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Inside This Edition: Plantation Restaurant in Harvey Cedars, NJ; Jersey Treasure - Le Camera And Video in Trenton, NJ; Movie Review - TEAM AMERICA; Catch A Rising Star In Princeton, NJ and Feature - Newark, New Jersey - A Forgotten Era | November 2004  

Jersey Food - November, 2004

Harvey Cedars has a wonderful new gourmet restaurant full of flavor and classy elegance called Plantation Restaurant.  Sidling up to the large bar which offers all sorts of wonderful drinks and exceptional Mohito's can be a great way to spend a late shore afternoon.   Appetizers such as their crispy calamari are great with their tasty Mohito's.

Our group sat down to a lovely meal which began with fresh salads all around.  Of special note was the salad with field greens, candied walnuts, fried cranberries, goat cheese and walnut vinaigrette.  It's pretty hard to make much out of meatloaf but theirs was by far the best I've ever tasted and the cheddar cheese mashed potatoes were just perfect with it.  Others in the group remarked how they enjoyed the center cut pork chop with chili glazed center and Fettuccine Alfredo with gulf shrimp and sun dried tomatoes.

The Plantation Restaurant is an adventuresome mix of traditional dishes with an eclectic upscale twist unlike most shore eateries.  The restaurant is located where The Owl Tree used to be for those that have been to the area, and it's sure to be around for a long time if the quality of the food, atmosphere and location are any indication.

Plantation Restaurant - 7908 Long Beach Blvd., Harvey Cedars, New Jersey Tel. 609-494-8191

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Getting Around:
Train & Bus: New Jersey Transit
Ferry: New York Waterway
Area Airports:  Port Authority - New York & New Jersey

New Jersey Has A New Color: New Jersey now has their very own Crayola Crayon color called NEW JERSEY BOARDWALKThe very earthy brown color is sure to be the brunt of many jokes but it's no joke that without New Jersey there would be no "boardwalk."

Jersey Treasure - November, 2004

New Jersey is always full of surprises and treasures of all kinds found throughout our great state.  The late fall provides for so much delightful scenery with the leaves falling and the sun changing the light all around us.  Many photographers love this time of year and seek to capture the colors and nature's spectacle.

What type of camera is used to capture beautiful images is a hotly debated topic; some prefer digital, some prefer film.  Digital is here to stay and has made steady inroads into all levels of photography.  Many agree that while digital is convenient and speedy it just doesn't have the quality of a well-exposed film image.  Many people don't mind using the digital cameras as evidenced by sales figures.  For some though. film is the way to go.

Ever wonder where those old film cameras go?  Sure, like everything else Ebay has many, but there is also a Jersey Treasure tucked away in a small strip mall on Rt. 1 in Trenton, New Jersey.  Le Camera & Video has all types of cameras and lenses from old Canons, Nikons and even Leicas.  The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.  For someone in Jersey that has an interest in film photography Le Camera might have just what you are looking for to complete your camera kit or start a new one.  Sure there is Ebay but there is nothing like getting in your car and being able to actually touch and inspect the old camera or lens you wish to buy.

Many people feel that new is always better, but there are just as many who believe that the old tried and true stands up better.  When one looks at a beautiful Jersey picture, the equipment becomes secondary to the results.   Le Camera & Video is a Jersey Treasure filled with quality old cameras built to stand the test of time and to capture the passage of it.

Le Camera & Video  - 2781 US Highway 1, Trenton, NJ Tel. 609-771-8787

Jersey Spin Factoid: President George Washington proclaimed the adoption of Thanksgiving Day by the Congress as a national holiday following a resolution of an Elizabeth, New Jersey man named Elias Boudinot.  Boudinot also served as the Continental Congress president.

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Vintage Newark, New Jersey Store Charge Cards

Things to Do - November, 2004

Jersey Feature - November, 2004

11/12 - 11/14 Cape May Jazz Festival - An entire weekend of performances large and small, fun and near the beach - Convention Hall - 714 Beach Drive, Cape May  - 609-884-7277
10/9 - 11/21 50th Annual Surf Fishing Tournament In LBI - Long Beach Island - Blue Fish & Stripped Bass - Daily, Weekly & Grand Prizes - In The Surf & On The Beaches - Long Beach Island, NJ - - 609-494-7211

 9/4 - 11/21 New Jersey Film Festival - New Brunswick, NJ - Rutgers University - Workshops - Screenings - Guest Industry Professionals - - 732-932-8482

Newark, New Jersey - A Forgotten Era 

With the onset of the holiday season, it seems to be the time of year when memories of years gone by come flooding back.  There is so much being planned for the revitalization of Newark, that one can't help to remember how vibrant that city used to be.

In the 1940's and 1950's Newark was a thriving metropolis.  Young people from the suburbs headed to Newark looking to fill the many job opportunities at banks, department stores, insurance companies, manufacturing companies and a myriad of other positions to be found there.  It provided what small-town New Jersey was missing.

People have the tendency to forget that it was not too long ago when there was no such thing as a "mall."  All shopping was done at local shops throughout the towns where you lived.  If you had the need to shop in a department store, then you headed to New York or Newark.

It's sad to realize that all the wonderful stores that lined Broad Street, Halsey Street and Market Street have fled the city.  Shopping in Hahnes with it's wonderful elevator operators calling out what could be found on each floor was great fun,  Bambergers was always "all dressed up" for the holidays with a wide variety of merchandise.  If you were looking for a bargain, you headed for S. Kleins or Orbachs.  Kresges was another wonderful store, less expensive than Hahnes, but more upscale than Kleins or Orbachs.  Most of those stores are just memories now.  Progress?  Maybe yes -  maybe no.

Young people thought nothing of hopping on a bus in the suburbs - going to Newark for the day, doing some shopping, going to dinner and heading back home in the evening.  Those days were certainly more carefree and many of us miss that lively city that fell into decay after the riots in the 1960's when so many businesses closed their doors.

There seems to be a slow resurgence underway in the city; pockets of Newark have come back to life.  NJPAC is bringing people back to the city.  Wonderful restaurants can be found in the Ironbound section with its well-cared for homes and Portuguese population which is so vital to the city.

Newark, with its beautiful old buildings and historical churches is a large part of New Jersey's collective nostalgia.  Wouldn't it be great to see this city restored to some of its former vibrance and unique importance.  For the time being, however, many of us have pleasant memories and are holding good thoughts for the future.

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - November, 2004

Catch a Rising Star Comedy Club in Princeton, New Jersey                            

 There is nothing like a good laugh to elevate one's mood and take one's mind off everyday life.  Catch a Rising Star Comedy Club in Princeton, New Jersey, has been delivering the laughs for over seventeen years.  The club is located inside the Hyatt Regency in Princeton conveniently just off of Rt 1.

The club is very cozy and quite enjoyable.  The Catch A Rising Star network of clubs has a distinguished list of alumni including Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Lovitz and Chris Rock.  Comedians of all types stop in at Catch A Rising Star in Princeton to perform some of their tried and true humor or to test some new material.

Most comedians rarely pass up an opportunity to take a shot at New Jersey and what better place to try a joke about New Jersey or someone from New Jersey than in a New Jersey comedy club.  It takes a brave soul to joke about our State in front of natives, and if you are lucky enough to catch a funny act about New Jersey at the club you are sure to laugh and isn't that why you went in the first place?

Catch some jokes and some fun at Catch A Rising Star in Princeton, you will be glad you did. 

Catch a Rising Star Comedy Club -  Hyatt Regency Hotel - 102 Carnegie Center Princeton, NJ 08540 Tel. 609-987-8018

State Motto:  Liberty and Prosperity
State Bird:  Eastern Goldfinch


Movie Review - November, 2004arch, 


TEAM AMERICA blazed across film screens recently as an equal opportunity offender bashing all and taking no prisoners.  The Boys of South Park know that there is no better, more stinging comedy than that which is rooted in the truth.  The Boys have put the "F" back in "Freedom" and yes the "wood" back in "Hollywood" filmmaking as celebrity is ripped to it's very essence.  The Hollywood elite better not get to preachy or holier than thou around these filmmakers because they just might find themselves immortalized in wood as a puppet with their wimpy political dogma and all.

TEAM AMERICA sets out to infiltrate and annihilate evildoers and Hollywood enablers caught up in dangerous plots to destroy the world.  The film is absolutely hilarious as it exposes flawed dogma and stupidity run amok in idiots with pea brains housed in colossal egos.  This is a no holds barred and no prisoners taken approach to filmmaking, and either you will get the message or not and you will either laugh or not. 

You may not agree with their message but in the spirit of TEAM AMERICA the choice is up to you if you are a wimp or a jerk and they don't care which one you are but be warned that wimps and America haters will be chased around the world.  Some people surely pulled a lot of strings to get this movie made but in "Hollywood" as in many other institutions the bottom line is the real puppet master.

America wants it and TEAM AMERICA delivers it.  The boys and girls on strings would have it no other way.

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