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March, 2007

Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food - Jersey Shadow Review: Senorita's in Bloomfield, NJ and Morristown Deli, Restaurant and Catering  in Morristown, NJ


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Feedback is always welcome on all of my reviews.  Drop me an email if you like! - Jersey Shadow - 

Senorita's Mexican Grill - New Jersey pride abounds at Senorita's over in Bloomfield as this very authentic Mexican restaurant goes one step further by truly integrating itself into this culturally rich community.  Do some in your party want some "Gringo food?"  Are you bringing along the kids who might be fussy eaters?  It's all here at Senorita's.  Born and raised in New Jersey, I've grown accustomed to some good Mexican food throughout the State, but never any of the quality I stumbled upon at Senorita's.  Ordinarily you would have to go to Mexico (and I have) for dishes like this, but save the plane fare and go to Bloomfield instead.
I can't believe my good fortune to once again be able to have a great Mexican meal right here in Jersey.  The depth and diversity of their menu is refreshing with such authentic delights as Carne Asada.  It all looked so good and this day I was taken in by Pedrito's Fajita's.  Hey if a guy or shall I say "amigo" is willing to put his name on fajitas, they must be something special and they must be tried, so I did.

While waiting for our meal I sampled the traditional chips and salsa.  The salsa was certainly not from a jar, but fresh and exceptional as were the chips.  Now as you read you are probably thinking no place is that perfect, and I must admit, while not perfect,  my positive effusiveness was backed up with a first-rate, delicious meal.  I really would have preferred to eat this wonderful lunch in a comfortable booth, but the wooden chairs and open festive atmosphere were fine.  My guest also raved about the freshness of the chips and salsa and her hard shell tacos.
At last... after enjoying Latin food throughout Central and South America, I now have a place to go in Jersey that is unique in many ways, especially the thought that appears to go into the freshness of the ingredients and the preparation of each dish.  Pedrito really hit a home run with his take on the chicken fajita's I had that day and I will most definitely return.  I don't know if I would ever order take-out from a Mexican restaurant  because the flavor is best when served piping hot, but if you live in Belleville, Bloomfield, Glen Ridge, Montclair and Nutley you are just a phone call away from having Senorita's on your table at home. - Jersey Shadow - 
Senorita's Mexican Grill
285 Glenwood Avenue
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Phone: 973-743-0099


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Morristown Deli, Restaurant and Catering - how's that for a mouthful!  A local Morristown mainstay for over twenty years, and if the morning I visited there for breakfast is any indication, another twenty years is on the way.  As their name implies they do it all here, but on this day it was breakfast that I sought and a delicious one that I received. 
Being the first day of Lent which meant no meat for me, I decided to go with a two fried egg sandwich on a hard roll with mayo.  This New Jersey classic breakfast treat is one easily ruined if not made correctly and served as soon as it's cooked.  I've been disappointed many times ordering this in and around New Jersey, but on this day I got a good one and it was delicious - made correctly and served right away by a very friendly and professional server.  
So often when ordering a breakfast sandwich, it arrives all by itself on a plate, but mine arrived with some breakfast potatoes.  The potatoes were fine, but as I'm into flavor, a kicked up option would be a great addition for those of us like me who like spice.  Many are into just regular potatoes and I'm quite sure these basic ones are quite satisfying to those diners.
The cheese omelet ordered by my guest arrived looking perfectly cooked and quite plentiful.  I was assured that it was delicious and it was served with the same potatoes.  This locally popular place  has somewhat unusual hours and is closed on Mondays.  I never heard of a deli closed on a Monday, but it's clear to me that they march to a beat of a different drummer  and do things their way, and their way is quite good. - Jersey Shadow - 
Morristown Deli, Restaurant and Caterers
7 Elm Street
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 973-267-3766

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