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Jersey Spin - November, 2007

Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food - Jersey Shadow Review: Bacchus in Fairfield, NJ and Portofino's Restaurant in Morristown, NJ


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Feedback is always welcome on all of my reviews.  Drop me an email if you like! - Jersey Shadow - 

NJ Restaurant Reviews

Bacchus - I had the recent occasion to stop by for lunch at a place I've been meaning to try for quite some time.  Bacchus is an interesting place along heavily traveled Passaic Avenue in Fairfield, NJ.  Upon entering, a guest and myself were warmly greeted and sat at a beautifully set table along one windowed wall across from a full bar and private dining room.  The menu looked fantastic and by every measure, it looked as though we might be in for something special.
The restaurant business can be perilous with razor-thin margins and the pressure to deliver day after day.  It's abundantly clear that Bacchus works well and knows what it's like to get a customer and make him or her a regular if at all possible.  Professional, friendly service backed by tremendous cooking and first rate ingredients and preparation made this place stand out for me in a big way.

I had my eye on the steak sandwich and steak salad but the special filet mignon with arugula salad and cheese wrap captured my interest.  I've found that "wraps" in general can be just awful when they aren't dressed right and spotty in flavor.  Without a doubt and without question this was the best wrap I have ever eaten and every single bite was full of flavor, full of filet mignon and perfectly dressed ... wow!  There is some real talent here in the kitchen and my guest raved about her warm grilled chicken wrap with Caesar salad as well.
There is a tremendous amount of thought that went into the menu as well with healthful selections and different price points for different budgets perfect for a business lunch or post shopping tour.  This is a real find for me and it meets my tough standards.
As everyone knows I can be very tough on a place but always fair and honest.  In the end it's the food that gets me back to a place and without a doubt I will be back. - Jersey Shadow -
318 Passaic Avenue
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Phone: 973-439-3901



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Portofino's Restaurant - Tucked away from the busy lunchtime favorites around "The Green" in Morristown is Portofino's in a nearby mostly residential neighborhood.  Portofino's is a quirky restaurant that serves lunch and dinner and ATM service as they don't take credit cards.  I arrived on a very cool fall day recently to sample lunch.
The place was chilly, literally, but I did take my jacket off as I don't like to eat with it on.  My guest however was simply too cold.  Okay so we were inside with outside temperatures, so I put the fact that I was cold out of my mind and proceeded to check out the menu.  I thought... hmmm maybe there is a good reason to not accept credit cards here as the prices for full lunch meals were astoundingly reasonable ... even cheap!
On this day Portofino's had an eerie empty feel to it as there was only one other table having lunch but it was Monday and it was after 1PM.  My basic house salad arrived and I must say it was very refreshing with crisp very fresh Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, shaved carrots and Italian dressing.  I hate how many chefs drench the greens with water then never properly dry them before serving.  This salad, although quite basic, was just perfect and at under 3 dollars quite a value.  My Chicken Patricia at $7.95 was on the way and it arrived with a side of linguini.  The chicken was served in a bowl and prepared with artichoke hearts and pepperoncini, an odd combination I thought but it had a bite to it and it was quite good and quite filling.  Throw in some dollar soft drinks and what a great value.  My guest liked her Manicotti very much.
All in all I'd say if you live, work or visit the area,  Portofino's could be a place you might like.  Be sure to wear warm clothes and remember that it might be a little far for most to attempt to walk there from the green so be sure to factor that into any plans before checking this place out. - Jersey Shadow -
Portofino's Restaurant
29 Mills Street
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 973-540-0026

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