Jersey Spin - May, 2010

Inside This Edition: NJ Food Reviews - Nicky's Firehouse Family Restaurant in Madison, NJ and Casa Turano in Nutley, NJ



Nicky's Firehouse Family Restaurant - Nicky's has been around since the early nineties serving up good, tasty fare in a raucous environment. A favorite of busy families, get ready to not dine in peace if you go to Nicky's.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but be forewarned and in the mood for a loud experience.

I've been to Nicky's many times over the years and on this evening was expectantly prepared for misbehaved screaming kids, and that's exactly what I got. What is happening to the American Family? Suddenly it has become the norm to allow the kids to run the show and either the parents are idiots or just plain ignorant. One thing is for sure and that is, with the exception of two beautifully behaved respectful kids this evening, the rest belonged at MacDonald's tearing up their play land instead of every corner of Nicky's.

Nicky's is a nice place and the staff are all good natured. I felt sorry for the crap the staff has to put up with just to make a living, but until parents that know how to parent arrive, it will be loud here and now on to the food.

The food is good, and the prices are exceptional.  I went with the Veal Rossini which was a Scaloppine of veal layered with prosciutto, tomato and mozzarella cheese prepared in a pesto cream sauce with sundried tomatoes.  The sundried tomatoes were an excellent addition to this dish and made the whole meal very tasty and the perfectly cooked veal completed the exceptional dish.  At $13.95 this veal dish represents one of the best dinner dining values in the area!

My guest ordered the Veal Francaise over angel hair pasta and cleaned the plate so thoroughly that not a morsel was left.  Success again.

There is no getting around the fact that as their name clearly says, Nicky's is a "family restaurant" so be prepared for some noise and raucous kids.  Add on to that cell phones going off with ridiculous ring tones and inept parents and you have "kids paradise."  Through it all the warm tolerant staff with enormous patience and grace gets the job done at Nicky's and it's a solid performer. - Jersey Shadow - 

Nicky's Firehouse Family Restaurant
15 Central Avenue
Madison, NJ 07940
Phone: 973-765-0565

Credit Cards Accepted

Casa Turano in Nutley, NJ - Can you say little restaurant big savings?  You better think of Casa Turano if you are in the Nutley area and want a good inexpensive sit-down meal.  For an unheard of price of under $45 dollars including an 8 dollar tip three of us (adults all) enjoyed a good Italian meal in this tiny place.

I ordered the Chicken Murphy that came with a side salad which was delicious.  I would have liked some hot peppers with my chicken but it was good nonetheless.  The fountain sodas were larger than what one usually runs into and the piping hot fresh bread and Garlic Knots were extremely delicious and enjoyed by all of us.

My guests ordered the Baked Ziti and Lasagna.  Both were very satisfied with their typical Italian fare.  There were certainly no complaints to be heard.

Casa Turano is a small place and people were arriving this evening for their take-out orders.  This is pizza land, no doubt, with a very high density of pizza parlors in the area.  The competition for the pizza / Italian food dollar in Nutley is among the fiercest in all of America.   With so much choice here every customer votes with their taste buds and their wallets .   Judging by the activity on this weekday night, this restaurant is thriving.  - Jersey Shadow -  

Casa Turano
600 Passaic Avenue
Nutley, NJ 07110
Phone: 973-667-7333

Credit Cards Accepted



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