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October, 2002

Inside This Edition: Black Horse Pub in Mendham, NJ; The New Jersey Estate Sale; Movie Review - VAN WILDER; Famished Frog in Morristown, NJ and a Fall Jersey Drive 

Jersey Food - October, 2002

The Black Horse Pub in Mendham, New Jersey offers a most outstanding choice of reasonably priced luncheon items and pleasant atmosphere.  The pub is tastefully converted from a barn built in the 1700's.  The first step in a great dining experience is being comfortable and from what I could see every table and booth looked very comfortable.  Nothing turns me off more when dining out than dirty silverware and glasses.  The silverware and glasses were exceptionally clean.  The menu here is large especially for lunch ranging from pub fare to full meals.  On this particular day I was in the mood for your basic bacon cheeseburger and there was nothing basic about what was served.  You can tell a lot about a place when they pay close attention to detail even in the simplest of dishes.  Many feel it's hard to mess up a hamburger but I'm not one of them.  Actually, it's pretty easy to mess it up if the cook doesn't care but the cook sure cared when mine was prepared.  An extra helping of roquefort  cheese and 3 large strips of bacon complimented and completed my perfectly cooked burger.  My beverage of choice is a coke and here they are served in bottles which is a nice touch.  Also a very nice touch is that when I needed a refill I was brought another nice clean glass with ice.  Of special note was the service which was very good.  The mark of a good restaurant is service and the Black Horse Pub serves up great service with grace and professionalism.  Also noteworthy is that even though the hostess was busy she made it a point to deliver a warm "thank you" for coming.     

Black Horse Pub - Mendham, New Jersey 

Jersey Treasure - October, 2002

The New Jersey Estate Sale offers a great opportunity to experience a very interesting Jersey Treasure full of adventure.  Not to be confused with a traditional "garage sale" these sales are usually when a homeowner decides to liquidate the contents of their home.  These types of sales are very popular in this region of the country but what makes them Jersey Treasures are the old artifacts from Jersey's past which are often found there.  I have been to many of these types of events through the years and it always makes for an interesting trip.  Over the years I have found old seltzer bottles from Newark Beverage to antique diner fixtures from the old steel diner days manufactured right here in Jersey.  Often times one may see as I have in the past, old posters and memorabilia from the famed but extinct Palisades Park.  Look really hard and one might even find the old theme song in someone's basement!  Many who go to these sales are expert die hard shoppers but some, like myself, enjoy them for the unique Jersey Treasures often found there.  A nice feature of a professionally run  estate sale is the option to leave a bid on an item you like but feel too pricey.  When the sale ends if the item is still available and your bid is accepted, they will call you.  You never know what you might run across at one of these sales and on a recent trip I ran across an old ice box.  The wooden ice box needed work and I felt it was overpriced so I put in my bid.  I never did get a call on the ice box but on more than one occasion I have been called with an accepted bid!  Stop by one the next time you need a special piece of furniture or piece of Jersey memorabilia for your home and you might find just what you are looking for.    

New Jersey Estate Sale  - New Jersey 

Movie Review - October, 2002

Video Rental Pick:

VAN WILDER - Not Rated - Watch out fans of Animal House, there is a new kid on the block named Van Wilder!  Van is a lovable fellow who is the most popular student on campus as well he should be as he enters his seventh year.  Graduating is the least of Van's concern until Daddy, played by Tim Matheson of Animal House fame cuts his tuition off.  Van's "dare to be great" philosophy is shaken to it's foundation with no funds.  A hot female school newspaper reporter played by Tara Reid is given the assignment to uncover the real Van who doesn't do interviews.  Van is quite gifted and loves to help people realize their potential even if it's just throwing a cool party.  This guy has many gifts to offer the world but being molded into a traditional citizen is not one of them.  Van is not stupid, in fact he breezes through his studies like he's a member of Mensa but the only problem is he rarely goes to class.  This very funny comedy offers much more than sophomoric humor as is delves into the human condition and explores society and its players.  There are plenty of laughs in Van Wilder and he does offer a message of tolerance as love wins out over bigotry when Gwen dumps the jerk for Van.  The two fall in love and Van saves his college career.  What could be better?

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - October, 2002  

The Famished Frog in Morristown, NJ offers a very pleasant and relaxing place to meet with friends and maybe make some new ones.  There is a very interesting mix of people predominately over 25 and plenty over 30!  There is a nice overflow room beside the main bar complete with big screen television and another bar.  Peak times can get crowded but the noise level is very manageable for those who have trouble hearing in clubs like I do.  The Famished Frog is not a club but it is a very good choice for a night out when not quite up to venturing out to a club.  The drinks are well made and served in decent-sized glasses.  Drink prices and service are excellent even during peak times.  The staff is very careful not to let the "Frog" become overcrowded inside so getting there early is a good call.  Like any great local pub the people are what make it enjoyable and I have been there many times and have always found an interesting mix of Morris County people relaxing and having fun.  

Famished Frog - Morristown, New Jersey 

Jersey Driver - October, 2002

Fall Jersey Drive - October brings cooler temperatures and cooler colors to New Jersey every year.  There is nothing like a Jersey Drive this time of year and a great place to view the fall colors is a place called High Point.  Like the name says it's the highest point in all of New Jersey and comes complete with State Park for recreation.  Highway 23 north of Sussex offers pleasant views and nice switchback lanes as you ascend to High Point with plenty of fall colors this time of year.  The stress of everyday life melts away on these types of drives and offers such a nice treat for the busy person from New Jersey.  I decided to drive through Stokes Forest along Highway 206 then Rt. 94 on the return trip which offers more great views of fall foliage and pretty horse country.  You will see plenty of roadside stands to pick up a pumpkin or veggies and also flea markets and yard sales.  You might even see an artist painting a picture of a hillside like I did on this particular day.  Heading still further south I hooked up with Rt. 46 which took me along the Delaware river.  This section of Rt. 46 is very pretty and offers some pretty river scenes.  This Jersey Drive is a long one and I was getting hungry, so I pulled over and grabbed a bite to eat beside the river where this Jersey Drive ends.

Fall Jersey Drive  - NJ

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