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November, 2005

Inside This Edition: Jersey Shadow Review: Voodoo Steakhouse in Ship Bottom, NJ And Shanghai Jazz Restaurant And Bar in Madison, NJ 

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Voodoo Steakhouse - There are three main components that make up a dining experience:  food, comfort and service.  When all of these elements come together you get a good dining experience, and if done to exception, a great dining experience.
Voodoo Steakhouse in Ship Bottom, NJ, offers the most impressive dining experience I have ever come to enjoy in New Jersey, in fact, it was so impressive it was almost "Voodoo"- like in its perfection.
The word "perfect" should never be used in a review of a restaurant because it leaves no room for improvement, but when a meal is as perfect as this one was, there is no other word to use other than simply "perfect."  Let's take a closer look at those three elements that make up a great dining experience and see what Voodoo did right on this night.


Food - The food was, first and foremost, of the highest quality and was superbly prepared.  For beef connoisseurs there was even Kobe beef on the menu.  Our party had Filet Mignon, New York Strip and Lobster all cooked to absolute perfection and served with family style (out of this world) mashed potatoes and vegetables.  For raw meat lovers, there was even a Beef Carpaccio on the appetizer list, and for salad lovers a nice selection of giant garden fresh salads.  You probably won't have much room for dessert, but if you do, the decadent Banana's Foster might be for you and was delicious.
Comfort - Voodoo Steakhouse is extremely comfortable and quiet with enormous high-backed booths and elegantly set tables.  The last place you would ever think you are dining is at the Jersey Shore.  The dining room is big enough for a nice crowd but small enough not to lose the small place feel.
Service - The service couldn't have been better...  When seated, our table was given complimentary bottled water both sparkling and non-sparkling to start our meal.  The server was well-trained, very experienced and very friendly. 
What was additionally impressive about the Voodoo Steakhouse was that it felt as if we were their very first customers, ever, and for diners to feel that way, something very special is going on at this restaurant.  It's clear that everyone at Voodoo loves what they do and delivers magic with perfection. - Jersey Shadow -
Voodoo Steakhouse
21st. Street & The Boulevard
Ship Bottom, NJ 08008
Main Phone: 609-494-4777


Shanghai Jazz Restaurant And Bar - Most Jazz clubs provide great jazz and mediocre food or good food with mediocre jazz.  It seems difficult to give equal attention to both.  Shanghai Jazz in Madison, New Jersey does.

The inside of this establishment is warm and inviting.  Spilt into the bar area and the more upscale dining room, you somehow don't have a feeling of separation.  The eat-in bar area overlooks the main dining room where the evening's jazz is being performed.  There is no elevated stage, giving a feeling of a group of musicians playing wonderful music in your home as you enjoy your dinner - and rest assured you will enjoy your dinner!
Their menu is primarily upscale Asian, as would be expected.  The wide variety of choices offers everything from typical Lo Mein to gourmet offerings of lamb, seafood, beef, pork and chicken.  I very much enjoyed a flavorful Chicken Curry while my dinner partner ordered General Tsao's Chicken, a particular favorite.  Desserts are spectacular.
The staff is well-trained and attentive.  The owner takes a hands-on approach, circulating among the diners to make sure everyone is enjoying the food and dining experience.
This restaurant/jazz club should go to the top of everyone's list.  Try - Shanghai Jazz - You won't be disappointed. - Jersey Shadow -
Shanghai Jazz Restaurant And Bar
24 Main Street
Madison, NJ 07940
Main Phone: 973-822-2899

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