Jersey Spin - May, 2011

NJ Food Reviews - Provesi in Morristown, NJ And Don Pepe in Pine Brook, NJ



Provesi - Provesi in Morristown is located in an area recently revitalized with new housing, entertainment and dining options. With increased dining options comes increased competition for the dining dollar. From the street Provesi looks like not much more than a pizza parlor but walking inside reveals much more.

On a warm spring evening recently, I decided to check out this restaurant for dinner. Inside, the place is comfortable and we were given our choice of where to sit which is a very cool move. The menu is expansive with some interesting twists, but I was in the mood for basic on this night, and I wanted a salad to start but it wasn't included in the price. Hmmm... what to do?

I know... I'll order the Veal Milanese which is veal served over salad for $21.95. Okay... not blisteringly expensive but not an exceptional value either. My guest ordered the Shrimp Scampi. The piping hot bread to start with olive oil was very good and my veal was very tasty and perfectly complimented over the salad. My guest remarked how good the Shrimp was, especially that it was perfectly portioned. Two entree's a couple of sodas and no dessert almost $60 with the tip.

All in all ,Provesi does represent an interesting dining option in Morristown among many other options.  It is one worth considering for sure, but be prepared for it to cost you more than a few bucks to dine there. - Jersey Shadow - 

50 South Street
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 973-993-1944

Credit Cards Accepted



Don Pepe Steak House - I decided to check out Don Pepe for lunch recently and was impressed by how busy it was.  My guest remarked how nicely decorated the place was which is a nice tidbit, but I was more interested in eating.  The steak sandwich jumped out at me and it was on it's way with the chef's salad my guest ordered.

A plate of complimentary bread arrived which was outstanding.  New Jersey
is home to some pretty awesome bakers and this bread alone would get me to
go back, because it was that good.  My sandwich arrived and it was an
actual piece of steak perfectly cooked on some more of that awesome bread.  It was delicious but it would have been much better with some caramelized
onions on it for example.  Still it was tasty by itself.  I didn't care for the fries... perhaps they were cooked in a different oil than I'm used to.

My guest had the chef's salad which was generously portioned with fresh meats and vegetables along with the unusual addition of steak cubes and grilled sausage.  It looked to be and was said to be delicious.  I wasn't astounded with my meal, but it was good overall and the staff could not have been friendlier or more appreciative.  Don Pepe is an old Jersey name in the restaurant biz and it's easy sometimes to get stuck in a rut from time to time, but with some minor tweaks this location can easily soar into greatness.  - Jersey Shadow -

Don Pepe Steak House
58 Route 46 West  
Pine Brook, NJ 07058
Phone: 973-808-5533

Credit Cards Accepted 



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