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March, 2006

Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food - Jersey Shadow Review: Jose's Mexican Cantina in New Providence, NJ And Panna La Griglia in Madison, NJ 

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Jose's Mexican Cantina - Wow... what a nice neighborhood Mexican cantina!  Jose's Cantina in New Providence is a great local place for Mexican food in a relaxed setting.  It was surprising and delightful to find this kind of a place in this part of New Jersey.  The Gazpacho soup was especially delicious, and I highly recommend it.  I had a nice combination that came with the soup and included very tasty chicken, cheese and beef burritos served with rice and beans. 
The whole menu at Jose's is varied and even juevos ranheros for dinner is available which my guest raved about.  The eggs were nestled in tortilla cups over a bed of refried beans Monterey sauce , melted cheese, olives and green peppers. There isn't much else that can ensure that a properly prepared meal is well received other than fresh and high quality ingredients.  I could taste the high quality ingredients that went into my meal especially the soup and that alone makes this place one to check out. 



I will say that the booths could be a little larger, but if you want good, tasty and very reasonable Mexican fare then this place is for you.  I'm sure that Jose's rarely, if ever, disappoints and it did seem on this night to have a dedicated local following that stopped by for dinner. - Jersey Shadow - 
Jose's Mexican Cantina
24 South Street
New Providence, NJ 07974



Panna La Griglia - The restaurant business is very competitive to say the least especially so in Morris County where many choices are found.  Tucked just off Main Street in Madison, NJ is Panna La Griglia.  On a recent Tuesday night I decided to check this place out amid at least a half a dozen other restaurants within a mile of this place.  The dining room was pleasant and the food was good albeit your basic Italian fare.  In New Jersey "basic Italian" doesn't really get the job done because diners are usually treated to frequent outstanding Italian cooking.
I had your basic Veal Marsala and my guest had your basic Meat Lasagna.  The meal was okay but far from outstanding and not cheap.  The homemade bread was quite good and a good bottle of olive oil on the table is always good to see.  When talking about food the word "okay" can be taken the wrong way and by no means was there anything at all unpleasant about this experience; in fact, the staff was wonderful and the service impeccable. 
What this place lacked most was customers and to be honest and fair it didn't deserve to be that empty, but in an area full of choices it can only mean that the surrounding places might be better at meeting the local needs.  It doesn't make it a bad place to eat, just an uninspired one and that can't be good for business. - Jersey Shadow -
Panna La Griglia
3 Central Ave
Madison, NJ 07940
Main Phone: 973-514-1333

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