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November, 2006

Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food - Jersey Shadow Review: Muse Restaurant in Morristown, NJ And Arlington Diner in North Arlington, NJ 


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Muse Restaurant - I finally ventured up onto "the green" in Morristown and checked out the Muse Restaurant.  It looked interesting from the street with it's blue painted facade and it turned out to be interesting inside as well.  Morristown can be an expensive place to dine and one would think that this prime location would be pricey but it wasn't at all, in fact, it was quite a good value.  Lunch for two with soft drinks and a complimentary dessert and generous tip was just $26.00. 

The menu is simple with much of it Greek dishes...  very healthy and tasty.  I went with the grilled chicken gyro and my guest the roast turkey pannini, both very good.  The place was very relaxing and comfortable.  For all those who have come to learn of my disdain for rude diners, there was a nicely made plaque for all to see banning cell phone usage in the restaurant.  With all the construction going on in Morristown including the demolition of Epstein's next door, this place might not survive but it well should and hopefully it will.  Muse is a nice ethnic addition to this changing area. - Jersey Shadow - 

Muse Restaurant
11 South Street
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 973-292-4873

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Arlington Diner - An old pro in the waitress profession sidled up to our table and bellowed "Whaddayoose drinking?"  The Arlington Diner hasn't changed one bit I thought to myself and is an obvious mainstay on this side of the Passaic in North Arlington.  The stainless steel facade and large neon sign beckon all who cross the river from the Belleville side or those who pass by from the Arlington side.  While the diner wasn't invented here it was perfected here and New Jersey is without rival as the "Diner Capital Of The World."

The "Jersey Diner" really is in a class all it's own apart from the other places I write about, but most Jersey natives expect a lot and usually get a lot at their local Jersey diner.  While it is possible to get a bad meal at a diner in Northern New Jersey I've noticed that it doesn't happen all that often.

The diners this day were classic Northern New Jersey...  regulars young and old.  I went with the Pastrami Reuben and my guest the classic Tuna Melt.  Sometimes more is better and today was one of those days as I was rather hungry.  All the food we ordered was good and my fries were better than good.  I asked for extra Russian dressing which never came with the meal but did arrive later to an admission that is was forgotten.  I don't much care for those pesky little mustard things that one gets with a ballgame hotdog that came with my lunch, but oh well.  If you aren't from around this part of New Jersey you might be offended by the rather colorful scenes often found in this areas local diners but don't be...  just enjoy the food and soak up the atmosphere.  Remember it's not just a meal... it's an adventure! - Jersey Shadow -
Arlington Diner
1 River Road
North Arlington, NJ 07031
Phone: 201-998-6262


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