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March, 2005

Inside This Edition: Jersey Shadow Review: Yankee Doodle Tap Room In Princeton, NJ; Club Review: Taste Restaurant And Lounge in Bloomfield, NJ



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Yankee Doodle Tap Room - I decided to check out the Yankee Doodle Tap Room (inside the Nassau Inn) after a brisk winter weekend walk through downtown Princeton.  Princeton is a great college town steeped in tradition and history, in fact some signers of the declaration of independence rested in Princeton on their way to Philadelphia to take part in the first Continental Congress.

Enough history, so on to lunch...  The restaurant is very warm and cozy with walls covered in portraits of famous Princeton University Graduates.  Also present was a big hearth with a roaring fire and bar.  On this particular day I was struck by all the Ivy league sweatshirts on diners such as Harvard and Penn, so I wasn't surprised that my burger was called the "Upper Classmen Burger."  The burger was a tasty half pound of beef covered in sauteed wild mushrooms, melted Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions on an Onion Roll.  My lunch came quickly and with a bottle of ketchup - then the waiter disappeared.  I reached over for some salt and pepper and there was none to be found on my table or the table beside me.  Well, no waiter and no salt so I started eating so it wouldn't get cold.  I figured the waiter would be by in a few to see if I needed anything, so I would at least have the salt and pepper for my fries.  I finished my whole meal and had nothing to drink when the waiter returned.  It's bizarre to me not to have condiments on the table and poor manners not to check on a diner to see if the meal is okay or if they need anything.

I think I would go back because the burger was very good and the service wasn't a total disaster only rising to the level of average.  There aren't many average people walking around Princeton, so it might be a good idea to put some salt and pepper on all the tables and if you want to eat there be sure and check before your waiter disappears like mine did. - Jersey Shadow -

Yankee Doodle Tap Room      
Nassau Inn
10 Palmer Square
Princeton, NJ 08542


Taste Restaurant And Lounge - Essex County is a part of New Jersey distinctly all its own and is North Jersey at it's most vibrant.  Taste Restaurant And Lounge in Bloomfield, New Jersey, mixes the elegance and style of the New York City "party scene" with local party goers from Bloomfield and neighboring towns such as Nutley and Belleville into an unforgettable experience.  The lounge is located in the strangest of locations (beside an A&P in a strip mall) and has the feel outside of almost being intentionally hidden away like a treasure waiting to be discovered.  Inside, the club isn't very big, but that adds to its charm.  Those who remember the legend called the Meadowbrook over in Cedar Grove will be struck by the second level in Taste where you can look down at the dance floor, listen to the awesome sound system, and enjoy the movie-set like atmosphere.  Its been a long time since New Jersey had a club of this quality and ambience.  The wait staff is friendly and very attentive and the crowd is trendy with most appearing as though they have been cast for a major motion picture.

Taste is the place to see and be seen so the saying goes and if a fun "Essex County" night is what you are up for, then there is no better place to check out. 

Taste Restaurant And Lounge
21 Belleville Avenue
Bloomfield, NJ


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