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November, 2002

Inside This Edition: Tucker's Restaurant in Beach Haven, NJ, Giordano's Bakery in Newark, NJ Movie Review - LOCK UP, Sand Bar in Jersey City, NJ and a Late Fall Jersey Drive 

Jersey Food - November, 2002

If you find yourself in need of an autumn / winter Jersey shore fix, you might want to journey toward the southern end of Long Beach Island to a place called Tucker's Restaurant.  Though Tucker's is filled to capacity and then some during the summer months, off- season, it's a cozy spot to have a relaxing, well-prepared meal.  The bar section of the restaurant offers half-priced drinks at happy hour and you may choose to dine there as well.  You may, however, choose to dine in the cozy restaurant area where a blazing fireplace adds much to the atmosphere.  You may choose between roomy booths or comfortable tables. 

The food at Tucker's is excellent.  At a recent visit, everyone at our table was more than pleased with the dinner selections.  The nut-encrusted, 14oz pork chop drew rave reviews from Party Pete who chooses to remain anonymous at this time.  Suffice it to say, if he says it's good, count on it being good.  The flounder Francaise and filet mignon with Bearnaise sauce drew rave reviews from our dinner party.  The vegetables served with all meals were also quite good and cooked to perfection.

Our group eats out frequently, and an observation of interest was the fact that the table was set with overly large, freshly-laundered napkins.  This may seem like a small thing, but it surely got our attention.

The service was very good and the overall experience was very pleasant.  A return trip is definitely planned for this fine establishment.

Tucker's Restaurant - Beach Haven, New Jersey 

Jersey Treasure - November, 2002

Giordano's Bakery in Newark, New Jersey, is great place to stop by to pick up some delicious Italian bread for Sunday dinner.  Located in a troubled section of Newark in a beautiful brownstone building, this small storefront offers fresh bread daily, and it's delicious!  It's always nice to see old mainstays not abandon their roots and old neighborhood tradition.  Just walking into this place you can sense that Giordano's has seen a lot from the Newark boom to the riots of 1967.  And through all the turmoil and urban challenges they have stayed and continued to serve their loyal customers.  Legend has it that Frank Sinatra had bread form Giordano's sent to him in California on a regular basis.  If I lived in California, I would do the same, but since I live in Jersey I can enjoy this delicious bread now with my favorite Italian dinner. 

Giordano's Bakery  - Newark, New Jersey 

Movie Review - November, 2002

Video Rental Pick:

LOCK UP - Rated R - Sylvestor Stallone delivers his most most impressive performance ever as a convict named Leone.  Leone entered the prison system as a good person convicted for taking the law into his own hands.  He realizes that taking the law into your own hands will put you in a place out of your hands and susceptible to unspeakable mental and physical cruelty.  Donald Sutherland plays an obsessed prison warden who transfers Leone from a minimum security "lock up" to Gateway for hard time.  If the outside of Gateway looks familiar, it should, as it is really Rahway now named East Jersey State.  The scenes in this picture are gritty and very realistic as the darkness and coldness of this real-life prison mirror the darkness of its warden.  We never know if Leone is going to live through the bad choice he made until the very end.  John Amos play a very tough but reasonable leader of the guards.  If Leone is to have a shot at a normal life ever again, he will need his reason to make it happen.  Does he make it?  You will have to rent this one to find out.  LOCK UP is well worth the time and is thought -provoking for anyone interested in the reasons people do what they do and the consequences they often pay for those choices. 

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - November, 2002  

Look out New York there is a big league dance club right here in Jersey called The Sand Bar in Jersey City, NJ!  This club offers big club atmosphere and spacious rooms for relaxing and dancing.  This place was packed and enjoyable when I was there this past summer.  I'm sure every night the Sand Bar is open is quite memorable.  The Sand Bar comes complete with outdoor grill and a view of Manhattan that can't be beat.  Can't hear yourself think on the dance floor inside, no problem, just hang out on the deck when it's open for easier conversation.  The Sand Bar offered some awesome Latin beats the night I was there.  The club offers a cover charge discount for arriving early!  This place holds tons of people and as a special bonus stays open until 3AM.  I'll put this place up against the big boys in NYC any day!  The Sand Bar is so convenient for those who live in Jersey City because all they have to do is drive out to the river and park in an enormous lot.  The Sand Bar is an exciting place with outstanding atmosphere and people.  It's definitely worth the drive from all points in New Jersey and even New York if NYC partygoers can be coaxed over the bridge or through the tunnel. 

Sand Bar - Jersey City, New Jersey 

Jersey Driver - November, 2002

Late Fall Jersey Drive - The richness of the fall foliage deepens as the temps continue to drop.  Heading up route 24 just outside of Morristown, the trees look so beautiful in the afternoon fall light.  The angle of the sun changes this time of year offering some very nice views of Jersey.  On a cool crisp day like this one the fall colors just pop so a camera is always nice to have along on any Jersey Drive, especially this one.  This part of New Jersey is very historic, and once in Mendham turning left on county road 646 east you will see some very tall trees and peaceful, preserved land heading into Jockey Hollow.  Jockey Hollow is a great place to see historic monuments and beautiful fall colors for picture taking.  This National Park is also a big hit for hikers, joggers and mountain bikers.  This Jersey Drive is just one of hundreds to be discovered in your neck of the woods or neighborhood.  It's always a treat to get in the car and explore this time of year with family and friends.  What's nice about any Jersey Drive is that you can always sneak as many of them into your schedule as you like by detouring from an errand or appointment.  Life's too short to always be stuck in Jersey traffic so take a detour and enjoy this time of year.

Late Fall Jersey Drive 

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