The County is much more than a place to set a television show, it's a great place to work, live and simply enjoy.  Most of the county has excellent bus and train service to nearby New York City and superior restaurants and artistic venues.  The Newark and Montclair Museums and NJPAC are among the very best in the State.

Essex County has 3 public golf courses, a minor league baseball team and future plans may include the NHL's New Jersey Devils to set up shop in a yet-to-be-built arena in Newark.  All in all, if the current leaders focus on the future by celebrating the County's rich history and strong legacy, attract new business and protect its natural resources the future is brighter than ever.

Focus On Essex County, New Jersey


Jersey Feature - March, 2004                  

Growing Up Jersey - Vailsburg, New Jersey - An Urban Legacy

Michele DePersio Bradley fondly remembers growing up in Vailsburg.  The neighborhood may have changed and friends are now scattered, but they remain united for the uniqueness and value of coming of age and being part of one of New Jersey's richest urban legacies.

Here now her own story in her own words:

"On a Saturday afternoon you were never bored growing up in Vailsburg. You could always hop onto the 31 bus or the 54 and shop downtown Newark.  You could take a nice long walk to Irvington Center and visit Woolworth's 5 and 10 cent store where you were able to bust your favorite color balloon to reveal the price you would pay for a delicious ice cream sundae.  Walking was a way of life for the kids back in the 60's.  We could go out alone and always run into someone we knew on the Avenue; by the way, I'm talking about good old South Orange Avenue. There was the Stanley Movie Theater, Bola Bola, which was a bowling alley. On a nice day we'd take a stroll to South Orange and visit Grunnings for a killer ice cream of your choice. You could always find a friend at the Baydan Diner, or someone to shoot the breeze with at Boylan Street Pool, but it would cost you 10 cents to get into the pool. Oh the memories: there was Vailsburg Park where you could ride the swings, play in the sand boxes or ride your bike. There were no chains on bikes, everyone had one and didn't need yours. Some days my girlfriends and I would pack a lunch and watch the guys play a game of ball in the park. The Good Humor man or Mr. Frosty would enter the park playing their tunes, and the kids would run to meet the truck for a treat. I think the cost of an ice cream off the truck was a quarter. There was no need for beepers or cell phones, you knew what time dinner was, and you had better be home when it was ready or else. When nighttime came, friends and neighbors would gather on their front porches and actually talk to one another. The kids would run around with a jar in their hands, with a few holes in the top to catch lightning bugs while their parents chatted among themselves. Everyone knew one another, looked out for each other, worked and played together. It was more like an extended family than a neighborhood. Where I lived, most of us went to Alexander Street School or Sacred Heart; when 8th grade was finished the majority of us attended good old Vailsburg High. We thought we were tuff kids, but in lieu of it all, we were good kids, we were all friends. We looked out for our own and always knew a friend was there if needed and never very far away. But we grow up, life goes on, and we all go our separate ways. But one thing remains forever, we are from Vailsburg and united always. I only wish that my own children could have experienced life like I did."  Michele -

Written by Michele DePersio Bradley

About the author - Michele DePersio Bradley is a graduate of Vailsburg High class of 1970.  She is married with four children and is presently enjoying life down the shore.

Do you have great memories of Growing Up Jersey that you would like to see featured on Jersey Spin?  Send us your original unpublished story and if we like it we will make arrangements with you to feature it here!  Email submissions to us here.

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - March, 2004

South Orange, New Jersey, from the campus of Seton Hall University comes alive with the most innovative and hottest club sounds broadcast from WSOU.  From 10PM to 12PM every Sunday night this historic and vital part of New Jersey becomes one big nightclub at Club Sessions.  No need to drive to the club just turn your radio on or better yet turn your home stereo on!  Club Sessions is perfect for locals driving home and especially for those wanting some hot sounds at home.  The address of Club Sessions is 89.5 on the FM radio dial and to reach it just be within 90 miles of South Orange, New Jersey, after 10PM on a Sunday night!

New Jersey is the home for innovation and that spirit is alive and well here as the club is brought to club goers.  Club Sessions does venture out for parties in local venues as part of their integrated media approach to entertainment.

Club Sessions is born out of incredible vision, backed by real talent and admission is always free for their hot Sunday Night Party.

Club Sessions - WSOU - 89.5FM - Seton Hall University - South Orange, New Jersey

Movie Review - March, 2004

The PASSION Of The Christ - Rated - R 

Say the words The PASSION Of The Christ for Mel Gibson's new movie and chances are you already have an opinion about it.  Many have based opinion on the subject without bothering to see the movie and slammed the message through the messenger.  Well anyone who gives credence to criticism for something they haven't seen is being led blindly along a dangerous path not unlike the thousands who witnessed the merciless crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  Thousands sat in judgment of Jesus at the hands of politicos and agenda pushers of the day.

Mel Gibson brilliantly constructed his masterpiece, taking the audience through the excruciatingly violent final 12 hours of the life of Jesus.  When the pain becomes almost too much to watch, the filmmaker flashes back to vignettes of Jesus with messages of faith, love, forgiveness and hope. 

Such a powerful message from God can never be judged by traditional standards.  When sitting in my chair waiting to witness what was billed as the most realistic crucifixion of a human being much less that of Jesus Christ , I couldn't help but sit in judgment myself of all the people taking their seats with big tubs of popcorn and snacks.  Who are these people?  Are they believers in Jesus and his word?  Are they just responding to all the hype to see "his" movie?  In the end, it really doesn't matter, this film has accomplished something very special.  It has created an environment for discussion.  In these troubled times, that is a healthy outcome, maybe a bit of a miracle.

Whether you are a believer or a nonbeliever, this is a movie that should be seen.  It will surely take a prominent place in the history of filmmaking.

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