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Inside This Edition: David Alan's Market Place in East Hanover, NJ; Jersey Treasure - Harvest In New Jersey - At Your Local Jersey Farm; Movie Review - GARDEN STATE; Texas-Arizona In Hoboken, NJ  and Feature - New Jersey - What Exit? | October 2004  

October, 2004 

Jersey Food - October, 2004

With the fast pace of our everyday lives, most of us find we have a need to visit an eatery that provides take-out food.  More often than not, the choices vary little, pretty good food - kind of boring.  If you are tired of the "same old - same old" - then you should visit David Alan's Market Place in East Hanover.

Located on an off-shoot road between westbound Route 10 and southbound Ridgedale Avenue, David Alan's has the feel of an old-time country store.  As you look around, you're immediately struck by how fresh all of the food looks.  It's clear from all of the activity that nothing sits around too long.  Nor do the customers - there is plenty of staff and they're extremely efficient.

The sandwiches are large and varied.  Although you can order your favorite standard sandwich if you like, some interesting twists make for fare that is off the beaten path.  The delicious "Midtown" for $6.95 offers fresh (and I do mean fresh) mozzarella, roasted peppers, mesclun, arugula dressing on French bread.   Another interesting and quite tasty sandwich is the "Empire State" for $7.95 which is a balsamic London broil, grilled onions and horseradish cream on an onion roll.  For the salad lovers there is a mouth-watering on called simply "Fresh Mesclun" for $6.95.  This dish includes sun dried cranberries, mandarin oranges, caramelized pecans and crumpled bleu cheese.

Whatever your taste buds are yearning for, it's a pretty sure bet that you will find it at David Alan's Market Place.  For those who would rather not take their food with them, there is an area toward the rear of the store (away from the hubbub) where you can be seated at comfortable tables.  Eat-in or take-out, this is a place to try.

David Alan's Market Place - 6A Littell Rd., East Hanover, New Jersey Tel. 973-884-4041

Getting Around: Quick Links
Train & Bus: New Jersey Transit
Ferry: New York Waterway
Area Airports:  Port Authority - New York & New Jersey

New Jersey Traffic Innovations: Traffic Circle, Jug Handle, Jersey Barrier, Cloverleaf, Granting Public Funds For Public Road Construction, First Road-Sheet Pavement In Newark & First Public Road Act Formed Which Produced A Road From Piscataway To Middletown


Jersey Treasure - October, 2004

Harvest In New Jersey

Everyone in New Jersey is most certainly looking forward to the month of October and all it's pretty colors.  October is a bountiful Jersey Treasure with the fall harvest underway.  Our diverse landscape is home to more than just high-tech companies, sporting venues and architecture; it's still home even today to rich fertile farmland.  With open space laws in place and communities setting aside working farms, we will most assuredly be able to enjoy the fall harvest here in New Jersey for many years to come. 

Many farms have gone a step further as times have changed by creating an environment where people can come in and pick-there-own fruits, vegetables and pumpkins.  Many of these types of progressive farms offer hay rides as well.  It may be a sign of the economic times as working farms strive to maximize the most expensive acreage in the US, but this evolution for the New Jersey farmer has created a wonderful treasure of education, adventure and enjoyment.

The fall here in New Jersey offers some very pretty jersey drives and what better stop on one of these cool crisp days then a trip with the family to pick your own pumpkins and whatever else is in season.  Getting off our busy highways even for just a little while will most certainly relax the most stressed out as you get back to nature if only for a few hours.

Pick Your Own Farms
Northern New Jersey
Melickstown farm - Pick Your Own
Central New Jersey
Schaefer Farms Fall Family Fun
Eastern Central New Jersey
Battleview Orchards - Pick Your Own
Southern New Jersey
Johnson's Corner - Pick Your Own

Harvest In New Jersey  - At Your Local Jersey Farm

Jersey Spin Factoid: Baseball fans love this time of year as the World Series approaches.  The first World Series broadcast came from WJZ radio in Newark in 1921.  Baseball was born in New Jersey as well, in 1846 in Hoboken, New Jersey.


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Things to Do - October, 2004

Jersey Feature - October, 2004

10/23 - 10/24 Pumpkin Patch Weekend - Family Fun & Halloween Celebration - On The Grounds Of Liberty Hall - Make Scarecrows, Carve Pumpkins, Pony and Hayrides - Liberty Hall Museum 1003 Morris Avenue in Union - 908-527-0400
10/9 - 11/21 50th Annual Surf Fishing Tournament In LBI - Long Beach Island - Blue Fish & Stripped Bass - Daily, Weekly & Grand Prizes - In The Surf & On The Beaches - Long Beach Island, NJ - - 609-494-7211

 9/4 - 11/21 New Jersey Film Festival - New Brunswick, NJ - Rutgers University - Workshops - Screenings - Guest Industry Professionals - - 732-932-8482

New Jersey - What Exit? 

It is nothing short of amazing that traffic moves at all here in New Jersey but it does so and surprisingly well during non-peak times, especially when one considers that it is the most densely populated State.  Of course, talking to someone caught in traffic at peak-times could produce some negative sentiment to say the least.  There are some tough commutes in New Jersey  and even the toughest in the country which is, not surprisingly, the daily New Jersey to NYC commute by car.  When not traveling at rush-hour, things move pretty well most of the time, but of course many roads are always crowded and we are used to that fact of life.  

People from New Jersey have a sixth sense when it comes to navigating the roadways here, and what looks impossible to the untrained eye is at the least usually manageable to a local.  Locals know when to use the roads and when to just hang-out and wait it out.  Those who aren't up to a long tough ride to the shore during the summer for example will opt to stay off the Parkway during those crowded times or opt for a workaround route if they have to travel.  All in all, and with all things considered, it's really an achievement of modern civil engineering and planning that our roads move so many people so well.  Having said all those nice things about our roads and the miracle we can get around here at all is the good news, but like every story there are two sides.  Also included for everyone's driving pleasure or displeasure, depending on what route you are on, are some surprises and some downright stupid and quite inane rituals drivers endure in certain areas.. 

For our driving pleasure, for example, are the rapidly aging road signs along major highways nicely hung for easy view on traffic lights.  These signs were great in their heyday, but many are now faded and unreadable so if the road you seek is marked by one of these signs you may just drive right on by.  Jersey Drivers are used to crowded roads and are probably more experienced drivers because of it, but no amount of experience can surmount exits that aren't built yet.  Yes, it's true, that in this great State with all its riches you can't get off the northbound side of The Garden State Parkway and onto route 78 heading west.  Both of these roads have been around for quite some time, so where is the exit?  If your answer to that is "What exit?" you would be half right because while there is a direct way onto the eastbound lane, everyone must get on it even if your intent is to go west.  It's always fun for a Jersey Driver to have to drive in the opposite direction then turn around to change highways.  

New Jersey has always been the mother of invention in moving traffic better.  The traffic circle was invented here as a way to quickly route cars onto different roads.  Being a State of firsts usually means that as we progress things become obsolete.  The traffic circle is disappearing from the New Jersey highway landscape and that's the good news but in one unfortunate spot in Somerville, New Jersey, it was only half taken out which is an odd thing even by New Jersey standards.  All roads used to converge at the Somerville Circle, and now some do and some don't.  This situation is quite lame as motorists using some roads drive right through this congested area right over the circle and others must still endure the maze of a traditional circle underneath with an overpass on top.

Many outside New Jersey complain about traveling here and I'm quite sure that many from Jersey complain about the conditions in other states, all subjectively depending on day, mood and route.  One thing that isn't subjective is that New Jersey Highways move people and a great deal of them everyday and that's something in a place that is so crowded.  

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - October, 2004

Texas-Arizona in Hoboken, New Jersey

There is nothing more New Jersey than Texas-Arizona in Hoboken.  Conveniently located across the street from the historic Hoboken train station, this cool bar eatery offers up an extra stop for commuters and locals.  The crowd is seemingly your basic yuppie central, and if that's what you are into then this is the place for you.  Texas Arizona can get rather crowded at peak times, but if you like your club scene a bit raucous it won't matter at all.  In the bar parlance of "singles places" there seems to be a trend of stereotyping places to meet certain types of people and the women as well as the men choose Texas Arizona as a place where they can meet their type of Jersey Girl or Jersey Guy.

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays you can catch a local band playing and enjoy some uptown drinks to go with the uptown crowds.  The drinks include a full martini selection and a very generous assortment of international and domestic bottle beers.  Draft beers are also available with some international favorites on-tap.  If a Hoboken, New Jersey, night out is on-tap then Texas Arizona may be just the stop for you.

Texas-Arizona - 76 River St., Hoboken, New Jersey 07030 Tel. 201-420-0304

State Motto:  Liberty and Prosperity
State Bird:  Eastern Goldfinch


Movie Review - October, 2004arch, 


GARDEN STATE is an interesting tale of a man coming to terms with his past after returning to New Jersey for his mother's funeral.  In the heart of Essex County this rather morose tale takes place as Zach Braff's character is returned to face his demons and hopefully grow from the experience.  The very title of the film describes more about what this young man hopes to feel than where it takes place.  The basic story is very good but the film never really emerges from the just okay stage.  The dialogue is strange and noticeably lacking a "North Jersey" quality to it.

If the script went through some more character development and fine-tuning, this film could have been a real masterpiece of work.  GARDEN STATE is nevertheless a most unique film and far and above any other film set in New Jersey in the last several years.   The film makes one very important point and very well, and that is:  if you choose to face life you can be happy and for this young man coming home to the Garden State he might just grow despite a strange childhood.

While not the best film ever to come along, it is a notable achievement worthy of seeing.  Future works by Zach Braff are sure to improve and hopefully he will continue to set his films in the Garden State.


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