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September, 2002

Inside This Edition: Baker's Wharfside in Point Pleasant, NJ; Hobby's Deli & Restaurant in Newark, NJ; Movie Review - THE TOXIC AVENGER; Martell's Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant, NJ and Drive on the beach at Island Beach State Park

Jersey Food - September, 2002

Baker's Wharfside in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, offers much more than a pleasant dining experience.  Beautiful bay views and easy parking even for your boat make this a nice place to enjoy a year-round dinner.  Often a restaurant noted for it's seafood really can't cook much else, but at Bakers' Wharfside everything is very good from the salads prepared at the table right through dessert.  Baker's Wharfside is a most pleasant Jersey experience and plan on getting there early to avoid a long wait.  Of course if you do have to wait it would be at their very comfortable bar.  When vacationing down the shore or taking a drive it's a great choice for lunch or dinner.  Diners remark on how good the seafood dishes are and on a recent trip our group was not disappointed.  Hush puppies, served with warm bread made quite a hit with our dining party.  The service is exceptionally good here and the portions are plenty.  It's always a sign of a great meal and great restaurant when one wants to return, and I for one wanted to the next day.  Typically, shore dining establishments don't offer much year-round, but Baker's Wharfside is open all year and offers a unique and pleasant experience in the heat of summer and the dead of winter.  

Baker's Wharfside - Point Pleasant, New Jersey


Jersey Treasure - September, 2002

Hobby's Deli & Restaurant is an outstanding place of distinction located in one of New Jersey's most promising urban revitalization areas.  Newark, New Jersey, has been called by some an experiment that simply failed, but I have always viewed it as a place of enormous potential in need of change.  Well the light of change is in the air and downtown Newark could turn out to be better than it ever was.  Hobby's is much more than one of the finest delis in New Jersey; it's also an institution and a beacon of hope that has cast it's positive light over Newark during it's darkest days and the dawn of a new beginning.  For decades, like a loving parent, this small family-owned establishment has served up meal after delicious meal to it's lunchtime regulars from the nearby courthouse and large and small businesses.  This establishment could be successful anywhere in New Jersey and yet it has stayed loyal to its customers and its city.  Hobby's is a real Jersey Treasure, and no matter where you live in Jersey, it's worth the trip.  If you go to Hobby's, be warned because it could become a habit.  Yes, Hobby's is that good and that unique a Jersey experience.  Parking is a breeze and the food is outstanding.  A fully dressed pastrami on rye is the best and there are plenty of specials.  It takes more than great food, service and free parking to be a Jersey Treasure, and Hobby's serves up a great thank you to all it's loyal customers day after day.  Hobby's stands tall as a shining example of the old Newark heritage at the ready to embrace and be an integral part of what promises to be an amazing future for downtown Newark, New Jersey.

Hobby's Deli & Restaurant - Newark, New Jersey 

Movie Review - September, 2002

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What do you get when you cross filmmakers looking to exploit Jersey's negative image as a polluted wasteland with a new spin on superhero?  You guessed it...  You get the THE TOXIC AVENGER.  The trashing of New Jersey doesn't stop with it's environment in this amazingly well-constructed film, but Jersey people also get trashed.  Portrayed as a toxic wasteland, the people of New Jersey set off on their mindless agendas complete with ignorance, corruption and excessive use of drugs and alcohol.  Jersey is out of control as a teased geek at the local health club takes a bath in some toxic waste and emerges as the first superhero of New Jersey.  Like a true superhero, the Toxic  Avenger sets out to rid New Jersey of evil-doers of every kind.  Tox's mission is personal as he decimates those who hurt him before being transformed.  The scenes in this classic are stupid beyond stupid but hysterical and have stood the test of time making this a really unique film.  For all those out there in cult film land this is a must see for you.  Tox gets the hot chick in the end as befitting a lovable and brave superhero.  This is definitely a movie to check out even if just once and should be viewed with a whole group for maximum laughs.  No groundbreaking art here just a stupid, mindless and hysterical movie.

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - September, 2002  

The summer is almost officially over.  For many of us, including yours truly, the great outdoors was home to every free minute available.  Think about it, who wanted to be inside on a beautiful sunny day this summer.  This time of the year I usually try to get down the shore at least on the weekends.  September is a great month down at the Jersey Shore.  I'm a people person so it's a little sad to see the masses leave but there is still fun and enjoyment to be had.  I still load up on sun-block this time of year and choose a beach to head out to.  The temps are a little cooler this time of year but the water is nice and warm in September.  I hope everyone noticed and enjoyed the especially clean water this year.  After a dip in the ocean I like to see what entertainment is playing and where everyone else is heading that evening.  A favorite place for meeting friends or stopping in for some cold refreshments with food and entertainment is Martell’s Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant.  Martell's is situated right on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant and has a very enticing menu which includes all the standard choices, plus a raw bar with lobster, oysters, shrimp, and clams for those of us who enjoy our shellfish.  With beach access right from the bar you can have a bite to eat, a couple of beverages, bake in the sun for a while and then repeat this process as often as necessary.  As the summer winds down Martell’s has live entertainment on the weekends in September.   The feel of the Jersey Shore really begins to change this time of year as the summer winds down but I'll take it any month of the year because the Jersey Shore is simply the best and most unique shore of any shore.  Martell's is nice in September and I hope to see you there.

Martell's Tiki Bar - Point Pleasant, New Jersey 

written by: James "Shoreguy" Carroll - New Jersey native & Jersey Spin contributor

Jersey Driver - September, 2002

Island Beach State Park - You will need a special pass and a four-wheel-drive vehicle for this Jersey Drive, so you may need to take up fishing or tag along with someone like I did.  If you have the resources, this Jersey Drive is an awesome and beautiful experience.  Our group embarked on this trip before dawn, which in my opinion is the best time to go.  After passing through the gate to the park with our special pass, we drove down to one of the designated places to get on the beach.  After letting some air out of the tires on the four- wheel-drive, we motored on up to the beach for some early morning fishing and beach enjoying.  It was a real treat to watch the sun rise with no one around except nature and us.  My cousin and I were with Pete the ultimate fisherman and tour guide.  I'm not much of a fisherman, not having fished in years, but I enjoyed it immensely.  I didn't much care that I didn't catch anything although I'm sure the other guys were disappointed even if just a little.  Just to be out in this park on the beach at this time of the morning was treat enough for me.  We pulled out after a couple of hours of peaceful relaxation and fishing and headed down to the end of the Island.  The end of the Island was a little too crowded this time of the morning for us to drop the lines back in, but the drive along the beach was memorable.  At the end of the island we had a great view of  the inlet  across from Barnegat Light.  This was a most enjoyable drive and one that I never even thought of or planned for.  Pete, the ultimate fisherman, turned into Pete, the ultimate tour guide, by suggesting some taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwiches from a near-by deli called Ebby's.  The sandwiches were as great as the drive and it taught me that the best Jersey Drives are not necessarily the longest.  

Island Beach State Park  - NJ

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