Jersey Spin - November, 2010

NJ Food Reviews - Thai Passion in Chatham, NJ And Alexis Diner in Denville, NJ



Thai Passion Restaurant - Restaurants along Main Street have been popping up in recent years, and today there are many to choose from.  Among the offerings along this main street is Thai Passion Restaurant.  I stepped in one evening with a guest for an early dinner and was pleasantly surprised.  The dining room was cozy with traditional music in the background and a staff ready to please.


I went with the Thai Beef and a salad to start.  It seems that many places that offer food traditionally eaten with chopsticks don't bother setting the table with them anymore.  For me if they are there with the silverware I'll use them, if not, I won't ask for them.  My Beef dish was a generous portion of nicely cooked beef beautifully seasoned and spicy without being too much.  The salad starter was very fresh and perfectly dressed.

My guest had the Shrimp Curry, and it also was remarked to be delicious with  perfectly cooked shrimp in a pleasant and flavorful red curry sauce.  It's not too often that I find a staff as warm and genuine as this one.  If you are in the area, and have the urge for good, traditional Thai food served in a great atmosphere, then I highly recommend checking out Thai Passion Restaurant
- Jersey Shadow -

Thai Passion Restaurant
225 Main Street
Chatham, NJ 07928
Phone: 973-635-6600

Credit Cards Accepted


Alexis Diner - Most everyone from Jersey knows that New Jersey is the diner capital of the world.  The diner wasn't invented here (Connecticut holds that distinction) but it was perfected here and is a fabric of most people's lives in Northern New Jersey.  I pulled into Alexis Diner at sunset on a cool fall evening to a rather eerie scene for North Jersey, a virtually empty strip mall.

Most all of the stores were gone in this hardly poor area!  We are in a depression despite what anybody says with double digit unemployment and misery not seen in many people's lifetime, but this picture of no stores was bizarre.  It was especially so because the strip mall less than a mile away was thriving with open stores and filled parking spaces.

I parked easily, and stepped inside this inviting place despite the ghost town feel outside with all the empty stores and parking places.  I was greeted and seated at a ridiculously tiny booth for one person.  I mean really, would it hurt a place to add a foot to a single booth so the customer could not feel uncomfortable?  The menu was typical Jersey diner and there was no shortage of self promotion here with signs that said "Morris County's #1Diner" which is a rather bold statement.

I just ordered a burger at this "number one" diner as it was a good way to determine what the story is here.  It was the Jersey Burger with mozzarella cheese, mushrooms and onions on a hard roll with fries and a coke for a whopping $12.51 without tip - $15.00 with.  Not depression era pricing to say the least but was it any good?

Well... the burger was OK... not great nor even memorable, but the roll was superior.  Aside from the roll and decent fries, there wasn't anything to rave about here, and at $12.51 with a coke and tax, it hardly represented any type of value. The server was friendly and offered a refill on my coke, but I just couldn't see my way to pushing the cost of this meal any higher.  Times are rough for many diner patrons, and the only memorable thing I found here was that awesome roll, the $15.00 it took to get it and that eerie ghost town strip mall feel. - Jersey Shadow -

Alexis Diner
3130 Route 10 West
Denville, NJ 07834
Phone: 973-361-8000

Credit Cards Accepted



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