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October, 2003

Inside This Edition: Red Chimney in Clifton, NJ; Ellis Island in New Jersey; Movie Review - SCARFACE; Black Bear Bar & Grill in Hoboken, NJ, and Feature - Fall In New Jersey 

Jersey Food - October, 2003

The Red Chimney has been a Route 3 mainstay for as long as I can remember.  New York commuters have been whizzing by this mini-landmark for years and from the outside the only thing that has changed is that the building is now white.  Locals in all the surrounding towns routinely head up to the highway for great burgers, hot dogs and other fare.  The Red Chimney is unique as it is arguably the last place in all of New Jersey where one can walk in and up to the counter and order a burger cooked to order with a cold beer.  You just can't find that anywhere else in New Jersey.  It was nice to be able to order a nice slice of raw onion on my cheeseburger deluxe as I did on a recent stop.  The prices are very reasonable and most any visitor can find something on the menu to their liking.  There is no wait staff at the Red Chimney, but there is a comfortable dining area complete with television for relaxing and eating.  Many stop here on the commute home from New York which is very convenient indeed.

All things change in time, but aside from some white paint over a building that was once red and some updating inside plus some additions to the menu, the place has stayed true to its roots.  Good food fast was the way it always was and still is at The Red Chimney. 

Red Chimney - Clifton, New Jersey

Jersey Treasure - October, 2003

Ellis Island, New Jersey... That's right New Jersey!  Visiting this Jersey Treasure on a Saturday in the Fall offers a wonderful day out in New Jersey.  Leaving from Liberty State Park in Jersey City the Ferry ride itself is nice especially up top with the breeze and stunning view of Manhattan and the Hudson river.  Many from New Jersey haven't been to the Island, but it's well worth the trip and for the money it can't be beat.  Much of the buildings are still in ruins but the main building has been restored and is impressively interesting. 

Looking out from the large windows in the great room, it's easy to imagine late seventeenth-century New York and all those tall ships in the harbor.  The main building has many artifacts from when this building was in use, including some of the belongings of immigrants who passed through.  There are also some original wool blankets in rooms where immigrants slept.  Once cleared for entry into the United States, some newcomers boarded trains in Jersey City for destinations in New Jersey and beyond.

The guided tour is highly recommended and is very interesting and informative.  While on the Island, you will never feel rushed and can take a Ferry back at your leisure.  There is so much to see and experience here and walking the grounds on the outside gives a good sense of what those getting off the ships first saw upon arriving.

There is a place to get a bite-to-eat on the Island and departing in the late afternoon is quite picturesque as the sun sets.  The whole experience from a nice drive to the park and Ferry ride to the island makes this a great Jersey Treasure!

Ellis Island - New Jersey 

Movie Review - October, 2003

Video Rental Pick:

SCARFACE - Rated R - This eighties masterpiece of the creation and destruction of a drug lord is by no means for everyone.  New out on DVD is this most stunning achievement of cinema.  Nowhere in cinema has the lure of easy money and what it does to a person been so comprehensively portrayed.  This film takes on an almost documentary film quality as it appears to portray a real life event.  Get ready to be watching this one for a while because it's very long, but well worth it if you like movies about the human condition.

There is nothing redeeming about Tony Montana portrayed by Al Pacino as he lands in Miami claiming to be a political refugee on a mission to get what's coming to him.  He and his gun rise to the top in short order.  His cruelty and greed catapulted him to the top, but not even he can stop his true nature.  The very traits that got him to the top betray him and lead to his downfall and eventual destruction.

SCARFACE delivers on every level especially soundtrack and the locations used.  The acting is flawless.  I'm quite sure the actors had an incredible experience making this one because it was incredible to watch.

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - October, 2003  

Hoboken is fun this time of year as everyone is back from the shore.  The Black Bear Bar & Grill is a great place where the young and hip meet and hang out.  The crowd is mostly mid 20's to late 20's.  On a recent Saturday night I checked out the club with a friend who knows Hoboken very well.  I usually like to get to any club early to get a good feel for it and to avoid any line outside.  I'm not one to wait in lines and if you aren't either getting there early on a Saturday night is a good plan.  The Black Bear is also a restaurant and the switch over to club was in full swing as we arrived.

There are two bars on two floors, and they need both of them.  This place is very popular and quiet enough to be able to talk.  The drink prices are reasonable, and there are televisions for the die-hard sports fans hungry for a college football score during the fall.

All in all both floors in the Black Bear offer a nice Jersey hangout with great people and atmosphere.  When we walked into the Black Bear, it was right through the door and when we left there was a long line out the door!  Check this place out - you won't be disappointed!

Black Bear Bar & Grill - Hoboken, New Jersey 

Jersey Feature - October, 2003

Fall In New Jersey 

The Fall In New Jersey is such a great time of year here and October is when it all starts to happen!  It's almost time to get out the rakes to tend to the falling of the leaves.  Also falling this time of year is the temperature which gives all those leaves their great colors.  For many in New Jersey the autumn is filled with great memories from years past and plans for a great fall this year.  This time of year offers some awesome day-trips!  New Jersey offers stunning views as diverse as our people, from the mountains of the Delaware Water Gap and High Point to the Pine Barrens of Wharton.

There is no place like New Jersey in the fall.  Many in New Jersey enjoy this time of year with all that there is to see and do.  With the change of season comes change in scenery as the leaves come down and winter approaches.  Jersey has always been a place of enormous beauty, and there is more variety than ever this time of year. 

Getting in the car for a day of picture taking of the fall foliage can't be beat.  Here is a Jersey Drive that I took last year that I highly recommend:

Jersey Driver - October, 2002
Fall Jersey Drive - October brings cooler temperatures and cooler colors to New Jersey every year.  There is nothing like a Jersey Drive this time of year and a great place to view the fall colors is a place called High Point.  Like the name says it's the highest point in all of New Jersey and comes complete with State Park for recreation.  Highway 23 north of Sussex offers pleasant views and nice switchback lanes as you ascend to High Point with plenty of fall colors this time of year.  The stress of everyday life melts away on these types of drives and offers such a nice treat for the busy person from New Jersey.  I decided to drive through Stokes Forest along Highway 206 then Rt. 94 on the return trip which offers more great views of fall foliage and pretty horse country.  You will see plenty of roadside stands to pick up a pumpkin or veggies and also flea markets and yard sales.  You might even see an artist painting a picture of a hillside like I did on this particular day.  Heading still further south I hooked up with Rt. 46 which took me along the Delaware river.  This section of Rt. 46 is very pretty and offers some pretty river scenes.  This Jersey Drive is a long one and I was getting hungry, so I pulled over and grabbed a bite to eat beside the river where this Jersey Drive ends.
Jersey Spin Heads Up^ - There are more great Jersey Drives in the Jersey Spin Archive

New Jersey offers some great experiences this time of year from day trips to the shore to enjoy the change of season to a pro, college or even high school football game.  Many Jersey farmers open their land for apple and pumpkin picking and even a hay ride.  Whatever your plan, there is always something great to experience as you enjoy the crisp autumn weather.  

Times change, but New Jersey remains timeless for it's unique beauty and diverse experiences.  You can take the person out of New Jersey but you can't take the New Jersey out of the person and the fall in New Jersey is just one more reason why!

Fall In New Jersey  written by Jerry Butler

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