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October, 2006

Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food - Jersey Shadow Review: Antonio's Restaurant in Belleville, NJ And Pazzo Pazzo in Morristown, NJ 


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Antonio's Restaurant - Strip malls often offer great food finds in New Jersey.  I was especially excited when I found Antonio's Restaurant in Belleville, New Jersey, and had high hopes for something special.  The place sure looked authentic enough and the service was great but the food wasn't good at all.  Perhaps I just caught them on a bad night, but I like my veal marsala tender not like an old tennis shoe.

It pains me to be so harsh but a very overdressed salad set the tone for what turned out to be a not so enjoyable meal.  The experience was disappointing on many levels because I love to find new places for myself and my readers and Antonio's sure looked like the real deal --  but it just wasn't.

We have all had a bad meal now and then and we all love it when we can come to depend on a place for a delicious meal.  It's never a good sign when a restaurant can't do well with the basics. 


As I sat trying to eat my very tough veal I finally just gave up and thought to myself that a good meal always starts at the beginning with the ingredients and the best chef in the world couldn't make the piece of veal I was attempting to eat more palatable.  There are some amazing butchers in this part of New Jersey who could do this place a world of good.  I'd like to give Antonio's the benefit of the doubt -- just maybe I stopped by on a bad night, but consistency will win a diner over every time. - Jersey Shadow - 
Antonio's Restaurant
371 Franklin Avenue
Belleville, NJ 07109


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Pazzo Pazzo - Dining outside on a cool sunny day can be quite delightful so I checked out Pazzo Pazzo in Morristown.  Warm and friendly, the hostess sat me down outside at a lovely table.  On this day the terrace seemed to be rife with rude activity from the patrons -- not the staff.  Imagine escorting a diner (that would be me) to a table and having some bozo in a suit pop up in the face of the hostess demanding to know where the bathroom was?  To her credit and my delight she ignored the creep and saw me to my table. 
Maybe it's me... maybe it's New Jersey but does anyone else think it's rude to talk on a cell phone when dining?  A rather self-aggrandizing couple ended up seated beside me as I was enjoying a generous bowl of large olives and fresh bread.  People talk in restaurants and have done so for as long as there have been restaurants but the cell phone has become a public nuisance and a benchmark for poor table manners.  Personally I leave mine in the car because I don't feel the need to subject diners to such annoyances.   As mentioned earlier though, on this day, the rudeness was from the patrons not the staff who were quite friendly, polite and efficient.  

My chicken tricolore salad was tasty and plentiful.  The salad was very finely chopped which not only made for easy eating, but also seemed to enhance the flavor.  If I could have ordered some non rude people to dine with then it would have been a perfect lunch but Pazzo Pazzo did their part and I'd be happy to return.  Perhaps a no cell phone policy for the future? Hmmmm might not be a bad idea at all! - Jersey Shadow -

Pazzo Pazzo
74 Speedwell Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 973-898-6606

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