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Jersey Spin - November, 2008

Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food Reviews By The Jersey Shadow: GREGORIO'S in Chatham, NJ and Brookside Diner & Restaurant in Whippany, NJ 


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Feedback is always welcome on all of my reviews.  Drop me an email if you like! - Jersey Shadow - 


GREGORIO'S - Main Street in Chatham is part of an upscale suburban neighborhood in Morris County.  Restaurants come and go throughout New Jersey, in fact, GREGORIO'S replaced a previous restaurant.  GREGORIO'S in ALL CAPITAL letters (Why do places feel the need to do that?) offers Italian, Mediterranean Food.
I arrived one evening with a guest for a meal and hopefully a pleasant experience.  The appearance of this restaurant from the street evoked an expectation of a warm quality, and quiet experience.  Inside was nicely decorated with a good sized rather loud children's birthday party in progress.  The place was way too cold and jackets needed to be put back on. 


Some bread and a very tasty red sauce (or gravy as we like to call it in Jersey) arrived.  Cold bread is a mistake in my opinion in a place like this, but it was very good nonetheless.  The menu was very strong with much to choose from including traditional Escarole Soup on the special.  Entree's started at 16.95 and my Veal Artichoke was almost 23 dollars which is a lot, so it needed to be superb for a price like that. 
I began with the traditional Ceasar Salad which was excellent, perfectly made and dressed.  My veal arrived and looked amazing.  The veal was of very high quality, tasty and very tender.  The sauteed spinach was especially good and complimented the veal very well.

My dining partner chose the Penne with Sweet Italian Sausage, comprised of mushrooms, shallots, sausage, parsley, lightly dressed with a Parmesan cheese sauce.  There was a lot of oohing and aahing as well as "Oh boy is this good" so I think it's safe to say the dish scored a bullseye.

As we continued to eat our meals, the restaurant began to warm up and it got quieter.  Overall, GREGORIO'S provides superior food and an overall experience that has not far to go to become truly outstanding.   I certainly intend to plan a return visit.- Jersey Shadow -
Italian Mediterranean Cuisine
255A Main Street
Chatham, NJ 07928
Phone: 973-635-2777



Brookside Diner & Restaurant - The Brookside Diner in Whippany has been a local eating destination for many  years.  A choice with the older as well as the younger generation, the place can get rather crowded.  This place has only been just "okay" for me for many years until recently.  I'm happy to report that the Brookside has finally turned the volume up and now offers a better than most Jersey Diner experience. 
The inside has been fixed up and it's comfortable.  I was treated recently to very attentive and friendly service and a great burger with an awesome Italian twist.  The Caprese Burger came with a high grade melted mozzarella and topped with roasted red peppers.  The meat was fresh, cooked perfectly to my order and together with the cheese and peppers delivered a great taste and at an affordable price.
Also upgraded at the Brookside is the ordering system which is now computerized with nicely printed meal checks.  You are probably saying, so what's so great about a computer check system... it doesn't make the food taste any better.  Well, it quite possibly can, as the kitchen can undoubtedly manage the orders much more efficiently and also unburden the staff from having to total out a check themselves.
It's clear to me that the Brookside Diner has modernized and upgraded its product and service to meet the needs of a demanding public in these changing economic times.  The economy might not be so dependable in the future but the Brookside has positioned itself for maximum effort which may result in a much improved dependable dining experience. - Jersey Shadow -
Brookside Diner & Restaurant
699 State Route 10
Whippany, NJ 07981
Phone: 973-515-4433


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