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NJ Food Guide - March, 2009

Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food Reviews By The Jersey Shadow: Breanna's Italian Restaurant in East Hanover, NJ and Casa Maya in Gilette, NJ 


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Feedback is always welcome on all of my reviews.  Drop me an email if you like! - Jersey Shadow - 


Breanna's Italian Restaurant - Breanna's sits in a small little strip mall just off busy Route 10 in East Hanover, NJ.  This part of New Jersey is loaded with professionals always looking for something special and relaxing for lunch.
When arriving on this particular day, the restaurant didn't even look like it was open except for a lighted neon sign which is often left on by many a business regardless of whether or not they are open.   Not expecting the place to be open, it was a pleasant surprise to see that it was when at their doorstep.  I'm sure they lose some drive-by business, but it's the giant corporation across the street that should have a place like this packed instead of the few diners that were there on this day.  The decor was a little dated and could use a little freshening up, but the service was spot on, very pleasant, very friendly and very attentive.



 I decided to order the the Chicken Arrabiata which was a chicken breast sauteed with fresh garlic and balsamic vinegar and finished with a demi glaze which was good.  The dish (a special) came with fresh string beans, potatoes and a salad for $12.95.  Okay, not a stunning value but tasty nonetheless.  My guest ordered the marinated grilled shrimp served over tomato salad and baby greens and seemed to be quite satisfying.  This restaurant was much too quiet for this location, but there were a couple of other tables being served.  Later in the meal it was just us ,but then the door swung open and in came a few more people. 
Freshening the place up, cutting down the menu and the price to under 10 bucks for a special could really provide the spark this place needs to be special and get some corporate types through the door.  The few menu Items must be incredible, represent a real value and be memorable.
During my whole lunch I felt as though the staff wanted more customers to serve and that kind of work ethic and passion to succeed is always heartening to see.  The staff at Breanna's are the kind of people that make America great because they want to work hard to be the best.  If they can step up their game then there will be floods of people stepping through their door. - Jersey Shadow -
Breanna's Italian Restaurant
34 Ridgedale Avenue
East Hanover, NJ 07936
Phone: 973-581-1418


Casa Maya - $17.66 was the total for my recent lunch for 2 at Casa Maya and that represents an excellent value when the food is up to par and it was.  As the name reveals, the cuisine is Mexican and this cool little restaurant at the crossroads in rural Morris County is unique and worth the trip.  Who knows what an authentic Mexican restaurant is doing way out there, but it has been an area favorite for years.
To start lunch this day a generous bowl of tortilla chips arrived with fresh salsa which was very tasty and complimentary.  I went with one of my favorite starters the cold gazpacho soup which was extremely fresh albeit a little heavy on the cilantro for my taste.  I mention the cilantro in case you would like to order yours to taste since this can be overpowering to some people.  The chicken enchiladas ordered spicy was very good and the chicken was especially tended.  The fried beef tacos served over a bed of lettuce and tomatoes accompanied by sour cream and guacamole were really satisfying.  We ordered soft drinks which were generous in size and nice and cold.
Casa Maya has been a Meyersville mainstay for many years, and I suspect it will be around for many more.  On this day, most of the diners appeared to be regulars and looked to be quite pleased with their meals.  This place seems like a comfortable, dependable and very economical choice for an above average Mexican dining experience. - Jersey Shadow -
Casa Maya
615 Meyersville, Road
Gillette, NJ 07933
Phone: 908-580-0799

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