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May, 2006

Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food - Jersey Shadow Review: Brick OVEN Of Florham Park in Florham Park, NJ And Nutley Diner in Nutley, NJ 

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Brick OVEN Of Florham Park -There has been a lot of Buzz recently over in Florham Park, so I decided to  scope out the dining offerings.  Florham Park isn't exactly a hotbed of culinary selections, but I suspect that will change in the future with the arrival of the New York Jets and quite possibly a proposed private medical school.  The local landmark in Florham Park is The Little Red Schoolhouse which sits smack dab in the center of town.  Next door is a local lunch and dinner spot called Brick OVEN of Florham Park.
I arrived with a friend to check this place out and saw a lot of ties and dress clothes on diners which is always a good sign.  The dining area was comfortable, but a little too noisy.  Judging by the ceiling tiles it seems it's an issue they have tried to correct.  The food was good and arrived promptly, but I did catch some Jersey attitude when I asked for a refill on my coke, but that happens to all of us at some point.  It is pretty funny when a server wants to decide what's best for the customer.


They offer some fresh hot bread to start , which is nice.  I had a tasty grilled chicken and cheese sandwich with roasted peppers on fresh bread...  very good.  My guest had a tasty dish called Organica Salad with mixed field greens, goat cheese, sliced apples, walnuts and a raspberry dressing.  The individual pizzas that arrived at other tables while we were there looked very appetizing, and appeared to be a real hit.   Brick OVEN of Florham Park seems to be a lunchtime favorite with many and I wouldn't be averse to checking it out again someday. -Jersey Shadow -
Brick OVEN of Florham Park
162 Colombia Turnpike
Florham Park, NJ 07932
Main Phone: 973-822-0800



Nutley Diner - Diners are a big favorite of mine so I decided to stop for lunch at the Nutley Diner in Nutley, New Jersey.  As far as diners go, most fare pretty well in New Jersey, but dining in North Jersey can be rather traumatic if you are from out of State (even mid to Southern, New Jersey counts as out of State for this review) and not accustomed to some "North Jersey attitude" from the staff.  To my surprise and utter delight I couldn't find one thing wrong with this place.  Okay, it took the server longer than usual to show up to my table but when one of the managers swings by to get you a drink who could complain about that.  I was there for lunch and it's always nice to have some specials to choose from.
The diner is very nice inside with plenty of booths and tables.  I thought it very odd that there was no traditional counter seating, and then it dawned on me what they are going for here at the Nutley Diner ---  plenty of diner favorites and sit down restaurant meals.  The whole place has the feel of a cross between a great restaurant and a great diner.  Judging by the cross- section of people this day for lunchtime dining, it appeals to young and old.
As always, it's time to talk about the food and although it might seem hard to mess up a hot pastrami on rye it has happened plenty of times to me.  Today, however, I was treated to some nice lean pastrami on rye and exceptional fries.  I'm not real into squeezing those little mustard packets on my sandwich (I'm not at a sporting event or fast food joint), so I would have preferred some in a little cup like the Russian dressing I ordered as well, but when a customer is treated as well as I was, it just doesn't matter.  I'd go back to the Nutley Diner in a second and even out of my way to go there. The Nutley Diner has masterfully executed a new vision for the diner dining experience in New Jersey -Jersey Shadow -

Nutley Diner

372 Centre Street
Nutley, NJ 07110
Main Phone: 973-235-0937

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