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May, 2005

Inside This Edition: Jersey Shadow Review: An American Grill in Greystone Park (Randolph), NJ, and Kelly's Tavern in Neptune City, NJ

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An American Grill - An  American Grill on Route 10 in Greystone Park (Randolph) is yet another surprise in a strip mall.  Its brick facade sets it apart from the rest of the mall occupants and once you enter, there's a feeling of serenity.  So many restaurants today are loud and noisy - this one is not.

The wait staff is clearly professional and well-equipped to explain the ingredients in each dish.  The menu is varied and for the most part moderately priced.  I did notice, however, that the beef dishes were quite pricey.  One of the beef offerings was twin filet mignons with gorgonzola cheese.  It was extraordinary and well worth the price - however, I could have done well with just one filet; unfortunately that  was not offered on the menu.

Breads and salads were excellent.  A shrimp dish with horseradish sauce and fresh vegetables was very flavorful but the shrimp were a bit overcooked. I must say, however, this was my only complaint.   Desserts were above average, and although we enjoyed our coffee at a leisurely pace, we were never made to feel that we were being rushed.  This restaurant should be added to your list for good, pleasant dining. -Jersey Shadow-

An American Grill
246 State Route 10
Greystone Park (Randolph), NJ 07950


Kelly's Tavern - Walking into Kelly's Tavern in Neptune on a recent and very cool Saturday, I was struck by just how crowded this bar-restaurant was and how diverse the patrons were.   Being very hungry this was a very good sign and lifted my expectations for this down-the-shore eatery.  Located just beside the new Belmar bridge, this traditional Irish Pub is full of good service, great food and a fun laid-back atmosphere.  You might have to break out a flashlight to read the menu, but it's well worth the effort. 

For me to rave about a place, it can't break any of my top 10 things not to do while dining out and this place not only met but exceeded my expectations even though it was quite dark inside.  My hot pastrami sandwich was served right away and very hot. In a word, it was awesome... so awesome, in fact, that I will go out of my way to go there in the future.  A buddy of mine had your basic cheeseburger and raved also about how good it was.  The prices are fantastic and the service is quick, friendly and competent.

I've not said this before in any of my reviews, but I highly recommend this place when in the Belmar area, and I'm quite sure that you won't be disappointed with this jersey-shore pub experience. -Jersey Shadow-

Kelly's Tavern
Highway 35 
Neptune City, NJ 07753
(732) 775-9517 

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