Jersey Spin - October, 2011

NJ Food Reviews - Mackenzie's in Mendham, NJ And Whippany Diner in Whippany, NJ



Mackenzie's - In the Mendham shopping center sits a little pub called Mackenzie's which has been serving up steaks, salads and pub fare since 1995.  I actually discovered this place from a coupon for $10 off in a recent mailer.  My founding belief when writing these reviews is to spend my own money on my meals as it delivers the most unbiased results.  Big media often has expense accounts for their reviewers which is never good for an unbiased review.

The food was good this day although a little pricey with the burger I ordered well over $13, but I had the coupon.  I know it's Mendham, but the price was a little steep.  At 5pm, being the only people there, perhaps the problem is this economy;  however, in the end, a place does need customers.

I started with a Caesar salad which was absolutely delicious with fresh crisp romaine, home-made croutons and perfectly dressed.  My burger was delicious with sauteed onions, melted cheese and Wasabi mayo which I would have liked to have had a bit more.  The fries were remarked as delicious, and of special note, the bread and corned beef on my guests Reuben sandwich were outstanding.  I've been drinking water for my health with my meal and my glass did sit empty on the table... a refill would have been nice.

All in all it was a good experience, but although the dining area was empty,  there were some people drinking and dining at the bar.  Who knows what's up with the lack of customers, but in this economy price drives business.  Hopefully Mackenzie's will always be willing to adapt to the times if it's needed to help them continue to prosper.
 - Jersey Shadow -

88 East Main Street
Mendham, New Jersey 07945
Phone: 973-543-0025

Credit Cards Accepted - Full Bar





Whippany Diner - There is nothing like new ownership and new management to spruce up a tired old neighborhood diner, and it's a joy to write about when it happens.  The Whippany diner is located, where else, but Whippany, New Jersey.  It has made a strong comeback from irrelevance.

The outside has been spruced up with a newly paved lot and the inside renovated.  I've actually eaten there a few times since it reopened because it's that good.  The place is immaculate and the food is incredibly fresh and well prepared.  Word of mouth with positive feedback is starting to spread here as the place seems to be getting busier each time I arrive.

I usually don't stray too far off the basics when eating at a diner because it can be real easy to get a bad meal, but I wanted the BBQ spare ribs.  They were delicious and perfectly cooked.  The house salad was good as well and really fresh.  Their house tuna salad is especially good, in part because the tuna is high grade.  It goes well on top of their Greek salad, but it would have been even better served on a cold, not hot, plate.

The portions  are generous with prices that are fair and thoughtful.  No question this is now an excellent establishment reborn from the true American entrepreneurial spirit.  The staff is warm, very professional and friendly.  In addition to filling a void in this area with a great diner, the owners have done their part to create meaningful jobs and of course an excellent mealtime option for local residents, workers and visitors.
- Jersey Shadow - 

Whippany Diner
417 Route 10
Whippany, NJ 07981
Phone 973-428-5054

Credit Cards Accepted



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